Some Best Induction Stove Brands in India

Some Best Induction Stove Brands in India

While the world is witnessing a technology shift, Indian kitchens are not an exception. From the use of traditional 'chulhas' to kerosene stoves to a gas stove, there have been many advancements and changes in the cooking equipment, and the induction stove is the next name in this chain. There are many benefits of replacing your gas stove with an induction stove. They are cost and energy-saving as compared to conventional gas stoves. If you are also looking forward to introducing this new technology-driven, more advanced version of the cooking stove to your kitchen, then do look out for the following features to select the best induction stove.

Prestige Induction Stove:

With fast heating and energy-saving technology, the Prestige induction stove makes cooking easy and efficient for you. These compact designed modern cooking induction stoves come with the following features:

  • Automatic whistle counter:

    This innovative feature prevents spilling off and overcooking your dishes.
  • Automatic voltage regulator:

    It makes cooking more safe and efficient as compared to conventional gas stoves.
  • Anti-magnetic wall and feather touch controls:

    The anti-magnetic wall ensures that only the black glass in the center is heated and the remaining surface remains cool. The smooth touch controls make cooking easy.
  • Pre-set timer option:

    With this smart cooking feature, you can set the time for cooking your dishes and conveniently do other tasks. The preset timer option can vary from 1 minute to 3 hours. Some cooktops also come with Automatic keep warm mode to keep the cooked food warm for some time even after the cooking is completed.
  • Dual heat sensor:

    It senses the temperature of the vessel automatically and prevents overheating.

Pigeon Induction Stove:

This induction stove with advanced technology makes cooking easier, safer, and healthier. The additional features of the Pigeon induction stove include:

  • Bigger heating element:

    The bigger heating element makes cooking faster and efficient.
  • Push-button control and LED display:

    The easy controls and display make this induction stove user-friendly.
  • Swivel cord and shockproof body:

    It makes cooking safe and prevents shock due to short circuits or misfunctioning.
  • Preset menu:

    The preset menu option for cooking helps in setting the start and stop times for cooking your dishes.
  • Crystal body:

    The induction stove is made of a crystal body, making it durable, easy to use, and clean.

Butterfly Induction Stove:

The compact design and lightweight induction stove offered by Butterfly provide you with the benefit of easy portability and comfortable cooking. These are some of the other features offered by the Butterfly induction stove:

  • Large LED screen display:

    The LED display screen and soft push-button controls enable convenient and faster cooking.
  • Timer setting and auto-off function:

    The smart timer settings and the auto-off feature for switching off the appliance when not in use for long provide safe and efficient cooking.
  • Compatibility:

    This induction stove is compatible with all induction-based cookware.
  • Easy handling and storage:

    The lightweight and compact design make this device's handling and storage easier than other cooking appliances.

Preethi Induction Stove:

Preethi induction stove with one-touch technology and a large cooking base is highly efficient. The other features include:

  • High quality ceramic plate:

    The use of a high-quality ceramic plate in this induction stove enables it to withstand high temperature and also provides it durability.
  • Large heating base:

    The Preethi induction stove provides a large heating base so that you can cook in large vessels for dinner parties and functions.
  • Longer cord:

    The longer length of the cord in this induction stove makes cooking convenient.
  • Eco-friendly and safe cooking:

    The technology used in the induction stove consumes less energy and causes the least harm to the environment. The enhanced safety features and intelligent cooling system make cooking safe for you.

Philips Induction Stove:

Cook smartly with this induction stove. It heats faster, saves time and energy, and also consumes less electricity. Look out for the other features offered by the Philips induction stoves:

  • One-touch start:

    The touch starts feature makes cooking easy like never before. It saves the time and energy involved in using a conventional gas stove.
  • Seals nutrition in food:

    The advanced technology used in this induction stove prevents loss of nutrition from food and thus provides healthy and nutritious food for you and your family.
  • Micro Crystal Plate:

    The micro-crystal plate is easy to clean and is also durable. Buying the Philips induction stove can be a smart purchase as you need not worry about the wear and tear in a short time.
  • Programmed for Indian cooking:

    There are 6 preset menus programmed for Indian cooking. You can cook your favorite dishes in less time with few touches.
  • Burn proof and automatic temperature control:

    The Philips induction stove is manufactured with the best safety standards. The burn-proof surface and automatic temperature control prevent overheating and make cooking comfortable and worry-free.

A Few Tips to Consider:

Always select the induction stove with smooth touch controls or push-button controls. Make sure to choose what you are comfortable with. You can even go for preset timer induction stoves if you know the duration of when the induction stove should turn off on its own. For the maximum efficiency and quick heating of the cookware, the coil size of the cooktop and the cookware or pan size should match. You should check whether the induction stove has safety features such as an automatic voltage regulator, extended cooling system, an automatic shutdown feature if no key is pressed for a long time, or auto shut sensor, etc. While selecting an induction stove, you should also look at its maintenance requirements and the frequency of maintenance needs.


Many brands offer induction stoves and have unique features, as mentioned above. The best way to decide on what you need to buy is by knowing what you really need. Once you decide on that, you can check the specification of the brand products and then determine what meets all your requirements. This will clear the confusion and help you fix one product. Induction stoves are definitely a must-have appliance at home, and they will ease your cooking task efficiently.