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Sameer Zoom 28W White Wall Fan, Sweep: 400 mm
4.9 (8 Reviews)
By: Sameer
₹2,50028% OFF
  • Aerodynamic PP Blade

  • Thermal Overload Protection & Soft Head Tilting Mechanism

Bajaj Esteem Double String Wall Fan, Sweep: 400 mm
5.0 (4 Reviews)
By: Bajaj
₹2,98011% OFF
  • Bajaj Esteem Wall Fan Comes with a High Performance Minus...

  • Talking About Its Performance, this Wall Fan Has Almost Set...

Usha Colossus 70W Blue Rust Free Aluminium Blade Wall Fan, 141024144R, Sweep: 400 mm
  • Thermal Overload Protector

  • Jerk Free Uniform Oscillation

Bajaj Ultima PW01 White & Blue Wall Fan, Sweep: 200 mm
4.5 (11 Reviews)
By: Bajaj
₹2,07522% OFF
  • Aerodynamically Designed PP Blades for enhanced air thrust with an

  • High Speed: A seek & stylish fan that provides high

Bajaj Esteem 50W White Wall Fan, Sweep: 400 mm, 250542
4.3 (3 Reviews)
By: Bajaj
₹3,09017% OFF
  • Silent Operation

  • Low Power Consumption

Jetsons WL-112 12 Inch Wall Fan, Colour: White
4.5 (22 Reviews)
By: Jetsons
₹2,45027% OFF
  • Motor: Equipped With A Highly Powered Motor, The Fan Delivers

  • Smooth Operation & Jerk-Free Oscillation

Havells Ivory Ciera Cabin Wall Fan, Sweep: 300 mm
4.6 (13 Reviews)
By: Havells
₹3,01521% OFF
  • High Speed Motor for Higher Air Delivery

  • High Air Delivery: the Fan has Well Designed Aerodynamic Blades

Almonard 18 inch 1440rpm Mark-II Wall Mounting Fan , Sweep: 450 mm
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Almonard
₹5,5005% OFF
  • Powder Coated Guard with Aluminum Die Casting Blade

  • Three speeds control mounted within easy reach of hand

Candes Winner 60W ABS White & Blue 3 Blade Wall Fan, Sweep: 400 mm, 16WinnerWF1CC
  • The Strong Motor Makes the Wall Fan Durable & Helps

  • Three Angles of Vertical Tilting that Allows You to Adjust

Almonard 24 inch 1440rpm Air Circulator Wall Fan, Sweep: 600 mm
4.6 (11 Reviews)
By: Almonard
₹11,5807% OFF
  • Double ball-bearing 90 Deg oscillation

  • Powerful heavy-duty motor

Havells Airbol Hi-Speed 450mm Wall Fan
4.5 (2 Reviews)
By: Havells
₹5,33524% OFF
  • High performance motor for better air delivery

  • Jerk free oscillation and smooth running

Usha Striker Hi-Speed White Wall Fan, Sweep: 400mm
Jetsons 16 Inch White Wall Fan, WL-116
4.0 (15 Reviews)
By: Jetsons
₹2,60021% OFF
  • Motor: Equipped With A Highly Powered Motor, The Fan Delivers

  • High Air Delivery: The Fan has Well Designed Aerodynamic Blades

Havells FHWSWSTIVR16 White Wall Fan, Sweep: 400 mm
By: Havells
₹3,36525% OFF
  • Aerodynamically Designed & Balanced Blade

  • Guard: 120 Spokes, Oscillation: 60 deg & Reversible Blades

Havells 1350rpm Swing Off White Wall Fan, Sweep: 400 mm
  • Transparent Blade Finish

  • Motor protection through thermal overload protection device

Lazer ECS 60W White Wall Fan, Sweep: 400 mm
By: Lazer
₹2,48517% OFF
  • Synchronous Motor for Oscillating Motion

  • Powerful Copper Motor

Luminous Mojo Plus 130W White Wall Fan, Sweep: 400 mm, TWFSE16I201HS
  • Customer Care Number: 18001033039

Havells FHPCISTIVR12 300 mm Ciera Cabin Fan Cabin Fans
  • Guard - 100 Spokes, Blade design - Aerodynamically designed &

Almonard 18 inch 1440rpm Air Circulator Wall Fan, Sweep: 450 mm
4.3 (15 Reviews)
By: Almonard
₹8,6606% OFF
  • Powerful heavy-duty motor

  • Vertical Adjustable

Rally Compact 75W 3 Blade Wall Fan, RY125, Sweep: 300 mm
Lazer Delta 60W 2400rpm White 3 Blade High Speed Wall Fan, DELTA9WFWHT, Sweep: 225 mm
Rally Windy 65W Sky Blue 3 Blade Wall Fan, RY126, Sweep: 400 mm
Almonard 30 Inch 1440rpm Air Circulator Wall Mounting Fan, Sweep: 750 mm
OZEN 55W Ivory High Speed Wall Mounted Fan, OZ-F301-IVY, Sweep: 400mm
  • Tilt Angle: Yes

Surya Force 58W White Wall Mounted Fan, Sweep: 400 mm
By: Surya
Available on Request
Havells Swing Platina 400mm 55-Watt High Speed 3 Blades White Wall Fan FHWSWPHWHT16
  • Customer Care Number: 1800 103 1313

Bajaj Victor VW R01 Grey Wall Fan, 60109, Sweep: 400 mm
  • Provides Better Comfort with Low Air Cutting Noise

  • Overload Thermal Performance

Anchor 13977 Cindrella 110 W White Wall Fan
By: Anchor
Available on Request
Polycab Thunderstorm 125W White Blue Wall Fan, FWAHSST010P, Sweep: 400 mm
Almonard 12 inch 2300 rpm White STD Cabin Wall Fan, Sweep: 300 mm
  • Four ways Adjustabele Angle

  • Powerful High speed Motor

Cool Classic High Speed 125W Air Flow Wall Fan, Sweep: 450 mm
By: Cool Classic
Available on Request
  • Elegant Dual Colour Design with Attractive & Decorative Style

  • Oscillation & 3-Speed Control by a Pull Cord Mechanism

Polycab 200W Silver & Grey Air Circulator Wall Fan, Sweep: 600 mm
  • Heavy Duty Motor, Aerodynamic Blades & Copper Winding

  • OPMP, Wide Air Circulation, Smooth Oscillation & High Air Thrust

Luminous Mojo Plus 55W White Wall Fan, TWFSE16I20100, Sweep: 400 mm
  • Customer Care Number: 18001033039

Orient Wall-44 1330rpm Azure Blue White Wall Fan, Sweep: 400 mm
  • Powerful motor for higher air delivery

Havells White Swing Platina High Speed Wall Fan, Sweep: 400 mm
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Havells
Available on Request
  • 400 millimeters sweep

  • Aerodynamically designed and balanced heavy blades

Black Cat 2300rpm Ivory Cabin Fans, 009, Sweep: 225 mm (Pack of 2)
  • Ideal for mounting on low height ceiling and cabin

  • Durable to use

Almonard 16 Inch Blue Airstorm Wall Fan, Sweep: 400 mm
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Almonard
Available on Request
  • Fitted With Anti-Corrosive Paint & Plated Components

  • Specially Designed Motor for Indian Condition

Havells 1360rpm Swanky Blue Wall Fan, FHWS4STBLU16, Sweep: 400 mm
  • Motor protection through thermal overload protection device

  • Aerodynamically designed & Balanced Blade

Luminous Speed Prime Black Wall Mounted Fan, Sweep: 400 mm
By: Luminous
Available on Request
  • Customer Care Number: 18001033039

Related Wall Fans Article

Buy Efficient and Affordable Wall Fans Online

A wall mounted fan, often called a wall fan, is a tiny, oscillating fan fixed on the wall of a room, usually for air-circulation purposes. Small and even big spaces can be comfortably cooled with these wall fans. In the summer, the air inside a room becomes significantly hotter than the air outside, creating a suffocating environment. This is where a wall mounted fan comes in; the oscillating feature of this fan aids in pushing hot air out through windows, as opposed to a ceiling fan, which circulates the same hot air inside the room, making it unbearably hot for people inside.


These fans can be found in a variety of settings, including home gyms, workshops, greenhouses, garages, and outdoor patios, as well as industrial spaces, outdoor venues, food trucks, stables, and barns. The market's wide variety of models allows you to make the best decision and choose a fan that is appropriate for the environment in which it will be used. We at Moglix bring to you high speed wall fans from top brands such as Jetsons, Bajaj, Orient, Havells, Sameer, Almonard and more. 


Types of Durable Wall Mount Fans for Your Needs

Wall Mounted Oscillating Fan: An oscillating wall fan oscillates back and forth, increasing air circulation. An oscillating fan distributes air more evenly than a stationary fan, which blows air in one direction. This is especially helpful when there are many of people in the room or if it is large.


Remote Controlled Wall Fan: A hand-held remote control is used to operate a remote-controlled wall fan. This fan is perfect for those who like greater control over their fan's functioning. For example, you can easily adjust the fan's speed or turn it off right before going to bed.


Outdoor Wall Fan: An outdoor wall fan is a type of wall fan that is intended to be used outside. To withstand the elements, outdoor wall fans are typically made of more durable materials such as water-resistant plastic or rubber. They may also have a higher number of blades to move more air. An outdoor wall fan is an excellent choice if you want to keep your deck or patio cool.


Factors to Consider Before Buying Best High Speed Wall Fans

Location: As previously stated, in some situations, such as restaurants, kitchens, garages, outdoor patios, and so on, a wall-mounted fan may be a better option than a ceiling fan. Do understand that each of the previously mentioned outdoor locations is unique. Before purchasing a fan, you should consider factors such as size, available space, speed, oscillation, adjustable angles, and so on.


Size: Like ceiling fans, wall-mounted fans are available in a range of sizes. You can choose the appropriate size of fans or the number of fans to install based on the size of the area. A fan with a sweep of 400 mm would be ideal for a standard room.


Speed: After the size of the fan, this is one of the most necessary factors to consider. A fan with variable speeds is always useful. Because different people have different fan speed preferences. Some people prefer to run it at full speed all year, while others prefer to run it at low speed during the winter. It is always more


Sturdiness: Lightweight fans are an excellent choice for domestic use, provided the material is not brittle. Such fans are typically made of plastic. However, make certain you purchase a fan of high-quality materials.


Budget: A premium option will always be available within your budget, but you must do your research and select one built by a reputable company with dependable components and a long warranty.


Brand: The brand is an important factor to consider because it can affect the quality of the items you buy. When you buy from a popular and established company, you can expect prompt and high-quality customer service whenever the need arises.


Durable: You should buy a wall fan with a long lasting remote that has a good reputation. Purchasing such devices is a one-time expense, so consider and research whether it is worthwhile.


Brands to Buy High Quality Wall Fans Online

Jetsons Wall FansJetsons, a well-known brand, obtains materials from reputable and authorised vendors who provide high-quality and efficient high speed wall fans. Their wall mount fans can be used for various places. Following a thorough market investigation, the materials required for the wall fans with remote are obtained from the most reliable and authorised suppliers.


Almonard Wall FansAlmonard strongly emphasizes upholding strict quality standards to ensure that clients always receive products at the top of their game. They have mastered the art of manufacturing high speed wall fans to meet changing customer demands.


Bajaj Wall FansBajaj manufactures products that improve quality of life and is well-known for its high speed wall fans. Bajaj, a reputable brand, provides versatile and powerful wall fans. Their high-end wall mount fans provide a simple and fast solution for a variety of domestic and commercial places. Their products are inexpensive and ideal for applications. Their products are simple to use, secure, and safe.


Orient Wall FansOrient wall mount fans are well-known for their adaptability to meet the needs of customers. Orient's products in this category have been selected with customers' needs in mind. The high speed fan's price has been set based on consumer purchasing power.


Aside from the brands mentioned above, we also have a large selection of high speed wall fans from well-known manufacturers such as Black Cat, Candes, Surya, Ozen, V-Guard, Usha, Zigma, Luminous and others.


Get High Quality and Affordable High Speed Wall Fans from Moglix

We at Moglix strive to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. Our built-in filtering systems make it easier for you to choose and filter based on your requirements. We ship out the best high speed wall fans after extensive quality checks. You will be able to select from a wide range of the best wall mount fan brands in India. We have great discounts all year and specials on bulk purchases. Go to our website for affordable wall fans with remotes in India, and enjoy the products at wholesale prices.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wall Fans

What is the best spot for installing wall fans?

It's best to put your fan in the center of the room so that it can cover more ground. This means that on a hot day, you may be standing anywhere inside a room and still get air to cool you down. Another suggestion is to place your wall fan opposite your window to create a more airy atmosphere.

What is the difference between a ceiling fan and a wall fan?

A ceiling fan circulates air, while wall-mounted fans push air around the area in which they are installed. You may conserve floor space, circulate air, and add instant cooling air movement by adding a wall-mounted fan.

Is it okay to leave a wall fan on all the time, 24/7?

You can leave a fan running for up to eight hours without fear of wall damage or fires in your home. However, using your fan all day won't help you cool down any faster; instead, make sure you have adequate ventilation for a pleasant cooling experience.