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Beat the Summer Heat: Order Efficient Air Conditioners from Moglix

Nowadays, you can find air conditioning in almost all households and commercial buildings or offices. The extreme and unpleasant heat of summer is forcing everyone to turn on their air conditioners. Air conditioners (ACs) not only have the ability to chill a room but can also purify it. When it comes to air conditioners, we are fortunate to have several options. Moglix offers you a range of air conditioners from various well-known brands like Voltas, Samsung, Panasonic, and Hitachi.

How does an Air Conditioner (AC) Work?

An air conditioner is an electric device that allows you to regulate the temperature of your space to a pleasant and optimal level. A few modern air conditioners can automatically regulate the room temperature based on the outside temperature, keeping the room fresh and cool.

An air conditioner absorbs the heat from the entire room, thus lowering its temperature. This is accomplished with the help of a chemical known as refrigerant. During the cooling process, the indoor unit present within the AC produces wastewater which is drained out. Let us see the common types of air conditioners available in India.

Five Different Types of Air Conditioners to Choose from

Split AC: These ACs are ideal for spaces without a window or those who want to install an appliance that keeps the room cool and adds to its visual appeal. A split AC is made up of two units: one fixed outside the house and one installed within the room.

The unit mounted on the outside has a compressor and condenser that are connected to the indoor unit through a pipe. The compressor draws air from outside, cools it, and then blows cold air into the room through the blower of the indoor unit. These ACs are simple to set up and can be used in commercial as well as residential buildings.

Window AC: A window air cooling unit consists of a single unit that has both a compressor and a fan. A window air conditioner can only be fitted in the window frame, with the air conditioner's blower facing the inside of the room and the compressor facing the outside.

Inverter AC: The ability to control the compressor motor speed is the most important characteristic of an inverter air conditioner. The regulated speed allows the AC to keep the temperature constant without having to turn off the appliance. This means that a window inverter AC uses far less electricity than a non-inverter one.


Tower AC or Portable AC: These units are ideal if you need to relocate your cooling device from one location to another. This air conditioner, which resembles an air cooler, is relatively new to the Indian market. Tower ACs can be moved from one room to another quickly and are an excellent choice for homes where installing split/window units is not feasible. This type of air conditioner has a large cooling capacity and provides immediate cooling.

Cassette AC: Cassette air conditioners operate similarly to other wall-mounted split system air conditioners. The only difference is that they are fixed on the ceiling rather than the wall. The conditioned air is distributed through two, three, or four sides of the device by the inner unit mounted on the ceiling. The external device, like a traditional wall-mounted system unit, is installed on the outside.

Key Factors to Consider while Buying an AC this Summer

Capacity: The capacity of an air conditioner is measured in tonnes. A larger tonnage value means better is the cooling effect of the appliance. The capacity depends mainly on the size and orientation of the rooms and windows.

Energy consumption: With the rising cost of electricity, it is more important to invest in an AC that delivers the best cooling while using less power. So, choose an AC with a higher BEE star rating.

Type: While window air conditioners are less expensive, they are neither as quiet nor as attractive as split air conditioners. However, window air conditioners are easier to install in comparison to split ACs.

Air quality: Your air conditioner should include a good dehumidification unit to ensure low humidity in the room, instant cooling, and provide more comfort.

  • Cooling speed:

    Air conditioners with a thermostat that can regulate the speed will allow you to achieve desired temperatures at different times of the day. So, look for an AC that offers additional pre-programmed temperature settings control.

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    Voltas Air Conditioners₹21480₹99715
    Blue Star Air Conditioners₹18997₹177157
    Daikin Air Conditioners₹24500₹79456
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