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Orbit 100W Black High Speed Multipurpose Oscillating Tower Fan
  • Low Power Consumption

  • Four Way Air Deflection & Shock Proof

Bajaj Snowvent Cool Grey Tower Fan, 251251
By: Bajaj
Available on Request
  • Light Weight & Portable

  • Ergonomic Control Panel

Bajaj Snowvent Blue-Turquoise Tower Fan, 251252
4.2 (6 Reviews)
By: Bajaj
Available on Request
  • Customer Care Number: 18001025963

  • Tough Blower to Ensure Optimum Air Throw efficiency

iBELL 140W 1A Black Tower Fan, IBLHAWAPRIME
By: Ibell
Available on Request
  • Customer Care Number: 18001034090

iBELL 220-240V 1A White Tower Fan, IBLHAWADELUXE
5.0 (2 Reviews)
By: Ibell
Available on Request
  • High Air Delivery: 2250M3/Hr. 3 Speed Control

  • Powerful Air Throw 25 Feet (The Product is Not a

Blueberry's 160W 25ft Tower Fan, BCR1124, Sweep: 250 mm
By: Blueberry-s
Available on Request
  • Air Swing Function & 3 Speed Control

Blueberry's 140W Plastic Black Tower Fan
By: Blueberry-s
Available on Request
Kelvinator KTF 101 60W 5000rpm Plastic Portable Tower Fan
By: Kelvinator
Available on Request
  • It has Multiple Adjustable Fins Which Controls the Direction of

  • Air Throw Distance: 35 ft

V-Guard Veemagik 1350rpm White Tower Fan, Sweep: 750 mm
By: V-guard
Available on Request
  • Compact and elegant design

  • 3 Speed choices and 2 hour timer

Crompton Air Buddy 38W Black Tower Fan, Sweep: 0 mm
By: Crompton
Available on Request

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Buy Electric Cooling Fans Online at Moglix

If your electronic devices are experiencing system thermal issues, it is recommended to invest in cooling fans. These cooling fans although they are small, however, they unwind hex when it comes to providing cooling measures to your electronic devices, helping them survive, by restricting abrupt temperature increase, which might damage sensitive components of the system. They are all too indispensable to be overlooked! If you are an avid electronic user, then you should unquestionably invest in cooling fans.

Importance & Usage of Cooling Fans

Cooling fans reduce device’s operating temperature, not just making the device more comfortable to use, in fact optimizing its performance as well!

  • Faster CPU & GPU Performance.

  • Ideal Resting Places

  • Ambient Temperature and many more.

Apt Cooling Fans Price to Help You Shop Good!

Shop online for Cooling Fans by browsing through the extensive Fan collection at All of the products featured on our online platform are from highly reputed brands such as Maa-Ku, Bajaj, V-Guard, and many more. The collection consists of Axial, Small Axial, Rich & Comfort freeze, V Guard Veemagik, and more. You can now buy branded Cooling Fans online at attractive prices with special discounts. If you have been shirking from buying branded Cooling Fans because of the prices, here is your chance to get a great deal! Save loads of money by buying Cooling Fans online from Moglix.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cooling Fans

Is a tower fan better than a fan?

The additional features of tower fans are their true competitive edge. They can incorporate lights, air filtration, and other features to go beyond being simple fans. Pedestal fans, though, are unquestionably better at moving air. Knowing the difference will enable you to get the finest fan for the task at hand.

What is the disadvantage of tower fan?

Tower fans are less powerful than pedestal fans, and you have less control over the direction of the airflow. Some of the "high-velocity" variants can also be a little noisy.