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Submersible Pump Starters

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What are Submersible Pump Starters?

Submersible pump starters are your safety net, and submersible starter pump panel helps steer away from any nasty short-circuiting of your water supply. They do the function of both, preventing overloading and short-circuiting. It can be done easily with a single on-off function with a switch.

In addition, it can start its high voltage capacitors that have the ability to start the motor even if the voltage seems lower than the usual low voltage. Submersible starters are inbuilt with a water level controller that will automatically start the motor when the tank is empty. Inversely, it will also automatically stop when the tank is full.

Major Types of Submersible Motor Starters

A submersible motor starter is just another common name for this control panel. There are two main types of these motor starters:

  • --> Single-phase starter panels

  • --> Three-phase starter panels

The Single phase submersible starters are most commonly used for household use. They are simple and have just a few functions and buttons on them. One is the on and off button of the pump. The other is the ability to start back up high voltage capacitors to give the motor some extra juice when necessary.

The three-phase submersible pump starters are more heavy-duty and primarily for commercial use, such as in shopping malls, swimming pools, aquariums, and other large commercial business fronts. The three-phase pump starter provides a complete solution to the operation and protective requirements of its motor. They come with an auto-transformer starter that is both powerful and necessary. They also have rotor resistance control over the induction motor. They are extremely compact in size, not much bigger than the single-phase variant, and can also be said to be elegant in their looks.

Borewell Starter and Its Functions

Another type of pump starter is the borewell starter. As the name implies, it is the pump starter for households with underground bore wells that need the water to be pumped vertically and into the water storage units of the house. This has to be done to provide ample water supply from such a low level to a higher ground level.

These bore well starters can take a lot more electricity than the other submersible pump starters due to the gravity effect and the water having to be pulled from below the ground. When water levels are shown to be low in the panel, the pump can automatically turn on. When the water levels come back to normal, it automatically switches off.

Buy Submersible Pump Starters at Moglix

Moglix is an online B2B E-Commerce platform that provides medical, stationery, industrial, and laboratory equipment at premium quality. They assure safe delivery options and meet the unique needs of the customers. Moglix comes with a wide range of submersible power pumps. Some of the top brands that offer premium quality submersible starters are Havells, Crompton, SJ, KSB, etc.

Prices of the pumps also vary according to how much power you desire for your household's water supply. Some of the models that are in demand as of now are those with digital control panels, dol starters, and the ASD starter. Buy a submersible pump starter panel at Moglix for the best price of your choice and enjoy the hassle-free shopping experience at your comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions about Submersible Pump Starters

What is the use of starter in submersible pump?

Your safety net is submersible pump starters, and the submersible starter pump panel helps prevent any unfavourable short-circuiting of your water supply. They prevent overloading and short-circuiting by performing both of these functions. With just one on/off switch function, it is simple to complete.

Why is my submersible water pump tripping after 5 -10 minutes when it's started?

A common reason for a submersible pump to trip its breaker is when the housing develops cracks or leaks. If the housing of your pump has gaps in it, water could seep in and cause the pump to short circuit. If your pump has a leak and water is getting in, the same thing can be taking place.

Submersible Pump Starters - Price Range

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Havells Submersible Pump Starters₹2689₹6289
SJ Submersible Pump Starters₹4542₹9185
KSB Submersible Pump Starters₹3949₹7679
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