Induction Stove - The Modern Day Master Chef

Induction Stove - The Modern Day Master Chef

An induction stove is a modern-day appliance used for cooking. It has made cooking much easier and convenient as compared to a gas stove. An induction vessel is placed on the top of the stove, and the food is cooked using electricity. Induction cooking is accomplished using the direct induction heat of the cooking vessels, rather than relying on indirect radiation, convection, or conduction. Induction cooking achieves high power and temperature rises very quickly, and changes in heat setting are instantaneous. Induction stoves also have a safety advantage in comparison to gas stoves. It helps in cooking faster and also reduces the energy bills.

Induction Stove Prices:

Various brands of induction stoves such as Vox, Pigeon, Surya, Bajaj, Prestige, Phillips, and many others are available on Moglix ranging from Rs.3000 to Rs.6000.

Best Induction Stoves:

While purchasing an induction stove, the customer should consider the types of induction stoves available so as to know which induction stove matches their requirement. Below mentioned are the types of induction stoves :

  • Single Element induction cooktop:

In these induction cooktops, there is only one cooking burner. These cooktops are portable and easy to handle, but they are not helpful while preparing multiple dishes.

  • Multi-Element induction cooktop:

In these cooktops, there are multiple burners that are very advantageous when it comes to preparing multiple dishes at once. They are less portable, more expensive, and take more power.

  • Built-in induction cooktops:

These cooktops come in multiple sizes according to the number of burners. They are made in such a way that they can easily fit inside the countertops, making them look like a single unit. They are costly because of their optimization facility.

  • Freestanding countertop induction cooktop:

These induction units do not need a countertop because they are free-standing (as the name suggests). They can be of multiple burners depending upon their use. These are very useful while cooking outdoors.

  • Commercial Induction unit:

These are specially designed for industrial or commercial installations. They have to handle rugged handlings and have higher power ratings to cook more things in less time.

Some of the best induction stove brands that are available in the market are Prestige, Preethi, Butterfly, Pigeon, Philips, and many others, which offer premium quality.

  • Prestige:

Prestige is one of India's most renowned kitchen appliance brands over the past five decades. One of the best-selling induction cooktops from prestige is Prestige PIC 29.0 2000W blue induction cooktop. It is eco-friendly with easy maintenance, power-saving technology, automatic voltage regulator, and aerodynamic cooling system.

  • Pigeon:

Pigeon has established itself as one of the most dependable brands for kitchens. Its best-selling cooktop is Pigeon 1800W black AVS plastic Acer plus induction cooktop with feather touch control, smart timer for hands-free cooking, LED display for temperature indication, etc.

  • Butterfly:

It is one of the exclusive brands when it comes to buying kitchen appliances. The company offers a variety of induction cooktops. The best-selling ones include Butterfly Rhino 1600W black power hob induction cooktop. The induction has been beautifully designed with a ceramic glass plate top, seven cooking options, and many more features.

  • Preethi:

Another marvel in kitchen appliances, Preethi has been serving its best since 1978. One of the most desirable and finest induction cooktops is Preethi Excel plus black 1600W induction cooktop.

  • Phillips:

One of its finest-selling induction cooktops includes Philips Viva Collection 2100W HD black induction cooktop with electromagnetic induction technology, touch start, and easy maintenance.

Among the above-mentioned brands, the brand which offers the best induction cooktop is Prestige PIC 29.0 2000W. It is an ideal induction stove that suits the requirements of the customer. It is easy to maintain, has power-saving technology, and has an automatic voltage regulator. The product is designed to block excess magnetic radiation for a healthy meal so that it has no radiation hazards.

Pros of buying an Induction Cooktop:

The induction cooktop is becoming an increasing trend due to the following advantages:

  • Heats faster:

In induction stoves, the heating takes place quickly, so the person who is cooking does not have to first wait for the pan to heat up.

  • Precise temperature control:

Inductions come with a facility for temperature control. This proves to be advantageous as it prevents burning, boiling over, or overcooking food.

  • Energy efficiency:

Induction stoves are energy efficient because the heat evolved stays inside the cooking vessel and is not lost in the surrounding.

  • Eco-friendly:

Inductions are eco-friendly because they cause negligible pollution and also use less energy.

  • Easier to clean up:

Inductions generally have a flat glass-based cooktop; therefore, they can be cleaned with a single wipe and require less maintenance.

Induction Stove: FAQs

Q. Which induction stove is the best?

A. There are a lot of brands available as detailed above, and the individual should choose as per their requirement and budget. The top brands are Phillips, prestige, and butterfly.

Q. Does the induction stove use a lot of electricity?

A. No, induction stoves do not consume a lot of energy, so they are more budget-friendly and eco-friendly.

Q. Which prestige induction is best?

A. The best prestige induction stove is Prestige PIC 29.0 2000W

Q. What is better, gas or induction?

A. Both gas and induction have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, induction stove outnumbers gas stoves in terms of advantages such as being energy-efficient, environment-friendly, safe, and fast cooking.