The Supreme Brands of Pedestal Fans To Cool You Off

Portable electric fans are what pedestal fans are. They're battery-powered devices that blow a lovely breeze about your house. Because the weather in tropical countries like India can be extremely hot and humid, investing in a cooling device like a pedestal fan can be incredibly beneficial. The portability of these fans is their major advantage. Because they only require a power outlet to operate, you may put them in any room of your house to meet your changing demands. Before you buy a pedestal fan for your home, there are a few things to think about.

Certain considerations must be made when purchasing fans. The airflow capability of the fan, the motor quality of the fan, the fan's durability, and other factors are among them. It's crucial to think about the fan's weight distribution when buying a pedestal fan. Because the fan could become imbalanced and dangerous if the weight balance is off. In addition, the user should check for the fan's telescopic adjustment, which makes it very convenient for the user.

Now let's discuss some of the famous brands offering a good variety of Pedestal fans in India.

Crompton Pedestal Fan:

Crompton has a diverse range of pedestal fans in a range of color schemes and unique features. This company, which was founded in 1878, has been trusted by millions of customers, and people readily purchase Crompton-made products.

Crompton Pedestal Fans offers a wide range of features which include:

  • Overload Protection for all their pedestal fans.
  • Crompton pedestal fans have smooth oscillation.
  • The brand offers pedestal fans with elegant aesthetics that can match your interiors.
  • Corrosion-resistant powder coating, thus making the fans more durable to use for a long time.
  • The pedestal fans offered by Crompton are quite budget-friendly, where users can get a good product at a budget-friendly price and also with no compromise on its quality.
  • The price range of Crompton pedestal fans lies somewhere around INR 3000- INR 6000.

Almonard Pedestal Fan:

Almonard is the brand which carters needs of both the type of consumers, whether the product has to be used for an Industrial purpose or for Domestic Purpose.

  • Also, one point to be noted about this brand is that this brand only deals in air products.
  • Thus they specialize in only one segment and they have been making air products since 1968.
  • They offer both the traditional type metal-made pedestal fans and new-gen fiber-made pedestal fans.
  • They do not provide much variety, but the fans of this brand can easily be used for heavy-duty purposes.
  • The price range of Almonard Pedestal fans is around INR 2500 - INR 9000

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Havells Pedestal Fan:

Havells offers quite a large variety of pedestal fans where users can select the fan?? color, design, and even shape. Havells even offer square-shaped pedestal fans, which are quite unique in this niche. Also, Havells pedestal fans offer quite a good number of innovative features, like-

  • Havells pedestal fans are equipped with Thermal Overload Protection.
  • They come with multiple Modes.
  • They also offer an LED light around the fan in some variants.
  • These pedestal fans are easy to install.
  • These fans are user-friendly too.
  • The Price Range of Havells pedestal fans lies somewhere around INR 5000- INR 15000.

Usha Pedestal Fan:

Usha is an old and trusted brand in India offering a good variety of electricals. Usha provides a limited variety of pedestal fans with unique characteristics like-

  • They are elegant and compact in design.
  • Usha offers variants such as farratta, high flow, cheetah, providing higher airflow.
  • This brand offers quite budget-friendly pedestal fans.
  • They also come with height and direct adjustments, thus making them a preferable choice for consumers.
  • They are easily portable too.
  • The Price Range of Usha Pedestal fans ranges between INR 3000- INR 5500.

Bajaj Pedestal Fan:

One who needs stylish-looking fans can definitely check out bajaj pedestal fans. Bajaj has been quite a renowned brand in India. Bajaj offers quite a good number of pedestal fans with great aspects like-

  • Bajaj offers a lot of variants in the colors to choose from in their pedestal fans that can go well with any interiors.
  • Bajaj pedestal fans have unique designs from an extensive catalog.
  • The pedestal fans offered by Bajaj are quite budget-friendly, where one can get an elegant and stylish-looking fan at a reasonable price.
  • Also, bajaj offers fans the remote control system, making the use of fans more convenient for the user.
  • The price range of Bajaj Pedestal fans lies somewhere around INR 3000 - INR 5000.

V Guard Pedestal Fan:

V Guard is another reputed brand in India and that has gained the trust and appreciation of customers. V Guard pedestal fans are known for the following reasons:

  • V Guard offers quite durable and sturdy pedestal fans.
  • They are equipped with Telescopic Height adjustment along with a heavy base, thus helps in maintaining the balance of the fan.
  • V Guard also offers fans a remote control system, thus making their operation relatively easier than the traditional ones.
  • Also, they have pedestal fans with unique USPs and claim that their fans are the ones offering the best aerodynamics.
  • The price range of V guard pedestal fans is around INR 4000- INR 6500.

General Benefits of Pedestal Fans offered by all the Brands:

Pedestal fans are gaining popularity day by day cause of their numerous advantages.

  • They are capable of delivering an efficient performance along with instant cooling.
  • Their powerful electricals and affordability make them ideal for people dealing with sweating jobs.
  • Considering Pedestal fans is a great choice for people who are not having a space problem to accommodate this appliance since these fans require quite a good amount of space to operate.
  • Also, these fans are adjustable according to the height of the consumer, thus becoming an excellent choice for consumers.
  • When Ceiling fans fail to deal with the Indian Summers, pedestal fans become a viable option for the people to get a personalized colling effect.

People must be extra cautious when purchasing fans in today's market since there is so much competition, and every manufacturer is attempting to include more and more convenient and innovative features into their goods to improve sales. As a result, it is the consumer's responsibility to be well-informed about the market and to purchase fans after examining all important factors and taking care of their needs. This will assist them in resolving their uncertainty and determining which one they need to purchase.