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Related Induction Stoves Article

Use an Induction Stoves for Superior Cooking

Induction Stoves are often praised for their superior cooking performance and sleek designs. It is also known as an induction stove. Induction cooking is performed using direct heating of stainless steel cookware you don’t have to rely on indirect radiation, convection or thermal conduction. An Induction Stove has a coil of copper wire that is placed under the cooking pan and an alternating electric current is passed through it.

These convection stoves heat up very fast, conveying energy to the induction cookware faster than any other means of cooking. Using these stoves is a safer option because the element does not get hot and it is safe to touch. Most of them have automatic switches that detect if the stoves do not have anything on them, and it helps to save energy. It has a flat surface and that makes it easy to clean.

Different types of Induction Cookware Available Online!

The most commonly used portable Induction Stoves available in the market which you can purchase as per your requirement.

Single Element Induction Stoves

This is one of the widely used stoves. In this type of convection stoves, there is only a single cooking zone where the cookware is placed. They mostly have a maximum watt of 188W and it functions at 120V. These are less costly and are portable and it is generally used for limited cooking.

Multi-element Induction Stoves

These stoves have multiple elements that create multiple cooking zones where different induction cookware can be kept. They are created for simultaneous cooking on different cooking surfaces. Its power rating can go up to 3600W and is operated at 220V.

Commercial Induction Unit

They have electrical circuits having better industrial protection ratings to avoid an accidental mishap. They are much rugged in construction as they have withstood considerable weights and bad handling for an elaborated period of time.

Shop best Induction Stoves online at an affordable rate from Moglix!

If you are looking for an induction stove, you can find the best range at You can also get some of the best brands of cookware set here.

Philips - It is a known brand in terms of home appliances. You can find almost all types of induction with them and that too in an affordable range of prices.

Surya - They believe in making cooking fun not a burden and they have designed their Induction Stoves keeping this thing in mind. You can buy their products and enjoy hassle-free cooking.

What kind of pans can you use on an Induction Stoves?

Some non-stick aluminum or copper pans suits the Induction Stoves best. You can also use stainless steel, cast iron, and carbon steel pans.

Do I need special utensils for induction cooking

All pieces of cookware sets do not work on induction. Induction cookware must be made of a magnetic-based material, like cast iron or magnetic stainless steel.

Induction Stoves - Price Range

Induction StovesMin PriceMax Price
Prestige Induction Stoves₹1733₹3103
Pigeon Induction Stoves₹1060₹2428
Surya Induction Stoves₹1575₹2705
Bajaj Induction Stoves₹1193₹2205
This data was last updated on 9/21/21.