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Horizontal water heaters

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Horizontal Water Heaters: For Instant Hot Water

Horizontal Water Heaters are cylindrically developed and elongated horizontally, giving an attractive look to your bathroom. The function of a horizontal water heater is the same as that of a normal water heater. Horizontal Water Heaters complement your interiors and are mounted horizontally to the wall surface. There are various brands in the market selling these horizontal water heaters, each one providing a variety of water heaters. The best of the brands are mentioned below.

Some of the best brands selling horizontal water heaters are:

Horizontal Water Heaters are efficient and are made up of coils that offer quick heating services. Some of the best brands, along with their salient features, are as follows:


Racold is one of the best and trusted water heater brands and provides various supreme quality geysers understanding the requirements of the buyers.

  • --> They are guarded with a Corded Electric source.

  • --> They range from 2 liters to 35 liters of water accommodation capacity.

  • --> They usually come in white colour.

  • --> Titanium is the key material used to make these heaters.


As the name suggests, Venus stands for quality and performance. Evolved over 50 years, it is a market leader in the water heating industry.

  • --> Corded Electric source type is preferred in them.

  • --> They range from 5 to 25 liters of water accommodation capacity.

  • --> They are usually white, giving an aesthetic look.

  • --> They are composed of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene material.


Havells offers powerful and efficient water heaters and provides you with on-demand hot water for your daily requirements.

  • --> They come mostly in Corded Electric source type.

  • --> They range from 5 to 50 liters of water accommodation capacity.

  • --> They come with white and grey colour variants that can be delivered.

  • --> They are made up of Carbon Steel.


A renowned company and their geysers are made up of high-quality powder-coated mild steel.

  • --> They use power up to 2000W.

  • --> They can accommodate 25 liters of water.

  • --> They emit 8P of pressure.

  • --> They provide a 1-year warranty for their heaters.

Usha Aqua:

These heaters work efficiently to provide swift and sound-less heating and save energy profoundly. They have high-grade PUF insulation, reducing heat loss and improving energy efficiency.

  • --> They use a corded electric power source to ensure the safety of the buyers.

  • --> They range from 15 liters to 25 liters of water accommodation capacity.

  • --> They weigh nearly 9800 grams.

  • --> They are usually available in White.


When it comes to performance and aesthetics, Bajaj water heaters are known to provide high-quality services.

  • --> Power Source – They use a corded electric source.

  • --> They are available in multi colours.

  • --> They are purely made of copper material.

  • --> Capacity – They can easily fit in upto 25 liters of water at a time.

Lazer Alpha:

Superior quality water heaters are available from Lazer. They arrive with a pressure pump application, an important feature for water heaters.

  • --> Pressure – They consist of 8 bars.

  • --> They generally come in white colour.

  • --> They offer a range of 15 to 50 liters of water accommodation capacity in their horizontal water heaters.

  • --> Their inner tank is under warranty for 7 years, whereas the electrical parts are under warranty for 4 years.

Benefits of Horizontal Water Heaters:

  • --> You can instantly and quickly obtain hot water.

  • --> They are budget-friendly.

  • --> They sustain for a very long time and come with a warranty that extends for many years.

  • --> They are suitable for all kinds of houses.

  • --> They store the heated water for a very long time and save energy.

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