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Home Inverter & UPS

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Buy Home Inverter and UPS Online!

An inverter is commonly used for offering backup power to a wide range of electrical appliances during a power cut. Keeping in mind the importance of inverters within a building, Moglix presents the newest range of power backup inverter online to meet up with the needs of users. The inverters which we are offering as a part of this range have been sourced from brands such as G Solar, Cyber Power, Microtek, Luminous, Su-kam, Exide, Sine-Wave, Zebronics, Intex, Crompton Greaves etc. The models which we are offering as a part of this collection can be used for offering backup power to PCs, TV, electrical appliances, industrial lighting fixtures etc.

Home based inverters are essential to keep power cuts at bay within apartments and housing societies. The power inverters which we are offering as a part of this sub category operate using pure sine wave technology. The inverters for home appliances which we are offering online have high surge load capacity and offer thermal as well as reverse phase protection. These inverters do not make a humming noise and have a protection from high charging protection and deep discharges. We have models which are equipped with a selector switch for normal/UPS mode.

The home inverters offered online at Moglix come with a normal as well as high charging option. They have a long lifespan and can be used over a couple of years to ensure adequate power backup within homes. Some of these inverter models come with an electrolyte level sensor indicator which is used for indicating. A high quality of protection is ensured by the built up in the PCB.

We also deal in the latest range of desktop UPS. These appliances are actually a type of circuitry and provides an instantaneous switch to the source of power backup in case of power failure. This causes an uninterrupted power supply to sensitive electronic appliances such as computers, home & industrial power applications. They are easily serviceable and come with display indications (status and fault).

The Home UPS indications which we have on offer come with a micro-controlled based intelligent control design. They operate using CCCV technology with auto trickle mode. These UPS systems come with a smart overload sense and short circuit protection and battery state monitoring.

Once you browse through our collection, you will be able to choose the best inverter online for home. The inverters which we have online on offer have undergone numerous quality tests during the production process. Therefore, they comply with all industrial specifications and quality standards in the industry. They come with status and fault display indications. These inverters come with smart overload sense and short circuit protection. They are easily serviceable and can be used for battery state monitoring.

Create an Eco-Friendly Future Using Solar Inverters

Solar inverters are ideal for users who want to adapt to the use of eco-friendly inverters within their properties. To match up with the changing needs of buyers, we have sourced the newest range of solar power inverters. The inverters which we are offering as a part of this range operate noiselessly and are equipped with a user-friendly display. They operate using DSP based design technology and have a high efficiency & high efficiency.

These inverters have high surge capability for starting heavy loads. They come with the feature of automatic switching from mains to inverter & from inverter to mains. We have kept the price of solar inverter for home usage within a wide range to budget of our buyers who come from different backgrounds. Come, switch to an eco-friendly future using solar inverters we have on offer.

Select From the New Electric Inverter Models Online Offered By Moglix

Electric inverters are highly valued for the high safety they offer to sensitive equipment. These inverters have extended overload capability and are suitable for handling unbalanced loads. The power inverters for home which we have on offer come with a high-quality battery care system and extended power batch-up time. These inverters are ideal for heavy duty usage. These inverters are available in various voltage and load capabilities & prices. Therefore, if you intend to shop inverters online then you browse through the new collection which we have on offer.

Different Types of Inverters Available Online At Moglix

Inverters are of different types. Some of them are mentioned below:

Sine Wave Inverter - A sine wave inverter is a type of inverter in which conventional AC power is created by rotating machines which create a smooth alteration, similar to a pendulum. This alternation is mathematically known as sine wave and is the best waveform for transferring AC power. Sine wave inverters have higher efficiency in running motors such as AC pumps. They cause less complaints from users who use different types of electrical gadgets.

One major advantage of such an inverter is that all the equipment available in the market is designed for a sine wave. A number of appliances like motors and microwave ovens will create a full yield with sine wave power. Some appliances such as light dimmers and bread makers operate use a sine wave to work. These inverters are more expensive as compared to other models.

Pure Sine Inverter - A pure sine inverter is a type of inverter used for offering power backup to CFL light bulbs, LED TVs, clocks, brushless motors and audio equipment. This type of inverter also offer grid like power. The pure sine inverters play a major role in minimising noise from amplifiers, fans, fluorescent lights, laptops, laser printers and stereos. Switch-mode power supply (SMPS) devices like PCs and DVD players operate using quality modified sine wave power.

Pure Sine Wave UPS - A pure sine wave UPS is a two-in one product (i.e. inverter and home UPS). It removes the necessity for having a separate power back-up for home as PC. They can help in significant cost savings as a single system (home UPS) is bought in lieu of two systems (inverter and home UPS). This type of UPS requires a limited space for installation and plays a major role in enhancing the lifespan of appliances like refrigerators and TV since they do not have a time gap (startup delay) between power cut and resumption of back-power power.

Sine Wave UPS - A sine wave UPS creates an actual sine wave. They are best suited for usage in electrical equipment such as TVs, motors etc. which are designed for using a natural sine waveform. They do not produce square wave inverters on devices which might produce harmonic distortion and humming. This leads to reduction in efficiency and loss of power.

Different Brands of Inverters Available Online At Moglix

At Moglix, we have the leading brands of inverters available in the Indian market. Some of them are mentioned below: -

Luminous Inverters - The Luminous inverter range which forms a part of our collection includes models which come with a variety of features such as MCB protection, power backup time in hours & minutes, hassle free water level maintenance. These Luminous inverters include models which are equipped with a bypass switch which offers supplies output from grid even under circumstances which cause an inverter to fail. They have a longer full battery recharge time as compared to other models available in the market.

The Luminous UPS models which we have on offer as a part of this range have a running load of 3 CFLs, 3 tube lights, a TV, 3 ceiling fans and an air cooler. These UPS systems are equipped with a wide range of features such as deep discharge, overload, reverse polarity and short-circuit.

We also deal in Luminous solar wave inverters and Luminous sine wave inverters. The solar wave inverters which we offer as a part of this range have a full battery recharge time of 10-12 hours. They come with a voltage window in both eco mode and UPS mode. The Luminous inverter price has been kept within a price range to meet up with the expectations of buyers. Therefore, you can acquire the inverters of your choice without having to go out of your budget.

Microtek Inverters - The Microtek UPS collection available here have been designed using the latest technology. They have been created using micro-controller based intelligent control design. They are equipped with smart overload sense and short circuit protection. These Microtek inverters are equipped with a multi stage battery charger.

The Microtek UPS for computer which we offer as a part of this range are equipped with status and fault display indications. They battery state monitoring feature and auto trickle mode with CCCV technology makes these UPS systems easy to use. These UPS systems can be serviced in a hassle-free manner also. The Microtek inverter and UPS price here has been set keeping in touch with the spending capacity of all types of buyers. Therefore, they can be acquired by users without having to burn a hole in their pocket!

Su-Kam inverters - Our Su-Kam inverter collection includes models equipped with an overload protection feature. They operate using MOSFET technology and come with automatic overload regulation. Therefore, they can reset themselves and automatically turn themselves on once again. The system reattempts 8 times to run the existing load, thereby offering users with repeated alarms and sufficient time to minimise the load without shutting down the system.

Our range of Sukam solar inverters has high energy efficiency and reliability and lightweight. Therefore, they are easy to carry. These inverters come with the reverse battery protection feature and can be mounted on walls. The overload circuit protection feature makes them suitable for long term usage. The Sukam inverter price has been kept within a wide range to suit the needs of both home and office based users. Therefore, they can be bought by buyers without feeling a pinch in their pockets.

V-Guard Inverters - Moglix’s range of V-Guard inverters for home are equipped with intelligent audio and LED indications. They come with a fully DSP based design and MOSFET based PWM technology with dynamic stability. We have devised the price keeping in mind the existing price of V-Guard inverters online. Therefore, buyers can opt for the inverters which they require once they browse through range at Moglix.

Exide inverters - The Exide inverters available online are equipped with batteries which have a longer backup time as compared to other inverters available in the market. They offer a high level of protection to electrical appliances and enhance their life span in a great way. The presence DSP (Digital Signal Processor), a type of high speed microprocessor ensures the availability of grid quality power.

The LCD display of these inverters ensures better user interface and displaying state of battery voltage and charge. The presence of electrolyte level sensor indicator indicates low levels of battery water.

Why Buy Inverters Online from Moglix?

At Moglix, we understand the importance of inverters in the daily lives of buyers. Therefore, to meet up with their expectations we have sourced the newest models of inverters and home UPS from leadings brands in the market. Our category is regularly updated with new products along with their specifications to make product selection an easy process for buyers. Come, ensure optimum power backup to all electrical appliances within your premises using our new models of inverters online.

To Choose the Best, Refer Our Inverters & UPS Buying Guide

Home Inverter & UPS - Price Range

Home Inverter & UPSMin PriceMax Price
Luminous Home Inverter & UPS₹1904₹78941
Microtek Home Inverter & UPS₹1973₹176801
Intex Home Inverter & UPS₹1561₹1864
V-Guard Home Inverter & UPS₹3450₹15082
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