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Split AC

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Split Air Conditioners: A Smart way to Beat the Heat

Split AC is a great product for getting rid of the moisture and heat in the interior of any room or another place. It is a suitable product for libraries, bedrooms, cars, and so on. The dual inverter compressor technology is also compatible with the split air conditioner. It has two units which are indoor and outdoor as compared to the window air conditioner. In terms of producing sound, split AC wins a point as compared to other air conditioner models. The split system works efficiently to produce cool air for keeping a proper temperature within the room. There is no tonnage limit on the split AC as the main work is performed in the external unit.

Some Eye-catching Benefits Derived from the usage of Split AC?

Split AC is an advanced air conditioner that comes with modern construction techniques and distinct features. There exist a number of benefits which can be derived from this product which are present below in the following points:

Easy Maintenance - Split AC is easy to clean along with the presence of washable filters. On every periodical day, it should be cleaned for good maintenance.

Capacity to Heat - Most systems hold a complete control which performs the air conditioning function. The heating capacity is also sufficient which is helpful to provide a comfortable temperature during the mid-season, off-season, or any time in the year.

Remote Control - Many times, these models come with a remote control which makes it easier to increase or decrease the cooling temperature in accordance with the temperature requirement. The thermostat is also available in the split system which acts as a beneficial factor in performing a better operation.

Operates Silently - The split system produces less noise as compared to the window air conditioner. It is an ideal option for schools, colleges, household, and so on.

What are the different types of Split AC?

In the modern world, there is a wide availability of different types of split air conditioners. One can find a perfect option from the trusted brand available at moglix.com.

Ductless Air Conditioner

It is a potential product for many sectors including commercial, institutional, and residual purposes. Voltas is a trusted brand that has come up with an advanced feature ductless air conditioner.

Mini Air Conditioner

In the mini splits, there are two components, including an indoor air-handling unit and the outdoor condenser. The link between both the units is created by a conduit. Conduit houses the suction tubing, condensate drain, power cable, refrigerant tubing. Micromax and Intex are famous brands that manufacture mini AC.

Is it possible to fix the split AC on an outdoor grill?

It may become heavy for placing on the girl. It can be easily placed on the wall or even the floor.

What kind of gas is used within the product?

It contains nitrogen gas for performing the operation effectively.

Split AC - Price Range

Split ACMin PriceMax Price
Voltas Split AC₹25698₹59190
LG Split AC₹4892₹76135
LLOYD Split AC₹25399₹88488
Whirlpool Split AC₹22579₹29099
Technology - Non-inverter Split Ac₹21998₹131386
Energy Rating - 2 Star Split Ac₹33198₹79456
Energy Rating - 3 Star Split Ac₹21998₹159067
Energy Rating - 4 Star Split Ac₹34248₹61624
Cooling Capacity - 1 Ton Split Ac₹21998₹121016
Cooling Capacity - 1.8 Ton Split Ac₹43699₹63105
Cooling Capacity - 2 Ton Split Ac₹1₹177157
This data was last updated on 9/26/22.