Best Inverter Brands in India

Best Inverter Brands in India

Power Cuts and Electricity overload are synonymous to rural India. Even in Urban cities daily power cuts for maintenance are becoming common. Whatever may be the reason for the power cuts, poor infrastructure or maintenance, the interruption that is caused can hugely affect daily affairs, be it household or workspace. Therefore, we can not undermine the importance of inverters in today's world, especially after the pandemic when each and every human is heavily dependent upon gadgets which are powered by electricity, one just cannot afford power cuts..!

To combat with these we have got Inverters, which are devices that store electricity in them which can be used when needed, they work by converting direct current to alternating current. These prove to be an efficient investment. Here we will take a look at some of the best inverter brands in India that one can find online or offline-

Microtek is India's most trusted brand when it comes to power supply products. It also happens to be one of the most awarded brands of India. Users' favourite for years, Microtek offers a wide variety of power backup solutions from battery run to solar run devices. However, it is known the most for its inverters that are at par with the current tehcnoogy and have a durable design. They have inverters for homes, offices or big events. Their best seller model is the Microtek UPS Sebz 1100 VA Pure Sine Wave inverter, it has an input voltage range of 100v-300v, output power of 760 Watts, rated capacity of 950 VA and a warranty of 2 years.

It has many more features, the inverters in the Sebz series of Inverter Microtek are based on Intelli Pure Sine Wave technology which provides a safe, noiseless and long back up. Microtek inverter price can be checked at moglix.

Exide inverters are known for their high quality environment friendly inverters. Their focus is on achieving low emission and these stand out. Exide provides inverters with two kinds of batteries- Tubular and Flat Plate. The Tubular batteries are based on Torr Tubular technology which uses a high pressure casting process called HADI. These have a high longevity and are durable.

The Flat Plate batteries are unique because they do not require any electrolyte maintenance. This results in higher efficiency and lesser discharge. Their best seller is the Exide Pure Sine Wave 1050 Va Inverter, with a voltage range of 90V-300V+-10V x 220, frequency of 50HZ x 50HZ+-1HZ, back up time of 5 hours and a warranty of 2 years. It comes at a reasonable price making it an extremely viable option.

Luminous is synonymous to inverters in India. It is a well established brand that provides Sine Wave and Square wave inverters, which use gel, tubular or flat plate batteries. This one definitely has the most options out of all, although it is the most renowned for its home inverters due to the safety that it assures. Luminous inverter batteries work phenomenally with Luminous batteries. This brand has a lot of strong horses in the race and therefore it is hard to choose any one model, but one can go for the Luminous Zelio series.

The inverters in this series come with three battery variants as mentioned before, and come in two kinds- one with one battery and other with two batteries. The frequency ranges from 150 Ah to 180 Ah, with a few models exceeding 180 Ah as well, and capacity ranging from 900 Va to 1999 Va. This brand indeed provides great alternatives to severe power cuts!

V Guard inverter is India's own brand. It is a locally started and operated company, and thus by buying inverters from this brand one can support the make in India movement too! V-Guard has lately caught a lot of attention in the field of electrical appliances. Their USP is their smart inverters. Their inverters can be operated through their V guard smart app. They stand up to their philosophy big in features, compact in size.

These inverters have some unique features like turbo charge and battery usage tracker which can be used via their app. It provides three variants Smart 1100, Smart 1500 and Smart 2300. Their inverters have a capacity ranging from 900 Va to 2200 Va and use Sine Wave technology. These inverters are perfect for the tech savvy consumers!

  • UTL Solar Inverters-

Solar energy is the need of the hour. The world is facing a huge climate and energy crisis. The energy sources are getting exhausted and we need to switch to the alternate renewable energy sources. Solar energy tops the list of renewable and sustainable energy. Solar inverters use solar panels to extract energy from the sun which is then used to convert the current.

Solar inverters reduce the electricity bills, although the one time buying cost is bit on the higher side compared to regular inverters. The downside of such inverters is that the sun may not always be available to heat up the panels. UTL is a brand that focuses on products that work upon renewable energy. Their products are trusted all over the country.

UTL has two variants on grid and off grid solar inverters. The On grid solar inverter system consists of a solar inverter, solar panel, mounting structure, and other solar accessories. This works well for residential and commercial usage. The off grid inverter system uses the photovoltaic panels and solar batteries to discard the solar grid from the inverter system. These inverters are especially useful for small industries. The most basic UTL inverters start from approximately INR 4000. The cost price of advanced inverters varies as per the operating mode i.e., the number of elements that one opts for in the system and goes beyond Lakhs of rupees.

These are some of the best brands available to Indians. One should avoid buying cheap inverters and only go for trusted brands as mentioned above as these can bring a major disaster if something goes wrong! A good inverter needs to be chosen keeping in mind the purpose, budget and power required to reach the best decision.