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Embrace the Warmth of Room Heaters in Cold Winters

Winter is nowhere, and we must prepare ourselves for the coming months. What's the greatest way to stay nice and warm in these freezing conditions? Room heaters, to be precise, are the best of all solutions. The most convenient approach to combat the shivering cold and bring warmth to any space is to use a room heater. Don't allow the cold weather to ruin your day-to-day routine.

Types of Heating Room Blowers and their Advantages:

Radiant, Convection, and Oil-filled are the three basic types of operation in heating room blowers. These categories vary differently from one another, allowing buyers to select the best option for their needs. A halogen heater is another room heater that is used widely.

Convection Heaters: With the help of a fan, hot air has circulated the space. Instant heating, which is excellent for a small room but inefficient due to high power use. Some of their advantages are as follows:

  • --> When compared to radiant room heaters, they cover a larger area.

  • --> When compared to radiant heaters, it is better to warm a room quickly.

  • --> When compared to oil-filled heaters, they are very affordable.

  • --> Convection heaters typically cost between Rs.2000 and Rs.3000.

Radiant Heaters: Heats the surrounding area by emitting infrared rays. Ideal for a tiny heating zone, it's cheap and effective, buat it's not child-safe.

  • --> They're safe and effective because they have automatic temperature control.

  • --> Providing heat to a specified region is the most prevalent use.

  • --> On a chilly night, keep this by your bedside.

  • --> With a power consumption of 400 to 800 watts, this device is highly energy efficient.

  • --> When compared to forced air blowers, the operation is quieter.

  • --> Alternatives that are less expensive As little as Rs.1000.

Oil-Filled Room Heaters: Oil functions as a heat sink, warming the air around it. It is suitable for all sizes of rooms and is energy-efficient, although it is a pricey option.

  • --> Because the oil inside the heater isn't used as fuel, it never runs out.

  • --> Ideal for heating a vast area.

  • --> Even after turning off, oil-filled heaters keep the heat for a long time.

  • --> They have a longer lifespan than humans.

  • --> The cost is approximately Rs.10000.

Halogen Room Heaters: Halogen heaters have a halogen element built into the heating lamp and bulb. However, the halogen in halogen lamps is not the real heating element, which confuses. The name halogen heater comes from the fact that halogen gases are used in halogen lamps to boost the bulbs’ brightness and lifespan. In comparison to lights that do not use halogen gas, the halogen gas prevents the bulbs from darkening, making halogen lamps safe to use at greater temperatures.

  • --> They do not emit any hazardous smoke, making them environmentally friendly.

  • --> These heaters efficiently heat a small area, which decreases the amount of energy consumed by the heaters.

  • --> These heaters are extremely quick to heat up.

  • --> Many halogen heaters are simpler to set up than other heating options.

Key Features to Consider Before Buying an Electric Room Heater:

Safety Settings: An overheat protection switch is a must-have feature to keep the internal components at a safe temperature. After reaching a predetermined temperature, the heater turns off automatically.

Levels of Light: Heaters may create intense light, which might be uncomfortable during the night hours. Keep an eye on the amount of light emitted by the device.

Front Safety Mesh: Most heaters have a front safety mesh. Check to see if the slats are close enough together for safe use in the presence of youngsters and dogs.

Type of Plug: Check to see if the heater uses a standard or a power plug. Additional wiring with a power connection may be necessary for safe operation.

Timers: These allow you to program when the heater turns on and off. This saves you money and is also quite convenient.

Wattage: A heater's wattage determines the amount of space it can heat. A high wattage signifies a big heating area.

Portable Kind: The addition of mobility wheels or handles to your room heater makes carrying it a pleasure. Portable room heaters can be used in a variety of locations with ease.

Multiple heat settings: You have more flexibility over how you heat different sized areas. The heater's versatility is enhanced by its several heating settings, which allow it to be utilized in various temperatures.

Automatic oscillation: It aids in the uniform distribution of heat around the space. Oscillation is most commonly found in fan heaters, which distribute hot air around the room.

Buy Best Brands of Room Heaters Online from Moglix

If you are looking for the best brands of room heaters online, Moglix being a leading B2B e-retailer provides all types of room heaters. The products that we are offering as a part of this category have been sourced from brands such as Bajaj, Havells, Orpat, etc. The product prices have been planned according to the spending capacity of the buyers.

Havells Room Heaters - Havells heaters that are available at Moglix are perfect for use in any kind of room. We offer an extensive range of electric heaters that includes fan heaters. Stay warm and cozy with the extensive range of Havells comprehensive range of heating solutions. The electric heaters that we are offering of Havells are safe to use, consume less electricity, and retain heat for a long.

Orpat Room Heaters - Orpat heaters come with a strong body that can last for longer. Suitable for small and large rooms both help to heat the room and beat the chill like a pro. You can get the Orpat heaters at the best price from Moglix.

Buy Electric Heaters Online From Moglix at an Affordable Range

Room heaters employ a variety of technologies to create warmth. Home heaters are now more inexpensive, efficient, and compact than ever before. You can select a room heater based on factors such as the size of the room, the frequency of use, the coverage area, insulation, allergy potential, and placement convenience. This will assist you in making an informed decision. Look for these appliances in e-stores from leading manufacturers like Bajaj, Usha, Lazer, MSure, Black Cat, and more. Hurry up and order now and get the products safely delivered to your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions about Room Heaters

Which type of portable electric heater is better, halogen or fan ?

In this chilly winter season, a room heater is considered one of the essential items. Buying a portable fan electric heater will ensure uniform warming in a small area, whereas a halogen or radiant room heater gives concentrated heating to a particular area.

Which type of room heater is good for your health ?

When a room heater is used on regular basis for long-duration it depletes the moisture and oxygen level of the room which leads to dry eyes and breathlessness. So it is always advisable to keep a bucket of water in the corner of the room to maintain the moisture and oxygen level of the room.

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