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Usha FP3810 1000W Black & Silver Food Processor
4.2 (17 Reviews)
By: Usha
₹13,09032% OFF
  • Overload Protector, Safety Switch, Safety Locks, Washable, Auto Shut-Off, Rubber

  • Powerful & Durable Motor

Inalsa Easy Prep 800W Black Food Processor with Processing Bowl & 7 Accessories
5.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Inalsa
₹5,99514% OFF
Flat 2% OFF with coupon
  • Amazing Space, Time Saver & Child Lock Safety Function

  • With 2 Year Warranty, Package Includes-Processing Bowl, Egg Whisker, Slicer...

Usha FP 3811 1000W Premium SS Finish Black & Steel Food Processor with 13 Accessories, 403811533N
4.4 (7 Reviews)
By: Usha
₹15,99028% OFF
  • Many Tasks One Master 12 Different Applications

  • 100% Copper Motor

Bajaj 600W FX-11 Food Factory White Food Processor with 14 Attachments
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Bajaj
₹9,42526% OFF
  • Functions: Grinding, Juicing, Kneading, Chutney Grinding, Scraping, Chopping, Shredding, Slicing,

  • Overload Protector

Moglix Insight

Top 2 price range of Food Processors

75% of users prefer Food Processors in price range of ₹8000-₹9000

25% of users prefer Food Processors in price range of ₹11000-₹12000

Moglix Insight

Top 2 brands of Food Processors

75% of users prefer Food Processors of Inalsa brand

25% of users prefer Food Processors of Usha brand

Bajaj 1000W FX-1000 Food Processor with 11 Attachments
4.5 (2 Reviews)
By: Bajaj
₹13,82528% OFF
  • The Lock must be fastened well to start this Food

  • Functions: Juicing, Whipping, Dicing and more

Morphy Richards Icon DLX 1000W Black Food Processor with 4 Jars
By: Morphy Richards
₹10,9952% OFF
Panasonic 230W Food Processor, MK-5086
By: Panasonic
Available on Request
  • Changeable blade attachments for chopping, mixing, grinding, atta kneading, shredding,

  • Safety lock clamp

Inalsa Craze 700W White & Grey Food Processor
By: Inalsa
Available on Request
  • 4 Segmented Cutters

  • Centrifugal Juicer

Inalsa Fiesta LX 650W White Food Processor
By: Inalsa
Available on Request
  • 4 Segmented Cutters

  • Centrifugal Juicer

Glen 700W LX Food Processor, GL 4052
By: Glen
Available on Request
Morphy Richards Essentials 100 600W Food Processor
By: Morphy Richards
Available on Request
  • Unique safety lock

  • Polycarbonate liquidizing Jar: 1.5 L

Inalsa Maxie Premia 800W Food Processor
By: Inalsa
Available on Request
  • High Gloss UV Paint

  • 4 Functional Disc Blades Egg Whisker, Chopper & Atta Kneader

Wonderchef Turbo Black 6-in-1 Food Processor
By: Wonderchef
Available on Request
  • Unique dual speed manual food processor|2 Gear Settings: first gear

  • Super sharp stainless steel blades for easy cutting, slicing, chopping

Inalsa Craze 700W 230V White Food Processor
By: Inalsa
Available on Request
  • Speed Settings, Pulse Settings, Processing Bowl & Processing Jar

  • Overload Protector & Safety Locks

Havells Attamatic Plus 500W Black Food Processor
By: Havells
Available on Request
  • Safety: Lid locking

  • 8 Cups chopper bowl with feeding chute and easy grip handle

Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 700W White Food Processor
By: Inalsa
Available on Request
  • Centrifugal & Citrus Juicer

  • 6 Segmented Cutters

Kitchenaid 300W Frosted Pearl White 14-Cup Food Processor, 5KFP1444DFP
By: Kitchenaid
Available on Request
  • High, Low & Pulse Speed Settings

  • Kitchenaid Exactslice System

Jaipan 650W White Food Processor
By: Jaipan
Available on Request
  • High Quality Food Processor with Citrus & Centrifugal Juicer

  • Inbuilt Pulse Function Which Can Perform More than 28 Operations

Usha 2663 600W White Food Processor with 3 Jars, 4010126630N
  • Power & Overload Indicator & Anti Skid Feet

  • Mincing, Shredding, Slicing, Atta Kneading, Blending, Juicing, Dry & Wet

Bajaj 600W Masterchef 3.0 White Food Processor with 15 Attachments
  • 3 Speed Settings

  • Functions: Grinding, Kneading

Inalsa Inox 1000 1000W Black Food Processor
4.6 (8 Reviews)
By: Inalsa
Available on Request
  • Child Safe Inter Locking System & Non Slip Rubber Feet

  • Centrifugal & Citrus Juicer

Inalsa Verve 800W Black & Silver Food Processor
By: Inalsa
Available on Request
  • High-quality Jars, Family Size Capacity & Powerful & Superior Performance

Kitchenaid 250W Empire Red 7 Cup Food Processor, 5KFP0719BER
By: Kitchenaid
Available on Request
  • Easy to Clean & Convenient Storage

  • Simple Shredding

Inalsa Magic Pro 800W Food Processor
By: Inalsa
Available on Request
  • 2 Speed with Pulse Function

  • Elegant & Compact Design

Maharaja Whiteline Smart Chef 100 Food Processor, FP-100
By: Maharaja Whiteline
Available on Request
  • Ergonomic Handles: Yes

  • Number of Jars: 3

Morphy Richards Icon Superb 1000W Food Processor
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Morphy Richards
Available on Request
  • Quadra flow technology

  • Customize Slicing thickness

Singer Foodista Plus 600W Food Processor with 14 Stainless Steel Attachments, 210010309601600
  • Fruit Filter Attachment, Unbreakable Liquidizing Jar, Centrifugal & Citrus Juicer,

Wonderchef 6 in 1 Black Plastic Turbo Dual Speed Food Processor, 63152432
  • First Gear for Power, Fourth Gear for Speed

  • Compact Design with Non-Slip & Durable Body

Wonderchef 400W 22000rpm Nutri Blend White Compact Food Processor with Atta Kneader, 63153599
  • Powerful Motor

  • Stylish Looks, Quick Kneading, Transparent & Unbreakable Jars

Prestige 1000W Silver & Black with 4 Jars Food Processor, 41408
Inalsa Inox 1000 Plus 1000W ABS Black & Silver Food Processor, IN95100143
  • 100% Copper Motor

  • 14 Functions & 3 Pre-set Buttons

Kitchenaid 250W Empire Red 9 Cup Food Processor, 5KFP0919BER
By: Kitchenaid
Available on Request
  • Easy to Clean & Convenient Storage

  • Simple Shredding

Usha 600W Food Processor, FP2663
By: Usha
Available on Request
  • 600W copper motor, Cord Winding, Whipping Switch, Over load indicator

Bajaj 600W FX7 White Food Processor, 410147
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Bajaj
Available on Request
  • LED Indicators for Power on & Motor Overload Function

  • 3 Speed with Pulse

Wonderchef 600W Nutri Blend Red Bolt Mixer with Compact Food Processor & Atta Kneader, 63153749
  • Powerful Motor

  • Transparent, Unbreakable Jars, Quick Kneading, Easy Prep & Super Sharp

Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 600W Food Processor
  • Its in-built Locking Mechanism Ensure Consumer Safety, the Twist &...

  • 3 Speed Control with Incher Facility for Momentary Operation

Maharaja Whiteline Glamour 600W Blissful Saffron & White Food Processor
By: Maharaja Whiteline
Available on Request
  • Processing Bowl: 2 L

  • Ergonomic Handles: Yes

Prestige Champion 600W Food Processor, 41402
By: Prestige
Available on Request
  • Unique pushing mechanism

  • Unbreakable jar base

Inalsa Craze DX 700W White & Grey Food Processor
By: Inalsa
Available on Request
  • Non Slip Rubber Feet

  • Centrifugal Juicer

Black+Decker 400W Plastic Food Processor, BXFP4001IN
By: Black & Decker
Available on Request
  • Mincer mill for meat, potatoes and hard cheese

  • 2 Speed with Pulse function to suit different ingredients

Related Food Processors Articles

Discover the Ease of Cooking with Food Processors

A food processor is a useful kitchen appliance that makes food preparation simpler.  It includes powerful motors and a wide range of attachments. It helps to easily chop, slice, dice, combine, and shred the items. Moglix offers food processors ranging from 1000 W, 800 W, 700 W, 600 W, and a 350 W mini food processor from well-known brands such as Bajaj, Usha, Havells, Inalsa, and WonderChef.


Enhance Your Cooking Experience with Different Food Processing Machines

1000 W Food Processors:

  • This food processor is equipped with three stainless steel discs.
  • It has an in-built centrifugal and citrus juicer.
  • It comes with a dual pusher system to process various food sizes.


800 W Food Processors:

  • The 800W food processor comes with a transparent blender jar.
  •  It is equipped with a two speed setting and a pulse function.
  •  It also has a power LED light indicator.


700 W Food Processors:

  • The 700W food processor includes six segmented cutters.
  • It has overload protection that prevents the motor from overheating.
  • It offers adjustable speed setting, pulse function and includes both a processing bowl and a jar.


600 W Food Processors:

  • The 600W food processor has non-slip rubber feet and a locking mechanism.
  • It includes a fruit filter attachment.
  • The processor has a speed control switch with incher function.


350 W Mini Food Processors:

  • Mini Food Processors have high-quality stainless steel blades and cutters.
  • They come equipped with a safety locking system.
  • They are compact and space-saving.


Key Considerations for choosing the Perfect Food Processor Machine for your Kitchen

Volume: Consider your regular recipe proportions while choosing the proper size food processor.


Power: Look for a powerful motor that can carry out challenging tasks swiftly.


Modes and attachments: Include a wide range of functions and accessories for full flexibility in food preparation.


Safety: Look for safety features such as interlock and skid free feets for secure functioning.


Cost: Consider your budget and look for a processor that maintains a balance between price and functionality without compromising quality.


Enhance Your Culinary Skills with Trusted Brands

Bajaj Food Processors:

  • Bajaj Food Processors offer three speed control with Incher facility for momentary operation.
  • It is useful for efficient grinding, liquidizing, juicing and kneading.
  • It has a cord winder and in-built locking mechanism to ensure consumer safety.


Usha Food Processors:

  • Usha Food Processors have two speed setting pulses and three impact resisting jars.
  • It offers power and overload indicators with a separate reset button.
  • It can be used for mincing, shredding, slicing, blending, dry and wet grinding.


Havells Food Processors:

  • Havells Food Processors have specially designed cups with drip holes.
  • It comes with a centrifugal and citrus juicing process.
  • It has a double ball bearing jar that is attached to a shredding disc.


Inalsa Food Processors:

  • Inalsa Food Processors have a powerful durable motor with an overload protector.
  • It comes with non-slip rubber feet and a safe interlocking system.
  • They offer four segmented cutters and whisking attachment.


WonderChef Food Processors:

  • WonderChef Food Processors have a compact design with a non-slip and durable body.
  • It has sharp stainless steel blades for easy cutting, slicing or chopping.
  • It is equipped with a dual speed powerful motor.


Explore a Wide Range of Food processors on Moglix at the Best prices

Food processors make cooking easier by efficiently cutting, slicing, and mixing ingredients. These machines come in a variety of styles that provide versatility in food preparation. They have sharp blades, powerful motors, and safety measures that make cooking more enjoyable. Trusted companies such as Bajaj, Usha, Havells, Inalsa, and WonderChef offer dependable options. Discover these high-quality food processors with Moglix at the best prices.


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