Types of washing machine- Consider these useful buying tips!

Are you planning to buy a washing machine? Before you choose a washer for your home, here are few factors you need to consider that might help to minimize your search options. Washing machine, one of the most popular mechanical devices, has replaced the tiresome method of washing clothes with our hands. Now you can wash and dry everything, from bulky bedsheets to delicate clothes in less than an hour. Since every household has different laundry requirements, selecting a washing machine can be quite challenging. It is a long-term investment, so you need to be sure about the quality and performance. We have divided the task of selecting a perfect washer into five subsections.

Semi-automatic washing machine:

A semi-automatic washing machine is an entry-level washing machine with basic features. Usually, it has two tubs, one for washing and another one for drying. Here you need to put the clothes in the washing tub and move them manually to the drying tub. Semi-automatic washing machines require a lot of human intervention and manual work. Firstly you have to fill the tank with a bucket or pipe and then set the machine and the fabric type. Once the machine makes a buzzing sound that shows washing is complete, you need to manually transfer the clothes to the drying tub.

Fully automatic washing machine:

A fully automatic washing machine is a modern device that is equipped with appealing features. Here the process of washing and drying happens on their own with an automated program. To operate a fully automatic washing machine you have to simply put the clothes in, the machine will fill in the requisite water from the tap connected, and finally drying too happens in the same drum.

Top load washing machine:

A top load washing machine can be semi-automatic or fully automatic. Here the clothes are loaded from the top and the tub sits vertically in the machine. It can have a single tub for both washing or drying or different tubs for both operations. This is an economical option with fewer washing programs as compared to its counterpart.

Front-load washing machine:

In front-loading washing machines, clothes are loaded from the front side as the drum sits horizontally. Front loading washing machines are equipped with a lot of advanced features. For example, a front load washing machine may have an option to set the timer, a hot water supply, around 30 wash programs, a child lock feature, a Wi-Fi control feature, and many more. The bottom line is that both types of washing machines are easy to handle, but front load washing machines are considerably better in efficiency and performance.

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Small washing machine:

The important consideration about buying a washing machine is the load capacity that is measured in Kg and is related to the number of family members. The load capacity should be such that all the laundry gets accommodated in a single wash cycle instead of running the wash cycle again and again. Small washing machines usually have a capacity between 5 Kg to 7 Kg. They take up less space and are also budget-friendly. Small washers also use less water and energy.

Mini washing machine:

A mini washing machine is designed for small spaced houses and hostellers. This innovation has impressed us all. It usually has a capacity between 2 Kg to 4 Kg. Some brands also offer features like timer, inlet, and drain pipes.

Bucket washing machine:

This type of bucket washing machine comes with electric or manual controls. The electric washing machine is convenient to use while the manual one will require some effort. They are suitable for bachelor or small nuclear families. They have a top-loading feature and you can easily wash 10-15 clothes at a time.

Portable washing machine:

A portable washing machine is designed for people who want mobility, space management, less power consumption, and an affordable option. Imagine a washing machine that will not just wash your clothes but can be folded and kept in the cupboard after use. Portable washing machines are lightweight and do not require any installation.

Some smart features to look out for:

  • RPM or spin cycle:

    The spin cycle determines the time that a washing machine will take for drying the clothes. This is measured in RPM that is revolution per minute. Machine with higher RPM has a better drying capacity and takes less drying time in comparison to the machine with lower RPM.

  • Inverter Technology:

    This is one of the latest technologies that help to decrease electricity consumption and also provide silent operations. The conventional washing machines were designed for a fixed load where the motor runs at a constant speed irrespective of load. Hence, the washers consume the same electricity even if the load is considerably low. Inverter technology reduces the power consumption and the noise level according to the load.

  • Hard water processing:

    It is difficult to dissolve the detergent if the water is hard. Over a period of time, a white layer of salt accumulates around the drum and pipes that can result in choking. Keeping this in mind many brands have come up with water treatment technology.

  • Temperature control:

    This feature lets the user increase the temperature of the water to remove the toughest stains. Controlling the temperature also helps in disinfecting the clothes of the babies and patients on a regular basis.

  • Other useful features include delay wash, child lock, pre-soak option, LCD display, bubble wash, steam wash, and many more. You can make your selection according to your requirements.

Now that you have a fair knowledge about washing machines you surely must be having some questions, well don't worry we got you covered. Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

Q.Which is the best washing machine to buy?

A. There are a plethora of washing machine options available in the market. You need to make a selection according to your family size, requirements, and of course budget. LG, IFB, Samsung, Whirlpool, Bosch, Haier, Godrej, and Panasonic are the most common and reliable Indian Brands.

Q. Why are top load washers better?

A. Top loading washing machines are normally more convenient as you don't have to bend over to put the clothes in. For elderly people, the top-load machines typically stand at a height so they can avoid the trouble of bending down. It also has one more convenient quality, you can add more clothes mid-cycle or after starting the cycle. A top load washing machine is more pocket-friendly than a front-load machine.

Q. Which company is famous for washing machines?

A. The most reliable brands for washing machines in India are LG, IFB, Samsung, Whirlpool, Bosch, Haier, Godrej, and Panasonic.

Q. Which type of washing machine is best?

A. Front loading washing machines are better in terms of convenience and features. They provide a quality wash and tend to be more water and energy-efficient than the top loaders. They accommodate all fabric types and stain levels. They are typically more expensive but that is totally justifiable.