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Trumax 600W Metal Body Electric Planer, Mx1082A

56% OFF



  • By: Trumax
Aimex DT-501 82mm 720W Electric Wood Planer Machine

39% OFF



  • By: Aimex
Hi-Max 15000rpm Electric Planner, IC-004A, 540W

39% OFF



  • By: Hi-Max
Meakida 2mm 710W Metal Body Planer, MD2-82M

48% OFF



  • By: Meakida
Bosch 710W Professional Planer, GHO 10-82

46% OFF



  • By: Bosch
Meakida 850W Electric Planer, MD82

49% OFF



  • By: Meakida
Pro Tools 700W Electric Metal Planer for Wood, 1082 A

18% OFF



  • By: Pro Tools
Tuf Turtle 720W High Quality Electric Wood Planer Machine, ST-802

33% OFF



  • By: Tuf Turtle
King Electric Metal Body Planer, KP-331, 720 W

38% OFF



  • By: King
Bosch 710W Professional Planer, GHO 26-82

47% OFF



  • By: Bosch
Bosch 650W Planer, GHO 6500

46% OFF



  • By: Bosch
Yking 650W 82mm Electric Planer, 2510 D

33% OFF



  • By: Yking
Tuf Turtle 600W Powerful Electric Wood Planer Machine, ST-801

43% OFF



  • By: Tuf Turtle
KPT Shakti SPL-82 Planner Machine, 620W

33% OFF



  • By: KPT Shakti
YiKing 2510D Planer,Planing Width: 82 mm

23% OFF



  • By: YiKing
Dewalt 82mm D26676 550W Portable Hand Planer

54% OFF



  • By: Dewalt
Hi-Max 13000rpm Electric Planner, IC-050, 850W

41% OFF



  • By: Hi-Max
King Electric Nylon Body Planer, KP-332, 510 W

43% OFF



  • By: King
Trumax Electric Planer, Mx1090A, 850 W

46% OFF



  • By: Trumax
Xtra Power 82 mm Electric Planner, Xpt445, 650 W

42% OFF



  • By: Xtra Power
Cumi CPH-082 Wood Planer, 600 W

42% OFF



  • By: Cumi
Black+Decker 650W Rebating Planer, KW712

40% OFF



  • By: Black & Decker
Stanley 750W Planner STPP7502

42% OFF



  • By: Stanley
Yking 620W 82mm Electric Planer, 2509 B

Available on Request

  • By: Yking
Ferm 82mm 650W Planer, PPM1010

Available on Request

  • By: Ferm
AEG 82 mm Planer 750 W, PL750

Available on Request

  • By: AEG
Ralli Wolf 82mm 710W Wood Planer, RW2-82

Available on Request

  • By: Ralli Wolf
Makita Planer, 2012NB, 1650W

Available on Request

  • By: Makita
Yuri Electric Plastic Body Planer, Y982M, 500W, 15000rpm

Available on Request

  • By: Yuri
Foster 600W 16000rpm Electric Planer, FEP-082

Available on Request

  • By: Foster
HiKoki P 20ST 580W Planer

Available on Request

  • By: HiKoki
Dongcheng 500W Electric Planner, M1B-FF-82x1

Available on Request

  • By: Dongcheng
Yking 650W Electric Planer, V-1125

Available on Request

  • By: Yking
Makita 11000rpm Plate Joiner, PJ7000, Power: 701 W

Available on Request

  • By: Makita
Makita Planer, 1911B, 840W

Available on Request

  • By: Makita
Xotabo XTB82X2 Electric Planer, Power: 900W

Available on Request

  • By: Xotabo
Makita 125mm Concrete Planer, PC5000C, Power: 1400 W

Available on Request

  • By: Makita
Makita 125mm Concrete Planer, PC5001C, Power: 1400 W

Available on Request

  • By: Makita
Yking 900W 92mm Electric Planer, 2590 C

Available on Request

  • By: Yking
Alpha 500W Electric Planner, A2823

Available on Request

  • By: Alpha

Buy Planers Online!

A planer is a metalworking machine tool which uses a linear relative motion between a single-point cutting tool and workpiece for cutting a workpiece. Moglix presents an exciting range of planers that are ideal for use in woodworking and other applications related to it.The equipment that are available as part of this category is light weight for fatigue-free work. They are suitable for creating irregular wood pieces and level its thickness according to the needs of the user. The professional planers that we provide as a part of this range have a adjustable chip thickness of 0-2.6 mm. They have an adjustable rebating depth of 0-9 mm.At Moglix, we have sourced planers of the latest range from Bosch, Hitachi, JK Files, Makita etc. The tools that we procure meet the existing quality standards not only in India but across the world. Apart from power tools, we also deal in a wide range of hand tools, cutting & machining tools, measurement & testing tools etc. To acquire the best deals on planers that you are looking for, check the new range offered by Moglix.