About Room Heater : Types, Features Tips and How to choose

About Room Heater : Types, Features Tips and How to choose

Although the weather seems hot or pleasant in most parts of India throughout the year, northern India gets to grips with the chilly end for a few months. Wearing warm clothes is not enough because in the cold winter days, particularly mornings and nights, you must be fitted with home heaters at the house.

A room heater, mainly used in different applications and technologies and at different room heater price points. Even the way of heat rolls out across your room is different.

But before attaining that warm comfort, we need to choose the correct heater amidst the plethora of options available to us which suits the needs of the individual in every aspect. Below we have a complete snap up guide for heaters that will help out choosing the perfect heater.

Different Types of Room Heaters

  • Convection or Fan heater:

Convection or fan-enabled heating devices are a perfect choice for Indian households because they can be packed away while they are not in operation being small room heaters. Fan heaters are commonly recognised and used around the world in warming medium to big spaces.

  • Infrared or Radiant heaters:

Radiant heaters are designed with infrared technology, suitable for heating small areas or rooms with a lower tapestry area and low ceilings in order to generate heat. Here, electricity goes along chrysoprase ducts, radiating the outcome heat to people and objects around it.

  • Oil heaters:

The heating element of the oil heater is dipped in oil which results in the heating of oil. This leads to the surrounding area of the heater getting warmed up and provides that comfort in the air

Features to look for in the best room heater:

Besides reviewing the most salient features such as manufacturing, guaranteeing and manufacturing, there are a range of considerations you need to check when finding the best room heater for your own requirements.

  • Humidity:

    Room heaters make use of oxygen that reduces the humidity level, especially in small area rooms that can result in conditions like blocked nose, dry eyes and nasal irritation. Therefore a humidifier or a humidity specific heater would be best in case.
  • Wattage and heating capacity:

    Check for heating capacity – higher the power, greater the heating level. Example, For a room with a space of 200 square metres, a 2000-watt heater could operate best.
  • Energy efficiency:

    It is relevant to scrutinize the energy-efficiency to save yourself from an immoderate electricity bill and also to clinch environment friendliness is important.
  • Heating speed:

    When looking for a heater, try reviewing the reliability of the product to get a decent understanding of how well the heater can produce energy or warmth.
  • Price:

    While the room heater price need not be on your top priorities list, the heater you select must be worth it. Before zeroing the product, make sure you compare commodity costs and offers. At superiority, the high-quality best room heater ranging from Rs 1,000 and Rs 5,000
  • Aesthetics:

    After you have looked at all the main functionality features, you can even compare heaters from a design perspective.

Best room heaters:

Broad angle oscillation feature that provides a warm soothing experience throughout Cool touch body design for easier handling with kids around and for easy portability. This can be used for spot heating and is more suitable for small to medium rooms. It consists of two heat settings, 1000 and 2000- watts for optimum comfort. Made up of plastic and metal, it uses a 15A socket to function.

Embedded with Two heat Settings: 1000 W 2000 W ; Peak Air Velocity: 3.0 m/s ; Power input: (220 - 240)V ; Power consumption: 1000 W , 2000 W ; Frequency (hertz): AC 50 Hz and cool touch body all around. This heater has a cool touch body for safe handling and provides protection against overheating. With night light features and a temperature control system, the 2000w heater provide perfect warmth

This small room blower is Compact and stylish. The design is made for easy assembly and use. The heater dimension is generally 15 x 13 x 12 Centimeters. Automatic tip-over protection with a compact and elegant design makes it safe for use. It functions at 400 and 800 watts for the perfect heating choice. The heating process occurs with no noise, which is yet another added advantage.

This small room heater is designed for easy portability with multiple heat settings, circulates air through a fan after passing it through the heating element, comes with 3 heat settings turbo fan design and over heat protection height adjustable stand.

This heater comes with a Laser halogen heating element with an integral carry handle for easy accessibility. Designed with 3 Halogen Tube for Efficient Heating with Cool Touch Body. It is embedded with Wide Angle Oscillation, Piano Switch with 3 Heat Settings Tip Over Switch for Additional Safety.


These were some of the best heaters or room blowers in this winter season to pick from. Still haven't found your winter match? Moglix offers fantastic prices for you to purchase room heaters and select from a wide range of things that match your needs.