Luminous Inverter Types, Features, and Price List

Luminous Inverter Types, Features, and Price List

Due to the Indian power conditions in our country, we must consider saving energy and for that purchasing an inverter must be a preference. An inverter transforms DC voltage into AC voltage i.e., by this transformation it stores electricity which is provided to you during a sudden power-cut. It is standalone equipment that is used for solar energy or backup energy from batteries that are separately charged.

The type of inverters depends on the shape of the switching waveform. The advantages, disadvantages, and efficiency of an inverter depend on the varying circuit configuration. An inverter is a device that comprises a basic circuit along with an oscillator, control circuit, drive circuit and transformer.

If you are in search of a reliable brand that provides you with a diverse range of inverters then Luminous products will serve you with the best. These inverters have excellent power backup that you can use starting from a residential place to your office workspace.

The luminous inverter battery provided by Luminous currently serves millions of families with maximum efficiency. This inverter's output waveform of the voltage is a sine wave which gives you similar output to the utility supply. This is the reason why all the appliances we use are designed for the sine wave which ensures that the equipment works correctly. Hence, these types of inverters are suitable for domestic and retail spaces. Luminous inverter price provides the best deal with great offers at a very low price point.

Top Five Luminous Inverters with key specifications:

Luminous zelio 1100900VA756W1
Luminous inverter 1050900VA756W1
Luminous inverter 850800VA672W1
Luminous inverter 1050va1050VA756W1
Luminous NXG 18001500VA1200W2

Luminous Zelio 1100

Luminous zelio 1100 requires a maximum of 15A current to charge the capacitor of 900VA and is a sine wave inverter. This inverter provides a power of 756W and weighs nearly 1o kg. It comes with an intelligent home UPS that is powered by a 32bit DSP processor. Zelio 1100 supports a single battery along with a battery deep discharge protection and has a 24 months warranty period.

Luminous zelio 1100 has an LED display that shows the status of the Power back-up/battery changing period in terms of hours and minutes and has MCB to protect input mains. It has two modes UPS and ECO. The UPS mode guarantees the security of delicate appliances while the ECO mode reduces battery usage. It assures the protection of the appliance connected to this home UPS as it comes with overload protection. There is a reset thermal cutout feature that is added which protects the appliance from overheating.

Zelio 1100 is packed with comprehensive protection such as short-circuit, reverse polarity, battery overcharge for better performance and increased efficiency.

Top Sellers

Luminous inverter 1050

Luminous inverter 1050 requires a maximum of 17A current to charge the capacitor of 900VA which provides a power of 756W and weighs 9.8 kg. It supports a single battery of a diverse variety of batteries, i.e. tabular, flat plate, and VRLA(SMF) that has a four-step battery type choice and provides three-stage charging for safe and effective charging and a more extended battery lifetime. It is also equipped with overload protection with auto-reset.

The luminous inverters are specifically created for Indian electrical requirements and are sine wave inverters. This inverter not only has a long-lasting battery but also comes with an advanced technological design for excellent performance and even longer back-up time.

It has two modes UPS and ECO. The UPS mode secures the protection of delicate appliances while the ECO mode reduces battery usage. Now, you can have a peaceful sleep after a tiring day as it provides noiseless operations with the help of low harmonic distortion.

Luminous inverter 850

Luminous inverter 850 has a capacity of 800VA which provides a power of 672W. It supports a single battery of an extended range of batteries, i.e. flat plate, tabular, and VRLA(SMF). It comes with a quick battery charging facility and that has a four-step battery kind choice. This inverter also provides a three-stage charging for safe and adequate battery charging that gives you lasting battery life. It has a quiet performance with the support of low harmonic distortion for a noiseless environment.

It also supports fast charging with adaptive battery control technology and is provided protection for overload with an auto-reset option.

Luminous NXG 1800

Luminous NXG 1800 with an 85% efficiency is a sine wire inverter that requires a maximum of 40A current to charge the capacitor of 1500VA. This inverter provides a power of 1200W and weighs nearly 15 kg. This inverter is a type of Hybrid Solar Inverter that is the first kind to provide you with both AC and DC outputs.

This inverter is suitable if you are looking forward to saving your electrical bills as the luminous NXG 1800 saves 25-30% of your charges on electrical appliances. It is equipped with intelligent logical control for maximum utilization of solar energy.

Luminous inverter 1050va

The Luminous inverter 1050va comes under the EcoWatt series which is the number one selling home UPS of Luminous. It has a microcontroller-based design that comes with free pre-loaded battery management software. This inverter has a reliable and compact design due to its SMD Technology and it also has ultra-fast short circuit protection. With a single fast battery charging facility, it also provides you a battery deep discharge protection with a reset option and has advanced battery management which improves battery life up to 70%.

It supports a wide battery range starting from a flat plate to tubular and VRLA (SMF). This is an efficient and innovative inverter that has been created with developed PCB programming, microprocessor, and PFW transformer. In case of overheating it has an inbuilt intelligent thermal management system to shut down the inverter system for better protection of the device. Along with an auto holiday mode it preserves its battery while you are not at home.