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Voltas 36 LZCC 3Ton White 1 Star Cassette AC
  • Silent Operation, Hydrophilic Blue Fin Evaporative & Fresh Air Intake

  • Insta Cool Compressor, 100% Copper & 360 deg Air Flow

Lloyd 3 Ton Cassette Air Conditioner, GLC36B01AC
By: Lloyd
Available on Request
  • Twin System with Sync Control

  • Fresh Air & Flexi Wind Control

Lloyd 4 Ton Cassette Air Conditioner, GLC48B01AC
By: Lloyd
Available on Request
  • Instant Cooling & Precision Temperature Control

  • Twin System with Sync Control, Fresh Air & Flexi Wind

Efficient Ceiling Mounted Cooling Solutions with Cassette AC

A Cassette AC system is a modern and efficient air conditioning system that allows the equal flow of air within the room. Installed in the ceiling rather than on walls in conventional split and window ACs, this product ensures an equal and steady flow to all parts of the room.

Generally installed in the very center of the room itself, the equally distributed airflow is guaranteed, giving you greater relief from hot summers and humid monsoons. You can control the temperature and create the optimal room temperature to provide you with satisfaction while using this product.

Types Of Cassette Air Conditioners Available

Cassette air conditioners can be commonly found to be of three types: 1 Way, 2 Way, and 4 Way.

The 1-way type only has one vent that is used to expel cool air into the room. This makes it suitable for small spaces, such as small office rooms and hotel reception. On the other hand, the 2-way type makes use of blades installed on two sides of the device to provide dual comfort and ensure an efficient flow of air from both sides. This is suitable for slightly bigger areas, such as your bedroom or living room.

The 4-way prototype is the most suitable for areas with greater numbers of people and the need to cool a considerably larger space. Blades installed on all four sides ensure continuous and a 360-degree flow of air, cooling every inch of large spaces. This makes it more suitable for lobby areas in hotels, entire office floors, banquet halls, and banks.

Parts Of A Ceiling AC Unit

A ceiling AC unit normally includes an indoor unit, an outdoor unit, a pipe connecting the two, and a remote to control the indoor unit. The indoor fixture is the one that is attached to the ceiling and can be controlled with battery-powered remotes.

This is connected to the outdoor unit using the provided pipes. The hot air from the room is transferred to the outdoor unit through the pipe, which is then expelled from it. This helps to maintain a constant flow of cool air as any air that is hotter than the desired temperature is duly expelled through the outdoor unit.

Benefits Of Using Ceiling AC

Space-saving is one of the biggest benefits of using a ceiling AC. Since you can easily install it to the ceiling, you do not need to worry about it taking up unnecessary space in your room or on the walls. You can also enjoy the cool air that is equally and centrally distributed throughout the room, providing you with better cooling as compared to Split, Window, or even Tower variants.

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