Top Trending Exhaust Fan Brands available in India

In modern households, one of the most common problems faced is lack of proper ventilation. Due to this most of the time bad odor and moist or humid air is developed in house which makes you feel uncomfortable. Exhaust fans are the perfect solution to keep your house refreshing with a ventilated atmosphere.

Here, in this article we have listed the top exhaust fans best suitable for Indian climatic conditions. Read them carefully..

Havells Exhaust Fan:

Havells is one of the best electrical appliance manufacturers in India for both industrial and domestic purposes. Electrical appliances such as lights, plugs, wires, ceiling fans, etc are some of the well known devices manufactured by Havells. Apart from these, these fans are also one of the best selling products.

The havells have a wide range of exhaust fans available in the market for removing the bad odor air, ensuring to keep your rooms healthy and fresh all the time.

Havells exhaust fans are pretty silent in carrying out their functions and also come in lightweight. The fans have trending and sleek designs which gives them a very aesthetic look. The fans are quite light in weight which helps in giving a high performance and enabling the fans to perform their function silently. Also, the fans come with a rust proof body and blades which gives them a longer life span. But it is also essential to take good care of them so that they can last much longer.

Key Features:

  • Sleek and stylish designs
  • Lightweight and rust resistant
  • Noiseless and effective operation
  • Available in various sizes and blade numbers
  • Affordable price range

Crompton Exhaust Fan:

Crompton comes with a wide range of exhaust fans which provides excellent air circulation at all times specially for confined spaces like bathroom and kitchen.

The Crompton exhaust fans have very stylish and smooth designs giving them a very rich look. Along with style, the build quality of these fans is very good which ensures an excellent performance and a long life.

To give a very good using experience, these fans come with some all new exciting features such as automatic dust protection, different switch modes, protective screen and odorless air circulation. Further, these fans come with a special feature known as Automatic Shutter which gives a complete protection from dust particles.

For industrial applications, exhaust fans with heavy dusty motors and larger sweep size are also available.

Key Features:

  • Both light and heavy duty motors based on their applications
  • Automatic dust protection
  • Multi switch modes for longer life
  • Different size range for particular applications
  • Pocket friendly price range

Top Sellers

  • Bajaj Maxio 2000rpm Bianco Domestic Ventilation Fans, Sweep: 150 mm

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  • Urja Lite ULAV6I 60W White Air Ventilation Fan, Sweep: 6 Inch

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h2>Usha Exhaust Fan:

Usha exhaust fans are considered as one of the most widely used home appliances in our country. These fans help in controlling the quality of air by expelling the bad odor, smoke and other air pollutants from the rooms.

The fans come in various styles and designs giving you numerous options to choose which suits the best for your rooms. Also, these fans are strongly built to give a high performance and have a longer life span. The fan functions smoothly along with discharging the bad odor, steam, smoke and warmth from the rooms letting you breathe healthy air. The fans come with high air suction power which allows the appliance to clean the air at a much faster rate. Also, the fans are very easy to clean as they come with a removable protection grill.

Moreover, these fans are available in a wide range of price lists from which you can choose the right one without affecting your savings.

Key Features:

  • Ultra high suction gives 70% faster freshness
  • Ball bearings are used for less jamming and smooth functioning
  • 100% copper motor
  • Easy cleaning as the protection grill can be removed
  • Wide range of price list

Bajaj Exhaust Fan:

Bajaj is one of the most famous brands in manufacturing home based electrical appliances. They manufacture appliances such as mixer-grinders, iron-boxes, ceiling fans and many more. Along with these, bajaj is also well known for its famous exhaust fans which help in removing the bad odored air from rooms and filling them with fresh air.

These fans are sleek and stylish in design which helps them to look very rich. Their body is built by using special grade plastic making them a lightweight product which allows them to perform noiselessly. Further, the whole body is rust-proof ensuring a longer durability.

Bajaj exhaust fans come in with many options for bathroom, kitchen, hall and also for industries.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight special grade plastic body
  • Noiseless operations
  • Glossy design for rich look
  • High extractor volume for quick freshening up of the room
  • Numerous designs with affordable prices

Almonard Exhaust Fan:

Almonard is also one of the leading manufacturers of exhaust fans. All the fans of this brand come with a capacitor star and a continuously rated run type motor, all enclosed and sturdily built.

Almonard exhaust fans are built using a rustless/corrosion less body along with a rugged and maintenance free design. Ball bearings are used in motors which lets the fan function noiselessly. Also, ball bearings aids the motor in giving a powerful performance 24/7 making these fans highly suitable for commercial use such as in industries, big bakeries, etc.

A number of variants of fans are available with high quality and at economic rates, making them a perfect choice for getting a safe and healthy environment.

Key Features:

  • Powerful motor for 24/7 performance
  • Ball bearings for noiseless functioning
  • Corrosion Less body and a maintenance free design
  • Available at economic rates
  • Suits best for commercial purposes

Orient Exhaust Fan:

As we know, exhaust fans are one of the most useful appliances every household needs. These fans come with high build quality, high performance along with a very stylish design.

These fans have specially designed powerful motors enabling the appliance for delivering high air thrust along with low power consumption. Also, the fans come with metal blades and guards which gives a longer life along with easy maintenance.

Orient exhaust fans are highly suitable for restaurants, bathrooms and kitchen rooms. They come with different blade lengths and affordable prices.

Key Features:

  • Specially designed motor for high air thrust
  • Protective guard for keeping the foreign material out
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ideal for domestic applications

Luminous Exhaust Fan:

Luminous is known for its simple yet elegantly designed exhaust fans used for replacing the bad odor and moist air with fresh air. Luminous exhaust fans come with a strong air suction system which helps in keeping the room filled with clean and fresh air.

The fans come with a powerful motor and specially designed blades which can clean the air instantly whenever it's turned on. They also come with corrosion resistant bodies and also come with guards for dust protection.

Key Features:

  • High air suction for healthy air circulation
  • Corrosion resistant body
  • Guards for dust proof
  • Stylish designs that matches every room

Cata Exhaust Fan:

Cata exhaust fans are one of the best solutions for dealing with airborne problems in a very efficient and effective manner. The wide range of exhaust fans lets you choose the right fan which suits the best for your needs.

These fans are innovatively developed to provide very good ventilation. The high performance in-built motors ensure purification of the air at a very fast rate and consumes almost 65% less power when compared to other exhaust fans.

The fans function soundlessly and are maintenance free. They are also cost effective making them pocket friendly.

Key Features:

  • Powerful motor with 65% less power consumption
  • Smooth and noiseless functioning
  • Maintenance free and cost effective

Anchor Exhaust Fan:

Anchor exhaust fans are built by Panasonic which is a renowned brand in manufacturing household electrical appliances. The fans come with very stylish designs which makes them look more rich and elegant giving a very aesthetic look.

The fans are equipped with high efficient motors which makes them highly durable. The fans are covered with safety guards from both sides to protect it from being damaged by foreign particles.

These fans are the best choice for keeping your rooms filled with fresh and healthy air.

Key Features:

  • High efficient motor
  • Stylish designs which gives aesthetic look
  • Guards on both sides for damage protection
  • Cost effective

Khaitan Exhaust Fan:

Known for their innovative and sleek designs, Khaitan offers a wide range of exclusive fans. These fans are crafted precisely using high quality materials which gives them a classic look.

Khaitan exhaust fans come with metal blades and high power motors which function noiselessly. Guard shields are provided to protect the blades from the damage of foreign materials.

Key Features:

  • Sleek and exclusive designs
  • Noiseless function
  • Metal blades and powerful motor

Kaff Exhaust Fan:

Kaff exhaust fans are considered to be one of the best along with other brands when it comes to ventilation/exhaust fan systems. Along with high quality, they provide a wide variety of fans giving you a number of options to choose which suits the best for your needs.

These fans come with a powerful motor which not only works soundlessly but also consume less power. Metal blades are used and some designs come with detachable blades for easy cleaning purposes. The fans are easy to maintain and come with a long life, making them a right choice for having a fresh and healthy air.

Key Features:

  • Noiseless functioning
  • Powerful motor with low power consumption
  • Detachable blades for easy cleaning
  • Low maintenance

Here is the list of top 5 brands for exhaust fans along with their sweep, motor speed, power consumption and price range:

Product name Sweep Speed Power
Havells Exhaust Fan 230 1350 40
Crompton Brisk White Exhaust Fan 200 2370 50
Usha Crisp Air White Exhaust Fan 250 1280 55
Bajaj Freshee Metallic Grey Exhaust Fan 225 1400 46
Orient Air Grey Exhaust Fan, Sweep 300 1300 65


Exhaust fans are a very essential household appliance which ensures to discharge bad odor and polluted air. So, refer to this article and choose the best exhaust fan for your needs.