Wall Fans for Summer Relaxation: Prominent Brands and Their Features

Are you looking for the best Wall Fan which suits your needs and your room interior? Wall fans are an essential part of any home as they provide quick cooling. While most of us are familiar with traditional-style ceiling fans, the emerging new technology has given rise to several new varieties of fans. One of those new varieties is wall fans.

A wall fall is the best choice when there is an issue of space in your home as it is fitted on a wall that occupies no space on the floor yet serving the purpose of cool and fresh air. A wall fan works by pushing the air around the area they are installed in, giving instant cooling and circulating fresh air. There are many wall fans brands offering wall fans in the market, so the question arises of which one is the best for you that matches your needs and requirements.

So here are some features you must check before buying a wall fan:

  • Application:

    A wall fan which you choose to buy must fulfill your needs. Its application must be decided according to whether it may be for your domestic use, industrial use, etc.
  • Adjustable:

    A wall fan must be adjustable as the product is installed on a wall. It must be perfectly adjustable, providing air circulation in the whole area and quickly and efficiently cool down the room.
  • Sweep area:

    Wall fan's first and foremost feature and requirement are to provide cool air in a wider distribution area. For this, the swept area of a wall fan you buy must be wider according to the place to be installed.
  • Design:

    The design of the wall fan you choose for your home or office must have a design that provides convenient use and must match the interior of your room.

Keeping the above aspects in mind, we have some top brands of Wall fans you can choose from.

Havells Wall Fan:

Havells is a prominent brand for high-quality product delivery, offering a wide range of fans to meet the requirements of different types of customers. May it be your home or office or an industrial place, Havells has it all. Havells is a trustworthy brand among consumers because it offers a wide range of Havells Walls Fans at affordable prices.

  • Design:

    Havells wall fans come in a circle and square shapes with aerodynamically designed and balanced blades to give you more comfort and cooling quickly.
  • Sweep area:

    Havell fans have a wide range of swept areas from 300mm to 450 mm. You can choose the one which best suits your need and requirement according to your area size.
  • Safety:

    They come with a Thermal Overload Protector (TOP), which avoids overload on the fan motor and power overload on the electric circuit to prevent any mishappenings protecting you and your family.
  • Air Delivery:

    Havells comes in a varied option of fans with different air delivery capacities from 65 m3 per minute to 95 m3 per minute to suit all kinds of buyers.
  • Motor:

    Havells fans come with a high-speed motor giving them a high-speed movement, perfect air delivery, and circulating quality.
  • Oscillation:

    Havells wall fans feature an amazing jerk-free oscillation and movements for a comfortable cooling experience.

Top Sellers

  • Bajaj Ultima PW01 White & Blue Wall Fan, Sweep: 200 mm

    Bajaj Ultima PW01 White & Blue Wall Fan, Sweep: 200 mm

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  • Jetsons WL-112 12 Inch Wall Fan, Colour: White

    Jetsons WL-112 12 Inch Wall Fan, Colour: White

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  • Almonard 18 inch 1440rpm Mark-II Wall Mounting Fan , Sweep: 450 mm

    Almonard 18 inch 1440rpm Mark-II Wall Mounting Fan , Sweep: 450 ...

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Orient Wall Fans:

Orient Electric, a brand of CK Birla group, aims to spread happiness using smart technology applications. They have excelled at quality product delivery and using fresher ideas and newer ways to serve the best for their customers, responding to their modern lifestyle and care for the needs of their customers.

  • Motor:

    Orient wall fans come with a powerful motor for quality air circulation and ventilation in the room they are installed in and a CTX technology super-efficient, silent motor.
  • Safety:

    Orient fans have a great motor and power protection technology with the safety of the Thermal Overload Protection Device.
  • Speed:

    Orient falls consist of a pull cord mechanism for speed control and oscillations at your comfort.
  • Sweep Area:

    Orient wall fans have a wide range of fans with various sweep areas. You can choose from 300 mm to 600mm options.
  • Power consumption:

    Orient fans are eco-friendly by consuming less power and delivering high performance and wide air coverage.

Usha Wall Fans:

Usha Shriram Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is a multi-product company with a range of all household equipment products. Their products are well known for their quality and reliability.

  • Motor:

    Usha wall fans have a 100% copper motor for long and efficient performance.
  • Design:

    Usha fans consist of Aerodynamically designed PP blades for high air delivery.
  • Safety:

    Usha wall fans assure safety with their resettable fuse and are auto-protected during thermal overload for your and your family's safety.
  • Low Maintenance:

    Usha wall fans consist of a durable motor and strong blades for long-lasting life, giving them a unique low-maintenance feature that suits every customer.

Almonard Wall Fans:

Almonard is one of India's most trusted and innovative brands and is considered the pioneer in air technology with its wide range of domestic and industrial uses.

  • Application: Almonard consists of wall fans that you can use in various places for domestic use, industrial use, pollution control equipment, air curtain.
  • Almonard wall fans have elegant designs with a copper wound motor for high air delivery and low noise.
  • They are convenient to use the 3-speed control by pull cords for comfortable usage.
  • Also, Almonard fans are of rust-proof engineered P. P. body and blade for long-lasting durability.

Bajaj Wall Fans:

Bajaj is a leading company in home and kitchen appliances consisting of a wide range of product lines and ensuring quality and delivering its customers the best for years together.

  • Adjustable:

    Bajaj wall fans are adjustable and get installed in a small area providing air circulation and efficient room cooling. These fans come with controls to regulate the circulation of air in the room.
  • Smooth operation:

    The design of these wall fans helps in smooth jerk-free oscillation in wider air distribution in a hassle-free manner.
  • Sweep area:

    Bajaj wall fans provide a good sweep rate that covers the whole room will cool and refreshing air.
  • Bajaj wall fans are equipped with powerful blades and high-velocity motors even though they do not require much power to operate and the installation is also effortless.