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Eibenstock EBS125I 125mm 1400W Concrete Grinder
By: Eibenstock
Available on Request
  • Electronic-Soft Start, Constant Speed, Speed Reduction in Case of Overload,

  • Foldable Front Edge of Dust Guard for Grinding Directly to

Bosch GBR 15 CAG Professional Concrete Grinder
By: Bosch
Available on Request
  • Seal System Protects Gearbox & Motor Against Abrasive Concrete Dust

  • Good Handling with Softgrip Surface

Buy Highly Efficient Concrete Grinders at an Economical Price

A concrete grinder is a machine that aids in the smoothing and leveling of a surface. Concrete grinders are widely used in the construction and manufacturing industries to create finishes for a wide range of applications, such as preparing a surface for adhesion or buffing and polishing the surface for decorative polished concrete. Most concrete floor grinders are now electric-powered and come in various sizes. Smaller electric grinders are usually used for home improvement or DIY projects. On the other hand, professionals prefer to use larger electric concrete floor grinders for grinding and leveling concrete floors.


On the contrary, gas-powered concrete grinders are available for those who require more power from their machines. Concrete grinders can be used for surface preparation in addition to concrete floors. This means the machine can remove paint, coatings, mastics, and adhesives from a wide range of surfaces. They can also be used to clean your concrete floor of paint, epoxy, and other coatings. They are also used for concrete surface preparation, such as grinding down uneven surfaces and removing grout from between tiles. We at Moglix bring to you a wide range of the best concrete vibrator machines from top brands like Trumax, Yuri, iBell, Pro-Tools, Hi-Max, Voltz, and many more.


Various Types of Best Vibrator Machines to Choose From

Walk-Behind Concrete Grinders: A walk-behind grinder is an obvious choice for large-scale scenarios, typically in industrial settings. The size of walk-behind grinders ranges from single-disc to dual, triple, or four-disc machines. A single-disc floor grinder will cover about 10-12 inches in a single pass, while a four-disc grinder will cover 32-34 inches. This variation in pass width enables a walk-behind grinder to be tailored to any situation simply by changing the number of discs.


Handheld Concrete Grinders: Handheld machines are a viable alternative to walk-behind grinders when the job does not require extensive grinding. These machines are ideal for small projects and areas. Because handheld grinders are the most practical solution for hard-to-reach spaces like corners, they are an excellent complement to walk-behind grinders on the job site. Because of their adaptability and mobility, a quality handheld grinder is an essential tool in the toolbox of any concrete professional.


Ride On Concrete Grinders: Because of their incredible efficiency, these machines are designed and can be used to save labor time, and money. The robust gearing system of ride-on grinders enables high torque, low RPM and low torque, and high RPM applications to be performed on the same machine. The gear and belt-driven system of ride-on grinders with automatic pressure adjustments allow the motor to be centered for optimal weight distribution.


Points to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing Concrete Vibrator Machines

Purpose: Will you be grinding, polishing, or doing both? What size area will you be working on? When selecting floor grinding machines, keep the purpose and location in mind. Do you need it to polish commercial concrete floors or do some light grinding? A handheld concrete grinder is a good choice if you primarily work on smaller projects or do-it-yourself projects. These grinders are small, light, and simple to use. They also come with a variety of attachments to assist you with your work. A walk-behind grinder is a better option if you are working on a larger project that requires more power. These grinders are typically powered by LP, gasoline, or diesel engines and can cover a large area quickly. They can, however, be challenging to manoeuvre.


Type of Concrete: Not all concrete grinders are made to work with all types of concrete. You must ensure that the floor grinder you select can grind the type of concrete you have. Diamond grinders, for example, are designed to work with harder surfaces than other types of grinders, making them ideal for specialized applications. Metal-bonded diamonds are used on more complex surfaces where aggressive grinding is required to remove concrete coatings or prepare the surface for coating.


Weight: If you require a portable machine, consider purchasing a handheld concrete grinder. They are light and simple to use. However, if you want to polish commercial flooring, you'll need a walk-behind grinder.


Budget: There will always be a best-in-class option within your price range, but you must do your homework and select one made by a reputable company with dependable parts and an extended warranty duration.


Cord or Cordless: Corded machines work well where electricity is available, such as in a residential home. However, if you're working without continuous power, such as on location or during an emergency, and don't have any nearby sources available at all times, consider getting one that runs on batteries instead.


Portable Concrete Grinders to select from Renowned Brands

Trumax Concrete GrindersTrumax Concrete Grinders are an excellent choice for anyone looking for low-cost, dependable equipment. Their vibrator machines are compact and ideal for buffing and polishing. They are durable and simple to use in difficult situations. The materials used to make the machines are sourced from reliable sources.


Yuri Concrete GrindersYuri is well-known for its concrete grinders, which it manufactures and sells. These vibrator machines are both safe and easy to use. The making of their machines makes moving around easy and convenient. Yuri concrete grinders are available in a variety of price ranges and functions, allowing you to select one that best suits your needs and work style.


iBELL Concrete GrindersiBell's quality assurance is flawless, and they never let their customers down. iBell offers a variety of pricing options to meet your needs and financial constraints. They provide high-quality work while adhering to all safety procedures. The iBell concrete vibrator machines have a warranty, are simple to use, and are portable.


Pro Tools Concrete GrindersPro Tools Concrete Grinders are incredibly long-lasting and of the highest quality. They can be used in a variety of domestic and industrial settings. All of the products manufactured by the reputable and well-known company Pro Tools are expertly crafted from the highest quality materials.


Hi-Max Concrete Grinders: The raw materials for manufacturing Hi-Max concrete grinders are purchased from reputable and authorised vendors. Their equipment has a comfortable and easy-to-hold handle. The functions of the vibrator machine are also simple to use.


We also offer welding machines from reputed brands like Ultrafast, Bosch, King, Yato, and others.


Get the Best Concrete Grinders Online from Moglix

Moglix sells high-quality vibrator machines from leading manufacturers all over the world. Before shipment, these products are subjected to quality checks. Some concrete grinders are more versatile than others, while others are more job-specific and require more skill to use. There is no doubt that using the right type of high-quality grinder can increase job productivity and deliver professional results; the key is to choose the right manufacturer. While there are numerous grinders available, many of them can be used for multiple purposes by utilising various types and sizes of grinding pads. Visit Moglix today to take advantage of some exciting offers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Concrete Grinders

Should you grind concrete wet or dry?

Wet concrete grinding is far more environmentally harmful than dry concrete grinding, unless absolutely necessary. Wet grinding produces hazardous slurry, which is a mixture of cooling water and fine concrete.

Does grinding concrete weaken it?

Concrete slabs are made thinner by particles being removed during the concrete grinding process. The strength of the slab can decrease as more material is removed.

Top Selling Concrete Grinders Price List in India

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Eibenstock EBS125I 125mm 1400W Concrete Grinder₹10,844 48% OFF
Bosch GBR 15 CAG Professional Concrete Grinder₹50,870 37% OFF
This data was last updated on 2/29/24.