Know the different types of food processors before purchasing

Know the different types of food processors before purchasing

Every household today is well-equipped with all the essential appliances to ease the daily chores. Among those appliances, food processors are quite popular for doing multiple cooking preparations. Food processors make these preparations smoother, faster and more enjoyable.

This appliance comes in pretty handy for those who enjoy cooking because they reduce the time and manual work required to accomplish such routine activities in the kitchen. So, instead of chopping vegetables manually, the vegetables can be tossed in a mixing bowl with other ingredients and the processor will do the rest.

Cooking preparations involve a number of activities such as grinding, combining, juicing and cutting. To do them efficiently, you will need a variety of food processors. Today, there are various types of food processors, easing the task of preparing almost everything that needs mixing or chopping.

What are the types of food processors?

Though many associate the food processor with a kitchen appliance that cuts, chops, slices, shreds, grates, or minces/grinds foods, the appliance has a much broader application. Since food processors help to prepare foods in some way, they can integrate a variety of food processing devices, from juicers to manual choppers. While they seem to be identical, not all food processors perform the same functions, and these distinctions are critical when shopping for one.

Here is a rundown of the various kinds of food processors for performing different activities.

Food processor for kneading dough:

A food processor with a dough blade will knead your dough to perfection for preparing almost all types of bread. This food processor simplifies the process of cooking meals like cakes, roti and more. Flour and water need to be added to the processor bowl in the right proportions and the machine will knead a perfectly soft dough.

Grinders and blenders for puree and mixing:

Food is often pureed for infants, adults suffering from dysphagia or dental problems or to prepare certain dishes. A good grinder can puree any type of food, including casseroles, bananas, chopped vegetables and some greens. Some of the grinders and meat processors also puree all kinds of meat such as chicken, lamb and fish that are minced.

Blenders are also great for combining and blending different ingredients. Some blenders have grinding capabilities or slicing accessories, but most can only combine or merge soft foods or liquids. There are other versions, which crush ice for blended frozen beverages, depending on the blade.

Meat processor for mincing/chopping meat:

This appliance, also known as a meat mincer or chopper, is a key kitchen tool used to finely cut or combine fried or raw or meat or fish. Meat processors are available in both electric and manual models. They are a great replacement for instruments like the mincing knives, which were previously used to make minced fillings of lamb, chicken or other meats. Easy to use, meat processors can also double up as vegetable processors as they can be used for mincing vegetables and other food items.

Fruit processor for fruit-related tasks:

Juicers, slicers and dicers all come under fruit processors and they are available in both electric and manual versions. Juicer is used to extract fresh juice from the fruits, something that a normal food processor would not be able to do. Since juicers separate the pulp from the juice, they treat fruits and vegetables differently. Juicers come with various attachments for juicing, blending and others. Electric juicers are more common than manual juicers because they take less time.

Speaking of slicers and dicers, these hand-held electric devices are commonly used in almost all households. They are lightweight and can be carried around while chopping fruits into a salad or other dish to save time. The operation of this tool is straightforward, and they are simple to store and maintain.

Fruit processors are available in several sizes and are extremely versatile kitchen tools; their primary purpose is to grind with a range of discs ranging from fine to coarse.

Vegetable processor for chopping, slicing and dicing:

Similar to fruit processors in terms of working, vegetable processors ease your slicing, chopping and dicing work. Both manual and electrically operated vegetable processors are available. These units are compact, handy and don't take up much of the cabinet space.

Vegetable processors or choppers are ideal for slicing vegetables, and nuts, as well as making small batches of dressings, salad, tomatoes, and condiments. Perfect for daily blending, mixing and repurposing leftovers, these machines are a must-have.

Manual choppers help save all the money needed to buy cutlery that one uses to chop vegetables and other staples, as well as the expense of purchasing pre-chopped foods at the supermarket. For chopping and minor grinding work, a manual vegetable processor is a way to go whereas for larger quantities and quick operations, consider a large electric vegetable processor.

Food processor combo:

There are many multipurpose kitchen items, but none are more useful than a food processor combo. This combo food processor is both cost-effective and space-saving, which performs all the tasks of a fruit processor, vegetable processor, blender and grinder. Food processor combo is a relatively little larger machine that comes with multiple attachments.

Food processor combo allows you to knead the dough and chop, dice, and blend all kinds of fruits and vegetables. With this all in one device, you can make smoothies, milkshakes, purees and more. The Food processor combo is perfect for larger families who deal with the preparation of larger quantities of food every day.

Food processors do automate all the slicing, chopping, dicing, mixing and pureeing tasks, saving your energy and work helping you ease the tasks. Hope the above stated information helps choose the right food processor that fits your needs. You can check out all these food processors and choppers of top-quality and brands on Moglix at great discounts.