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10 Litre Geysers

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Now you can buy high-quality 10 litre geysers online at Moglix. Explore prices, best sellers, specifications, brands, and more for 10 litre water heaters and get the best deal.

Longway 10L Ivory Instant Water Geyser with Free Installation Kit, Superb
  • Automatic Cut Off

  • Lowest Energy Consumption

Candes Perfecto Metal 10L 2kW Ivory Storage Water Heater with Installation Kit
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Candes
₹6,29942% OFF
  • The Insulated Plastic Coating Helps in Retaining the Heat Which

  • As it is Made From High-Quality Material, This Water Heater

Venus 10L White 5 Star Storage Water Heater, MagmaPlus010GV
  • Maximum Protection Against Hardwater & Corrosion

Candes Geyser 10 Litre Ivory Water Geyser, 10ABS
4.7 (10 Reviews)
By: Candes
₹7,09943% OFF
  • Storage: Useful For Bathroom, Can Store Heated Water

  • 10 L : Greater the Capacity, More the Users Can

Longway 10L Grey Instant Water Geyser with Free Installation Kit, Superb
Candes Glanzo 10L 2000W Metal White 5 Star Glass Line Automatic Storage Electric Water Heater, 10Glanzo1CC
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Candes
₹6,49930% OFF
  • Multiple Safety Systems for Protection against Dry Heating, Overheating &...

  • Advanced Energy-Efficient Puff Injection Technology with Smart Adjustable Thermostat for

Candes Elentro 10L 2000W Metal White 5 Star Automatic Instant Storage Electric Water Heater with Installation Kit, 10Elentro1CC
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Candes
₹6,29933% OFF
  • Nano Poly Bond Technology for Excellent Corrosion Resistance & Oxidation

  • Multiple Safety Systems for Protection Against Dry Heating, Overheating, Overpressure,

Anchor Delsy 10L 2000W 5 Star White Storage Water Heater, WSAVM10IWDE02A
  • Fitted with Specially Designed Magnesium Anode which Prevents Corrosion Due

Havells Insanio 10L 2000W White & Mustard Storage Water Heater, GHWAICTWG010
  • Extreme Hard Water Resistance: Yes

  • Heavy Duty Magnesium Anode Rod with Steel Core to Protect

Somany PICARDY NEO 10L 2000W White Storage Water Geyser
  • Less Energy Consumption Saving Your Money

  • It is Equipped with Blue Sapphire Enamel Coating, LED Notification,...

Racold CDR DLX 10L 2kW White 5 Star Vertical Storage Water Heater
  • Rust Proof

  • Smart Guard

Venus 10L Ivory 4 Star Storage Water Heater, SplashCopper010CU
  • Capillary Thermal Cutout & Capillary Thermostat

Venus 10L Ivory 5 Star Storage Water Heater, Celo010CV
  • Maximum Protection Against Hardwater & Corrosion

Venus 10L Ivory & Red 4 Star Storage Water Heater, Lyra10R
  • Maximum Protection Against Hardwater & Corrosion

Crompton Solarium Neo 10L ABS Molded Ivory Storage Water Heater, ASWH1610
4.7 (6 Reviews)
By: Crompton
₹12,50035% OFF
  • Energy Saving Insitu PUF & Rust Proof Body

  • Advanced 3 Level Precision Safety

Hindware Atlantic Cristallo 10L 2kW Storage Water Heater, 516333
  • Superior Safety & Robust Construct

  • Analogue Indicator & Temperature Control Knob

Sameer Sicuro Glassline 10L 2000W Metal White Storage Water Geyser
  • Thermal Cutoff & Automatic Shut Off

  • Adjustable Thermostat & Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

Venus 10L Silver Sparkle 5 Star Storage Water Heater, Splash010GL
Havells Instanio 10L 2000W White & Mustard Storage Water Heater, GHWAICTWG010
  • Multifunction Safety Valve

  • Standing Loss in kWh/24 h/45 deg C is 0.4 kWh

Crompton 10 Litre Solarium Aura White Storage Geyser and Water Heater, ASWH1310
  • Nano Polymer Coated Tank

  • Rust Proof ABS Body

Crompton Geyser  Arno Neo 10L Pc Metallic White Storage Water Heater, ASWH-2610
  • Advanced 3 Level Safety

  • Energy Saving Insitu PUF

Racold CDR DLX 10L 2kW White 5 Star Horizontal Storage Water Heater
  • Safety Plus

  • Rust Proof

Sameer Sicuro Glassline 10L 2000W Metal Black Storage Water Geyser
  • Fusible Valve, Rust Resistant & Fire Retardant Cable

  • Thermal Cutoff & Automatic Shut Off

Bajaj Montage 2000W 10L White Storage Vertical Water Heater, 150842
  • Swirl Flow Technology, Adjustable Thermostat, Rust Proof External Body, Energy

Racold Omnis Lux Plus 10L 2kW White 5 Star Storage Water Heater
  • Silver ion Technology

  • Eco Function

Standard Ameo 10 Litre Ivory & Red Storage Water Heater, GSWEAOSIR010
  • Anode Rod (rust and corrosion resistance): Heavy duty magnesium anode...

  • Incoloy 800 heating element with enamel coating

Havells 10 Litre SWH SP Ivory & Brown Quatro Storage Water Heater, GHWEQTTIB010
Venus 10 Litre Ivory Mega Plus Storage Geyser and Water Heater, 10-EV
  • Time to raise Temp by 35 deg C: 13 min

  • 80 m water head

Havells Senzo 5S 10L Water Heater White GHWASESWH010
By: Havells
Available on Request
Surya 2000W 10L Cream Copper Tank Instant Gas Water Heater
  • Oxygen Depletion Sensor

  • Big Hot Water Flow Rate

Usha Aquagenie 10L 2000W 5 Star Ivory Wine Storage Water Heater, 46875101059N
  • ELCB Earthing Protection Device to Prevent Electric Shocks

  • Whirlflow Technology & Incoloy 800 Element for Faster Water Heating

Lazer Hot Spring Mechanical 10L White & Blue Electric Storage Water Heater
  • Multi-Functional Valve Acts As Pressure, Vacuum Release, Expansion & Drain

  • Heavy Duty Glass Lined Enamel Coated Heating Element

Orient 10 Litre Fontus White Storage Water Heater, WF1001P
  • Stainless Steel Tank

  • Vertical/Horizontal Mounting

V-Guard 10 Litre Sprinhot Plus Storage Geyser and Water Heater
  • ACC protection in inner tank

  • Sacrificial anode for extra long life

DigiSmart 10L 3000W 5 Star Gold Instant Water Geyser
By: Digismart
Available on Request
  • ISI Marked Heating Element, Thermostat & Cutout

  • Automatic Thermostat, Power Saving Insulation, Built in Pressure Release Valve...

Bajaj Popular Neo 10L 2000W 4 Star Vertical White Storage Water Heater
  • 10 L Greater the Capacity, More the Users can be

  • Fire Retardant Cable & Multiple Safety Systems for Protection Against

Crompton Arno Neo 10L White Storage Water Heater, ASWH-3010
4.6 (10 Reviews)
By: Crompton
Available on Request
  • Sturdy Body with Power Indicator, Along with Puf

  • Advanced 3 Level Safety & Powerful Heating Element

Sameer I-Flo 10 Liter BEE 5 Star White Geyser
4.7 (3 Reviews)
By: Sameer
Available on Request
  • Fully PUF Injection integration makes sure the water remains hot

  • Technology: Unique coating on inner container prevents contamination of water

Lazer ECS Prime 10L 2000W White & Grey Electric Storage Water Heater
  • Multi Functional Safety Value

  • Capillary Thermostat

Racold Andris Lux Plus 10L 2kW White 5 Star Storage Water Heater
  • 25% Faster Heating with Italian Design

  • Temperature Regulation Knob

Want top-quality water Heaters? Get a 10 Litre Water Heater

10-liter water heaters are essential for the well-being of a household. They provide hot water for your domestic chores. Some people might use them for cooking; others might use them to wash clothes and dishes, while others might take a bath or shower. They offer access to running water on demand. The water geysers help conserve water in our homes and reduce the carbon footprint by using less energy to heat the water.

They lessen the use of natural resources and contribute to a cleaner environment by using less electricity than other types of heating systems. Water heaters come in various sizes, shapes, and models to fit your needs. Thus, there is something for everyone - from small apartments with limited space to large houses with multiple bathrooms. 10-liter water geysers cut down energy usage through efficient water heating technologies.

Various Brands that Offer 10 Litre Water Heaters

Bajaj Water Heaters: The water heaters from Bajaj have an elegant design alongside neon indicators. There is a customizable thermostat for accurate temperature regulation. In addition, the LED digital display shows the temperature. The facility of remote control facilitates the hands-free operation of this product. Likewise, the thermoplastic build-up with glass lining resists corrosion, whereas the PUF insulation keeps hot water intact.

Crompton Water Heaters: It offers water heaters with striking features such as less energy consumption, quicker heating, and sufficient storage capacity. There is 3-level safety protection, corrosion resistance, shock-proof application, safety valve, 8-bar pressure, no-scale formation, and twin indicator. Geysers also have rigid water shielding, universal fitting, and zero leakage for optimal safety.

Usha Water Heaters: The water heaters by Usha have Incoloy 800 elements for heating for corrosion resistance and durability. The coating of blue sapphire with glass lining adds to the product's reliability. Further, it has protection against over-temperature, dry-heating, leakages, and over-pressure.

Havells Water Heaters: The water geysers by Havells tend to change color from blue to subtle amber when the water heats up. It enriches the bathroom interiors noticeably. The build-up comprises stainless steel for excellent insulation. There are few safety features, such as the inclusion of ABS plastic for shock-proof performance with fire-retardant cables.

Candies Water Heaters: The Candie's water heaters have a Unibody design with a metal body of high impact for rust-free application. An earth leakage circuit breaker with a multi-function valve and thermal cut-off ensures safety. The heating element of heavy copper offers longevity of performance.

Some of the Feature Of 10 Litre Water Heaters

Energy efficiency: Electric water heaters consume less electricity to reduce costs and deliver energy-efficient performance. They utilize less energy and help save the environment. Moreover, they do not require additional fuel for heating water.

Eco-friendliness: The electricity-driven water heaters do not produce harmful emissions like carbon monoxide or sulphur dioxide. They also have no carbon footprint and flaunt noise-less functionality. Water heaters use a thermostat to control the temperature of the water inside.

Auto cut-off: Electric water heaters have an auto cut-off feature to prevent the electric system from overloading, saving you money on your electric bill. An auto cut-off ensures that the geyser does not overheat and averts any potential fire accidents. The thermostat controls how long the element will stay on before turning it off again.

Easy to use: The electric water heater possesses user-friendly integrations. It has a digital display that gives you information about power consumption and water temperature. You can turn on or off the heater through a single switch or remote control.

Variety in sizes and designs: Generally, you can browse through an elegant assortment of water geysers with alluring designs and build-up. Moreover, they come in various sizes and shapes to fit your needs.

Durable and maintenance-free: The buildup of electric water heaters includes copper, thermoplastic, stainless steel, chromium, nickel, or polymer. There is an insulation coating of either vitreous enamel or glass line. Hence, the water geysers are durable and require less maintenance.

Where to get the best 10 Litre Water Heaters?

10-liter water heaters use electricity as a source of energy and have an electric element that heats the water and distributes it throughout the house. They are becoming popular with the rise of smart homes and energy conservation. Likewise, they are easy to use, safe, and environmentally friendly. The thermostat technology facilitates optimal performance with low operating costs. You can go through a variety of geysers on Moglix. It has an assortment of original and supreme quality products at reasonable prices. Home delivery is also available for an effortless shopping experience.