Top Microtek Inverters for Uninterrupted Power Supply

Top Microtek Inverters for Uninterrupted Power Supply

When it comes to Electric appliances, everyone understands the importance of a good Inverter. An Inverter is a must have appliance in all homes to combat electricity shortages. Power outages can happen in rural cities as well as urban cities and whether you live in a big fancy suburban city or a small and cosy city away from the noise, Inverters can be a convenient way to ensure that you have uninterrupted electricity power supply.

Microtek is the leading UPS and Inverter brands in India. It is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical appliances delivering a wide gamut of products such as Inverters, offline as well as online UPS, etc. Microtek has an industrial national network with almost 150 service centres and 355 service points. Microtek UPS and Inverters provide an intensive power backup to all your appliances, along with this they have many advanced features.

Microtek delivered the perfect balance between fit and functionality, bringing sleek and slender UPS and Inverter designs paired with the latest and greatest microcontroller technology and high frequency variants. Microtek products are reasonably priced and have the most value for money.

There are many advanced features that Microtek Inverters and Ups models have that distinguish them from standardised products found at similar pricing and availability:

  • Microtek Inverter technology has visual indicators to display a gamut of parameters to monitor the status of the appliance. With over 6 LED display indicators, the user is notified about battery percentage, blown fuse, mains turned on/off, etc.
  • Microtek offers a static bypass to avoid unnecessary power cuts. In crisis, when there is an internal fault in the Microtek inverter, the smart technology allows the inverter to bypass the mains and works the load without turning the power on to the battery for power supply, this eliminates circumstances where the customer has to contact the service centres and request repair.
  • Microtek also offers DSC-based technology to better process power for their inverters. They are a combination of digital signal processor and the microcontroller allowing the inverts to control the motor, convert appropriate power and sensor processing. DSCs used in the Microtek inverters create more effective and efficient products whilst being cost effective and support the movement for growing demand for green earth energy.
  • Microtek also offers models that use Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology that is responsible for better battery charging of solar models. Modern Microtek UPS comes with PWM which provides constant voltage battery charging by changing the solar system's controllers power efficiently. This results in faster charging, rapid recharging and healthy battery at capacity. Battery desulphation, better charge acceptance, lost battery recovery and better regulatory control of voltage and temperature fluctuations are the advanced features that Microtek offers.

Microtek USP

The Microtek UPS is the best choice for both home and office uses. It offers pure sine wave inverter functionality that supports high electricity consumption of up to 760 watts. The Microtek UPS is a product that provides value for money and is an extremely durable and well-built product. With a slick and slender design, aesthetics is something that microtek never forgets to add to the incredibly advanced products. The UPS offers a smooth transition from main to battery mode and is prepared to adapt to hazardous situations caused by constant voltage fluctuations. The UPS also offers off-mode charging options along with frequency and voltage protection. Each product goes through a thorough quality check before it is delivered to the customers ensuring highest quality products.

Top Sellers

Microtek Inverter 900

Microtek offers durable and efficient inverters at reasonable prices. The microtek inverter 900 is available in a square wave variant as well as a pure sine wave inverter. The square variant offers a voltage of 100V-300V x 200V-230V and the frequency is 10.5-14.2 x 50Hz. The dimensions are 34x12 cm and the weight is merely 8kg. The pure sine wave inverter variant has a voltage of 210x210 and the frequency is 50 HZ x 50 Hz. The dimensions are the same as the square variant.

The backup for a square variant would be 3 hours and load options could be 3 fans and 3 lights or 3 fans, 3 lights and 1 television. The pure sine wave inverter offers 8 hours of backup and the load held could be 4 fans, 4 lights and 1 television.

Microtek inverter 1100

The Microtek inverter 1100 also has these two variants available. The square variant offers a voltage of 100V-300V, frequency of 50+/0.1Hz x 50+/0.1Hz, dimensions of 37.5x19.4 cm and a weight of 11.2 kgs. The backup time offered is 6 hours and the load options could be a computer, printer, water or air cooler, etc. The pure sine wave inverter variant offers a voltage of 200-230V x 200-230V, frequency of 50Hzx50Hz, dimensions of 30x12 cm and a weight of 8 kg. The backup time is 8 hours and the load could be 5 fans + 5 lights and 2 televisions.

Microtek Inverter 1400 and 1600

The Microtek Inverter 1400 and the Microtek Inverter 1600 are also progressively available at Moglix with their desired details and the variants are durable and efficient. Microtek offers extremely safeguarded home appliances and the inverters come with functions such as uninterrupted power supply as it switches on and off automatically during power outages.

It also offers a smart overload sense feature that resets the microtek ups on the reduction of load and turns off due to the overload in the microtek ups. The microtek ups ensure it switches off within 15 seconds. The input range is wide and several attractive features such as led displays for system statuses and faults, display features and battery indicators. Check Microtek inverter 1600va price at moglix.

These inverters are extremely well built with premium materials and an aesthetic design. Microtek inverter prices fall within affordable limits and the products are also ensured for up to 2 years and the service offered by Microtek are extremely consumer oriented and guaranteed to satisfy all user needs timely and without fault. Invest in your future today and get a Microtek inverter that guarantees you can create happy and beautiful memories even during power outages and times of crisis.