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Exhaust Fans

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Exhaust Fans – Indispensable Part of Your Home/Office

We might have not seen it coming that time will arrive when fans will also be installed in the kitchen and bathroom. Nowadays, Exhaust Fans, commonly known as exhaust fans, have become an indispensable part of the aforementioned areas of a house. Every time food is cooked on the stove, the smell, and the grime which is released gets stuck on the walls and furniture, meaning that the furniture, and other things, have to be cleaned more often.

Similarly, post taking a bath in summers, owing to the development of different ambient conditions, humid like situations develop, which gives a feeling of warmth and suffocation, and it becomes imperative to expunge out that warm air, in order to make the space more liveable. Therefore, in the context of the above two scenarios, it becomes imperative to leave proper space for ventilation, so that all that grime and warm air may pass through sans any delay. However, in the case of conventional infrastructures, which do not have a dedicated ventilation shaft or window, Exhaust Fans work wonders as they speed up the ventilation, and ascertain that only the fresh air gets circulated, preventing the collection of grease and smoke.

Health Benefits of Installing Exhaust Fans

Installing a ventilation fan is important in keeping the air clean and imparting your home furniture and appliances a longer life. Mold and mildew are not only harmful to objects but also to humans. They can cause asthma, allergies and even serious fungal infections. Exhaust fans allow air to be particle-free which is essential in promoting the health of the households.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Exhaust Fans

Does an exhaust fan cool the room?

Using an exhaust fan can improve the indoor air quality and provide comfort to the occupants. Exhaust fans can quickly cool down indoor spaces that have become warm & humid from activities like cooking or showering.

How to clean oily & dirty ventilation fan?

Prepare a mix of water and soap or you can also add a mixture of 1/4 ammonia, 2 tbsp baking soda and 1 cup full of warm water. Put on the rubber gloves and, using the above mixture and cotton cloth, scrub the exhaust fan blades and rest of the body.

Do bathroom exhaust fans need to be vented outside?

Yes, Bathroom vent fans must be vented to the out of doors.

How many CFMs are required for an exhaust fan?

Bathroom vent fans are rated for the amount of air they can move, measured in cubic feet per minute, or CFM. Standard fan sizing applies to bathrooms that are 100 square feet or less. The rule of thumb is that you need at least 1 CFM per square foot of room area.

Can we use the same fan for bathroom & kitchen?

Yes, the same models of ventilation fans can be used for bathroom and kitchen.