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Sameer MKIII Farrata 30W 4 Blade Black Pedestal Fan, Sweep: 400 mm
4.1 (24 Reviews)
By: Sameer
₹1,99910% OFF
  • With the Wattage Consumption Of 30 W, The Fan Helps

  • The Fan has 3 Speed Control Options

Bajaj Tez MK II Farrata 2500rpm Black Pedestal Fans, Sweep: 450 mm
4.5 (6 Reviews)
By: Bajaj
₹3,90012% OFF
  • Overload Thermal Performance

  • High Air Thrust

Orient 1280rpm Stand 35 Pedestal Fan, Sweep: 400 mm
4.8 (8 Reviews)
By: Orient
₹4,35524% OFF
  • All Metal Construction Fan for Sturdiness & Durability

  • Crafted with Excellence & Classic Design

Almonard 18 inch 1440rpm Mark-II Pedestal Fan, Sweep: 450 mm
4.6 (16 Reviews)
By: Almonard
  • Stronged streamlined pedestal for greater stability

  • Height adjustable

Almonard 30 inch 1440 rpm Air Circulator Heavy Duty Pedestal Fan, Sweep: 750 mm
4.3 (3 Reviews)
By: Almonard
₹14,5803% OFF
  • Double ball-bearing 900 oscillation

  • Powerful heavy-duty motor

Almonard 18 inch 1440 rpm Green Air Circulator Pedestal Fan, Sweep: 450 mm
4.3 (6 Reviews)
By: Almonard
₹9,1002% OFF
  • Adjustable Height

  • Strong streamlined pedestal for greater stability

Jetsons High Speed Bullet Non-Oscillating Fan
4.7 (6 Reviews)
By: Jetsons
₹2,40016% OFF
  • Motor: Equipped With A Highly Powered Motor, The Fan Delivers

  • Uniform & Jerk-Free Oscillation

Sameer Joy Farrata 50W 2300rpm Blue & White Pedestal Fan, Sweep: 400 mm
4.7 (10 Reviews)
By: Sameer
₹2,50034% OFF
  • It Has A Adjustable Telescopic Pipe to Adjust the Height

  • Elegant Look Aerodynamically Designed & Computerized Balanced Blades for Maximum

Usha Farratta Ex 160W Grey 3 Blades Pedestal Fan, Sweep: 500 mm
4.5 (4 Reviews)
By: Usha
₹4,96026% OFF
  • 100% Copper Motor for Longer Performance

  • Strong & Durable Metal Blades for Powerful Performance

Almonard 24 inch 1440 rpm Air Circulator Heavy Duty Pedestal Fan, Sweep: 600 mm
4.4 (12 Reviews)
By: Almonard
₹12,3103% OFF
  • Double ball-bearing 900 oscillation

  • Strong streamlined pedestal for greater stability

Bajaj Esteem 50W White Pedestal Fan, Sweep: 400 mm, 250525
4.8 (8 Reviews)
By: Bajaj
₹3,91027% OFF
  • Full Copper Motor: Increases Durability and Provides Robust Performance

  • Silent Operation : High Efficiency Minus the Air Cutting Sound

Hindware Wave 125W White & Turquise Pedestal Fan, 519477, Sweep: 400 mm
  • Type: Free Standing Bliss Pedestal Fan for Home & Kitchen

  • Low Noise & Inbuilt Thermal Overload Protector

Almonard Mark-II 18 Inch 1440rpm Black Pedestal Fan, Sweep: 450 mm
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Almonard
₹6,0402% OFF
  • Three Speed Control Mounted on the Column Within Easy Reach

  • Stronged Streamlined Pedestal for Greater Stability

Hindware Bliss 60W White & Grey Pedestal Fan, 519470, Sweep: 400 mm
  • 3 Speed Control, Child Safety Guard & Corrosion Resistant Powder

  • Low Noise, Inbuilt Thermal Overload Protector & Anti-Skid Base

Crompton High Flo 58W White Pedestal Fan, Sweep: 400 mm
  • Smooth Oscillation & Elegant Aesthetic

  • Thermal Overload Protection for Long Lasting Motor

Usha Striker 135W Hi Speed 3 Blade White Pedestal Fan, 1310218550, Sweep: 400 mm
4.5 (2 Reviews)
By: Usha
₹3,46013% OFF
  • High Speed & Aerodynamically Designed PP Blades

  • Powerful Motor for High Airflow

iBELL Stormp16 55W Black High Speed Pedestal Fan, Sweep: 400 mm
  • Strong Body for More Life & More Base Stability

  • 2 Hour Timer, Whisper Quiet Operation & Wide Sweep Oscillation

Candes Platine 1800rpm White Cherry 3 Blade Automatic Oscillation Pedestal Fan, Sweep: 400 mm
  • In Addition, the Fan Can Withstand 168 Hours Of Continuous

  • This Powerful Product Delivers High Air Speed Jerk-Free, Smooth Oscillations

Hindware Cyclo Mini Farrata 105W Black Pedestal Fan, 519483, Sweep: 400 mm
  • High Air Delivery, Child Safety Guard & Corrosion Resistant Powder

  • Anti-Skid Base & High Speed Fan

iBELL 55W Black Pedestal Fan, IBLCHROME10BLACK
By: Ibell
₹4,15041% OFF
  • Height Adjusting Option Available

  • Powder Coated Metal Grill Standing Fan

iBELL 55W Black Pedestal Fan, IBLEIFFELP5N
By: Ibell
₹4,49033% OFF
  • 3 Speed Control & Wide Sweep Oscillation

  • Self Lubricating Motor

Usha Pentacool 70W 5 Blade White Pedestal Fan, 131022741, Sweep: 400 mm
  • Thermal Overload Protection

  • Easy Neck Tilting Mechanism to Customize your Air Flow

Candes Victor 60W ABS White & Blue Automatic Oscillation Anti Dust 3 Blade Pedestal Fan, Sweep: 400 mm, 16VictorPF1CC
  • Tilt Mechanism, Adjustable Speed Settings & Ensures Safe Use

  • Adequate Air Delivery, Aerodynamic Blades & Powerful Breeze

Khaitan Magma 115W Aluminium White 3 Blade Ultra High Speed Pedestal Fan, Sweep: 400 mm
  • Powerful 100% Copper Motor

  • Powerful 100% Copper Motor

Havells Sprint LED 400mm Pedestal Fan
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Havells
₹4,32026% OFF
  • Strong motor for better air delivery

  • Heavy base for stability

Almonard MarkLl 450 mm Pedestal Fan
4.3 (3 Reviews)
By: Almonard
₹6,0404% OFF
  • Powder Coated Guard with Aluminum Die Casting Blade, Height adjustable,

Havells V3 450mm Pedestal Fan, 100W, 1400rpm
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Havells
₹8,68527% OFF
  • Tilting Angle: 30 degree

  • Stand Height Adjustable: 100 cm

Havells Sprint Hi-Speed 450mm Pedestal Fan
By: Havells
₹5,96027% OFF
  • Smoot Oscillation

  • Heavy base for stability

Lazer X-Cel Air 60W Blue Ultra High Speed Pedestal Fan, X-CEL16PFWBLU, Sweep: 400 mm
  • This Fan By Contemporary Collet

  • Courtesy of Telescopic Arrangement

Lazer X-Cel Air N/S 120W White & Cool Grey Silent Operation Pedestal Fan, X-CEL16PFWGRY, Sweep: 400 mm
  • It Comes Equipped with a Bird Guard That Keeps Foreign...

  • Courtesy of Telescopic Arrangement

Havells Wine Red Sprint LED Pedestal Fan, Sweep: 400 mm
  • LED Display

  • Energy Efficient

Lazer Sukhoi DLX Oscillation 145W 1400rpm Marvel Grey 3 Blade Farrata Pedestal Fan, SUKHOIDLXOSC20MG, Sweep: 500 mm
Polycab Sunami MK-3 130W Black Pedestal Fan, Sweep: 450 mm
  • Anti Rust Coating, Heat Guard & High Speed

  • OPMP, Wide Air Circulation & High Air Thrust

Lazer 9000000014 120W Force Metallic Black Pedestal Fan, Sweep: 400 mm
  • Adjustable Blade, Sleek & Stylish Fan

  • Heavy Duty Motor with Metal Body

Havells Sprint 450mm White Pedestal Fan, FHSSPSTOWH18
  • Customer Care Number: 1800 103 1313

Lazer ECS 60W 1400rpm Metallic Black 3 Blade Farrata Pedestal Fan, ECSFF20MB, Sweep: 500 mm
Bajaj Esteem 50 W 3 blade Pedestal Fan
By: Bajaj
Available on Request
  • Durable Finish. Superior Functionality. High Efficiency. Cost effective and Longer

Usha Maxx/Mist Air 60W 400mm White Pedestal Fan
By: Usha
Available on Request
  • Aerodynamically Designed Semi Transparent PP Blades

  • Unique Oil Reservoir Lubrication for Better Reliability & Longer Life

Orpat Opf-3237 555 110W Hs Grey Pedestal Fan, Sweep: 16 inch
  • Large & Heavy Base for Enhanced Stability

  • ZZ Sleeve Type Double Ball Bearing

Related Pedestal Fans Article

Purchase Top Quality Pedestal Fans at an Affordable Price


Pedestal fans are portable electric fans. They are oscillating fans supported by adjustable, detachable stands. A pedestal fan can also be considered as a  portable fan. They are motorised devices  used to create a cool breeze in your home. In a tropical country like India, it can get very hot and muggy. The biggest advantage  these fans offer is their  portability. Since it can be operated with a single outlet, it can be easily  used in any room of the home according to the change of purpose.


The pedestal fans are quite affordable than other electronic air cooling devices. In this modern era of protecting our environment and promoting sustainable development, pedestal fans can be a better choice of eco-friendly appliances that produce less air polluting substances than air conditioners, which are the main cause of global warming. 


Different types of Pedestal Fans


As technology advances and people's needs change over the years, some innovations occur. There are two types of Pedestal  stand Fans : 


Single Speed ​​Blade - Uses a single phase AC  induction motor with the spindle remaining attached  while the blade reaches the motor. A motor consists of two internal parts: a stator and a rotor. The rotor is confined to a magnetized  piece of iron that spins freely. The rotor is split by a CV joint and extends from the motor to yet another spindle (secondary) and finally into the base gear. On either side are his two halves called the stator. two  parts of the stator consist of  electricity flowing from within, shifting the magnetic field  from near the other. The magnetic field changes between  negative and positive with the flow of current. 


Multi Speed Blade - Blades in the multi-speed category are more voluminous due to the more complex work and construction. Multi-speed motors are evacuated to machines connected to  single-phase AC synchronous motors. A CV joint connects the worm gear spindle to the blade head spindle. Current range is checked by a voltage regulator. Instead of splitting the available power, a thin wire with slightly less  power storage is sent to the rotor.


Factors to Consider while Selecting the Perfect Pedestal Fans


We suggest you consider some factors before making a perfect selection for your pedestal fans as it helps you make no compromise and select the best. The following are some important points to consider.


Swinging aspect: The swing option is a very useful feature of pedestal fans. If you select this option, the fan will oscillate back and forth. In this way, the cool breeze is distributed evenly throughout the room. The locking feature is very important when there are multiple people in the same room. This is to ensure that everyone is equally comfortable. You can also  control the direction of the wind without moving the fan.


Cost effectiveness: If you're looking for something to keep you cool and comfortable in the summer, look no further as a pedestal fan makes an ideal purchase. Look for a pedestal fan that stays on budget and doesn't compromise on quality. Plastic pedestal fans  are a great option as they are durable, affordable, and of high quality. Unlike stainless steel pedestal fans, plastic fans will not rust  or corrode. This means that you will also  spend less on maintenance in the long run.


Shape and size:  Pedestal fans come on the market in different sizes. With so many options, choosing the right size can be difficult. To make the best choice, consider where in the room you want to place the standing fan. If you have a large room, choose a fan with a large surface area so that the air can reach the entire room relatively easily. Alternatively, you can purchase a few small pedestal fans for breezes from all directions. On the other hand, for small rooms, a small pedestal fan will suffice since the area  to be ventilated is not very large.


 Noise: A noisy pedestal fan is a surefire way to disrupt the tranquility of your home.Some fans, especially older models, produce a lot of white noise when in use. This interrupts conversations and prevents you from getting a good night's sleep. When  looking for a pedestal fan, pay attention to how loud it is when turned on.


Popular brands for Pedestal fans that you can trust


V-Gaurd Stand Fans: V-Guard’s pedestal fans provide unmatched comfort to you and your family. The synchronous motor-driven jerk-free oscillation system adds amenity, making it the perfect addition to your home. Its in-built overheat and overload protection further safeguards against any burnouts.


Crompton Standing Fans: Crompton provides the best quality pedestal fans. Their motors are highly efficient, and they consume only 50W at peak speed. It helps save electricity without compromising on performance. The aerodynamic blades of these fans give a special air delivery of 85 CMM. The powerful motor provides a peak speed of 1350 RPM. The Thermal Overload Protection feature of these fans prevents the fan from overheating and protects the motor in case of any voltage fluctuation. If there’s an overload, the circuit will be temporarily broken to keep the fan safe.


Lifelong Stand Fans: Lifelong pedestal fans have been designed to be moved from room to room, so customers can thoroughly enjoy the comfort it provides wherever they need it, be it in their kitchen, living room, bedroom or dining room.


Prime Cube Satanding Fans: Prime Cube pedestal fans are the perfect fit for up-beat living rooms, bedrooms, dens and common areas. They feature a high-quality motor that delivers powerful air movement and quiet performance; the pedestal fan offers easy operation with three blades. With its Speed Motor in Aluminium Winding, this stand-up fan gives you total control over airflow, volume, and circulation. The most important feature is that they are cost-effective too.


Purchase the Best Qualify Pedestal Fans from Moglix


At Moglix , it has always been a main focus of keeping customers and their requirements as a priority. The users can find various types of Pedestal Fans with selected brands that promise quality, cost effectiveness and safety. Before purchasing any electronic items , one should always have proper knowledge of the product and whether it fulfills the requirements or not. Always be aware of precautions and safety measures to be taken while using electronic gadgets. Refer to Moglix for a wide variety of pedestal fans.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pedestal Fans

Does a pedestal fan consume more electricity than a ceiling fan?

Large ceiling fans use an average of 23.4 watts, while pedestal fans use 44.3 watts. Because of the variation in consumption, there will be a variance in operating costs.

Is the pedestal fan or ceiling fan better?

For tiny rooms, standing fans are the best option. A standing fan, unlike ceiling fans, is portable, allowing you to move it around effortlessly. Stand-up fans use very little electricity due to their small size.

What are the benefits of a pedestal fan?

One of the most outstanding characteristics of a pedestal fan is how light and portable it is. They are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for utilization in different rooms of your home or even outside. You may easily transfer one to your balcony or a room that needs more ventilation.