Choose from the Exhaust fan Types as per Your Need

We all understand the need for an exhaust fan for the room, kitchen and bathroom. An exhaust fan provides proper and healthy ventilation which is crucial for a clean and purified home. An exhaust is a way for our houses to have natural ventilation and is an essential and effective way to remove any foul odours that might disrupt the atmosphere of the house.

Exhaust fans can be installed in the kitchen, bathroom or room on the wall, ceiling, window or balcony. The perfect exhaust fan for a room can add to the aesthetics of its surroundings whilst improving air quality by replacing impure air with fresh air. There are various types of exhaust fan for room and choosing one can be confusing sometimes, through this article we will help you make a choice.

Kitchen Exhaust fan

A kitchen exhaust fan is essential as they help maintain a healthy environment in the kitchen by making sure no dirt, excess moisture, smoke, steam and stale air stays in your kitchen. They are usually installed on the upper wall of a kitchen or window to ensure better ventilation. These fans prevent excess fumes and smoke to hamper one's health as well as they can harm the person present in the kitchen.

Bathroom Exhaust fan

It is absolutely necessary to ensure that your bathroom stays fresh and clean at all times, that is why installing a toilet fan is important. A bathroom fan ensures that moisture retained by bathing and washing clothes gets eliminated. A bathroom exhaust fan ensures that the steam created by long hot showers that everyone loves is quickly taken care of and the next person using the facility has nothing to worry about. A toilet exhaust fan is comparatively more affordable and smaller in size than most other exhaust fans available. A bathroom room is usually silent and doesn't add to noise pollution.

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Industrial Exhaust fan

An industrial exhaust fan or a heavy-duty exhaust fan makes sure that the air in an office, factory, manufacturing plant, etc is clean and breathable as it is imperative for the employees health. These are necessary for plants that have some form of chemical work or industrial work that involves harmful air pollutants in confined areas. A heavy-duty exhaust fan has a high efficiency motor which offers higher thrust and better air circulation.

Roof exhaust fans are yet another type of fans used in large facilities like warehouses to overcome overheated air issues. They are generally heavy and need proper arrangements on the roof before installation. Usually, a curb is installed first on the roof that gives the grip for installing these heavy duty exhaust fans. Also called a roof ventilation fan, these machines mainly use wind energy to operate, thus saving money.

Ceiling Exhaust fan

A ceiling exhaust fan works on a basic principle, there is a vent through which moisture is expelled from inside the house through a ductwork. The moisture created inside the bathroom creates foul odour and the air containing this moisture and dust particles is expelled through a duct from the inside to the outside of the home. These fans are small in size and easily installable whilst being extremely affordable.

Exhaust fan for cooler

An exhaust fan for the cooler is made from grade raw material and provides an efficient cooling system. They have an elegant look, consume low energy and are highly durable. An exhaust fan for the cooler ensures that the cooler does not store moisture and create a foul smell by the accumulation of dust and moisture particles.

Window exhaust fan

A window exhaust fan is an exhaust fan installed on a window usually at a height. These fans can be installed in a room, bathroom or the kitchen. The purpose is to expel foul odour and excess moisture and helps maintain a clean and healthy environment inside the house.

Wall exhaust fan

A wall exhaust fan is a type of exhaust fan that is installed or mounted onto a wall. Installing such fans sounds tedious and difficult but it actually depends on the type of the wall. Traditionally, it is installed by making a hole in the wall and attaching a vent along with an exhaust fan.

Chimney exhaust fan

A chimney exhaust fan is an appliance that is highly efficient and adds to the aesthetics of the kitchen. Chimney exhaust fans come in various variants and can be extremely expensive depending on the size and functionality. The primary reason for installing these fans is because traditional exhaust fans are not capable of extracting oil and greasy particles out of the kitchen.

Ducted exhaust fan

The requirement of a ducted exhaust fan is rapidly increasing as they are responsible for expelling impure air outside the house through a dedicated framework of ducts and vents. A ducted exhaust expels all smoke and foul odour which makes it easier to maintain and they consume less energy.

Indo exhaust fan

An Indo exhaust fan is suitable for kitchen, bathroom, toilets and small offices or cabins. They are usually made of plastic and have a square shaped structure making them easy to install and durable. They are also highly effective at expelling foul odour and moisture from small confined spaces.

Now that we have understood the different types of exhaust fans and their various functions, we can make an informed decision based on our needs and requirements. An exhaust fan is imperative for maintaining a healthy and clean environment for you and your loved one. Ensure that your house has clean, pure and breathable air by visiting moglix and checking out their elite selection of air purifiers.