What are the exhaust fan variants best for uses?

Circulation of air in all the rooms is very important as it minimizes/expels out the bad odor and humidity. The modern infrastructure of the buildings gives them very less or perhaps no room itself to have a proper ventilation. In rooms like the bathroom and kitchen, adequate ventilation is very necessary. As most of the activities in these rooms produce bad odors and airborne pollutants which have to be eliminated. The best device/appliance to do this work is an Exhaust Fan.

An exhaust fan helps to remove out the bad air/odor from a particular room helping to keep it well ventilated. Today in the market there are numerous fans with different lengths and other features. Also, there are fans based on whether it is for an industrial or the domestic application. Due to all such complications, it is quite difficult in choosing the right fan for your home. Hence, to ease your work, we have brought this article in which we are covering different variants of exhaust fans and their best uses. Let's get started..

Types of Exhaust Fans

  • Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen:

As the name indicates, these fans are mainly used in kitchens. They help in keeping the kitchen well ventilated by removing all the fumes and smokes which are formed during cooking. Generally, small exhaust fans are used which are installed right above the cooking counter. These devices are mounted on the external-wall of the house from where they suck the air (humid and bad odor) from inside and send it outside.

Small exhaust fans are the best exhaust fan for kitchens. Generally, a 6 inch exhaust fan or a 150mm exhaust fan can be used in the kitchen. Apart from this, even a 4 inch exhaust fan can also be used.

  • Bathroom Exhaust Fans:

Such exhaust fans are generally used in bathrooms. When we take a bath/shower, moisture is formed on the mirrors and tiles of the bathroom. These fans help in removing this moisturized air from your bathroom and help in keeping it filled with fresh air. The mini exhaust fans are the perfect choice for bathrooms.

These mini exhaust fans are quite small and easily affordable. Generally, a 4 inch exhaust fan is preferred for bathrooms. Apart from this, even a 6 inch or a 150mm fan can also be used.

  • Wall Mounted Exhaust Fans:

These fans are suitable for those customers/people who don't prefer to make any arrangements for installing a fan. These fans come with a very easy and a hassle-free installation. They are mounted on the wall of the house from where they suck the humid-air present inside the room and make it go outside.

Ideally an 8 inch exhaust fan can be used as a wall mounted exhaust fan. Other than this, a 6 inch exhaust fan can also be used.

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  • Exterior exhaust fans:

Exterior exhaust fans are quite similar to the above mentioned wall mounted exhaust fans. Though they are similar, the exterior exhaust fans do not make any noise inside the room while removing the bad air from inside out. The sound/noise emitted by these fans can be only heard from the outside.

Such fans are highly suitable for those who want a silent/noiseless exhaust fan which can suck the bad air from inside and discharge it outside.

Just like above, a 6 inch exhaust fan or an 8 inch exhaust fan can be used as an exterior exhaust fan.

  • Ceiling Mounted Fans:

Ceiling mounted fans are ideal for people who stay in the top floors or in an upstairs room. Normally these fans are fixed on the ceiling in the room. From there they suck the humid-air present inside the room via a roof-hole and then discharge it outside. Thus, keeps the room with good ventilation/air flow.

  • Inhale Exhaust Fans and Exhaust Fans Including Lights:

These fans are an ideal choice for those rooms which are not ventilated adequately. Inhale exhaust fans are installed in between the ducts from which they eliminate all the bad odor and air from the room.

Exhaust fans with light not only keep the room well ventilated but they also help in keeping the room well lit. These fans just resemble any other light source and have the ability to mix very nicely with the surroundings.

  • Industrial Exhaust Fans:

Exhaust fans are very important in all industries as the air is mixed with many types of air pollutants which are very harmful for the workers. The exhaust fans used in industries come with a motor of high energy efficiency which operates smoothly without any vibrations.

These devices are very essential as they give clean air for breathing of the employees by removing the air pollutants and hence providing a healthy environment for working. Further, they also minimizes the risk of fire and also gives an improved temperature control.

Generally, exhaust fan 12 inch lengths are used for industries as they can clean the air faster. The exhaust fan 12 inch price may be a bit more when compared with other fans.

Top 7 Exhaust fans in India:

Product Name Speed Warranty
Orpat Axial White Exhaust Fan 1750 2 years
Bajaj Maxima White Dom Exhaust Fan 1000 2 years
Orient Power Flow Exhaust Fan 1320 2 years
Luminous Vento White Ventilation Fan 1300 2 years
Havells Roof Mounting White Ventil Air 1250 1 year
Luminous Vento Axial 100mm White Ventilation Fan 2000 2 years
Marc White Exhaust Fan 2400 1 year

About price:

Exhaust fan price mainly depends on the length, rpm, warranty and many other factors. Also, the manufacturer/manufacturing brand plays an important role in determining the exhaust fan price. The price of fans with smaller lengths may fall in a bit similar range. But the exhaust fan 12 inch price may vary drastically as it comes with a more powerful motor and are mostly used for industrial purposes.

Bonus Tip: Now if you are thinking in choosing the right brand, then Luminous Exhaust Fan can be a best choice. They come with a good warranty and also have a wide range of fans which allows you to choose the best that suits your needs.


Well, exhaust fans are very important no matter whether they are used in industries or homes. They help you give you fresh air by removing all the bad odor and pollutants aiding in a healthy life. So, what are you waiting for?? Choose the best exhaust fan from this ultimate guide article and start enjoying the fresh air in your homes/offices. For more information log on to moglix.

Exhaust Fan: FAQs

Q. What do exhaust fans do?

A. Exhaust fans are used for maintaining proper ventilation in rooms. They help in removing the bad odor and humid air from the room and keep the room filled with fresh air.

Q. What is the difference between exhaust fan and fresh air fan?

A. The main difference between a fresh air fan and an exhaust system is that the fresh air fan brings the fresh air from outside to inside the house. But an exhaust fan sucks the bad air from inside the house and discharges it outside the house.

Q. Does an exhaust fan have to vent outside?

A. Yes, some of the exhaust fans have to vent outside. Especially the ones installed in the bathrooms, as letting the exhaust of the fan into an attic may cause moisture build up on the roof.

Q. How do I choose an exhaust fan?

A. You can choose the fans based on its features such as blade length, speed/rpm, motor power, warranty, brand etc. Check all the features and then choose the right fan which suits the best for your lifestyle.

Q. Which exhaust fan is better plastic or metal?

A. Plastic exhaust fans are better than the metal as they have lightweight blades and come with smooth edges. Smooth edged blades ensure safety while installation and also do not put more load on the motor.