Why is LG washing machines the best pick?

Why is LG washing machines the best pick?

Washing machines these days are one of the most wanted appliances and are being manufactured by several companies. However, the leading brand emerging today is LG. Finding the correct model, be it the LG top load washing machine or the front load one, can be a cumbersome job; however, getting a suitable LG washing machine is very easy if one has the specifications.

While searching for a good washing machine, the one brand that always overshadows others is the LG washing machine. Has anyone thought about why? Several factors endorse the superiority of LG washing machines, ranging from the product to its price value. Let?s take a look at some of its smart features, that has made it an uncrowned king in the world of washing machines:

Features that make LG washing machines consumer favorite:

  • Application of latest technology:

This brand ensures that it uses top-class technology to enhance washing with minimum vibration and comparatively less sound. It is a constant endeavor to upgrade its technology. You will always find that any LG front load washing machine will have a smart inverter technology that would be time and energy-saving. It has an excellent feature of 3 smart motions that are splendid for removing stains.

LG has also come up with special features like the Wifi, NFC, and steam that reduces the pressure of the laundry load and enables you to do your laundry from any place, at any time, after loading the machine.

Even with LG semi-automatic washing machines having these features, you can always preload the machine and operate it at your convenience. Your physical presence is not required there.

The smart technology also includes the turbo wash and six wash motion technology that is revolutionary in speeding the cycle by 20 minutes and sparkling clean laundry.

  • Built-in efficient body parts:

All machines, be it a fully automatic washing machine or a semi-automatic one, have an excellent BMC motor system that ensures the longevity of the motor parts. All LG front load washing machines have direct-drive motors requiring fewer moving parts. Comparatively, they are long-lasting and always produce good results.

Most of these parts come with a 10-year warranty that ensures the smooth functioning of the machine along with its longevity. Even though an LG semi-automatic washing machine has two drums compared to a fully automatic one (that has only one), its functionality and efficiency surpass the working of any other brand washing machine.

  • Reliable after-sales service:

When someone invests in costly appliances like washing machines, they select those products that offer good after-sales service. When you buy any LG washing machine, you can rest assured of a fabulous after-sales service wherein they provide round-the-clock assistance absolutely free of cost. Satisfying the customer is their priority and giving prompt service is their forte.

The machines are insured and licensed, so the LG washing machine price is usually worth paying, from a consumer?s point of view. Using an LG washing machine is hassle-free; therefore, it is the obvious choice.

  • LG washing machine price:

Though there is good competition for LG appliances in terms of price and models, It always emerges as the winner. The LG washing machine price is relatively more affordable and is pure value for every rupee spent. Whether you choose an LG semi-automatic washing machine or an LG fully automatic washing machine, you can rely on the availability of the latest features in this model, all within the budget of a consumer. While looking for a good washing machine is not difficult, fitting it in a consumer's pocket is actually a big task.

However, suppose the consumer looks at the LG washing machine price. In that case, he gets a complete package of the latest technology, combined with a smart look and long-lasting features, and a robust support system, which makes the washing machine a viable option.

  • The product range of LG washing machines:

Earlier, washing machines would come with limited capacity, with limitations in the available models too. Still, LG has lived up to its reputation of being a world-class company when the innovation of models is questioned. With the availability of a broad range of models, one can easily find an LG washing machine 7kg in fully automatic version along with LG semi-automatic washing machines with the same load capacity.

While most of the models are front-load ones, you can easily find the latest LG top load washing machine, including the special features that set the LG class apart.

The makers of LG washing machines keep the convenience of users in mind and build their models accordingly, so for a small family of four, the LG washing machine 7kg is the ideal model to go for. If there is a space crunch, one could opt for an LG top load washing machine with slim-built models.

Another alternative they have is the LG fully automatic washing machine, which is not just time and energy-saving but nullifies the need for space to dry clothes. Budget-conscious people can also opt for LG semi-automatic washing machines.

  • Less water consumption:

Using water smartly is another feature that most LG machines are built with. If you select an LG semi washing machine, saving water is literally in your hands as you decide the number of washes and use the water judiciously.

If you have an LG fully automatic washing machine, even then, you save water as they have an inbuilt smart system that enables measured intake of water. The LG front load washing machine and LG top load washing machine are built to consume limited amounts of water.


When one talks about appliances and that too, a washing machine, LGs reputation precedes its name that has been built over years. Costumers satisfaction due to good quality products and reliable after-sale service has kept it going. Hence, an LG washing machine is the ultimate appliance that one can purchase with confidence.

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