Leading Hand Wash brands in India for safe and germ free hands

Leading Hand Wash brands in India for safe and germ free hands

Clean and germ free hands have become more than important now that second wave of Covid-19 has hit. It would not be an understatement to say that hand wash can save lives. The only thing that can actually kill the virus is soap and as the kind of turn that this pandemic is taking, the vitality is only going to increase!

It is advised to wash your hands well for 20-40 seconds to prevent yourself from getting infected. Hand wash can not just combat the covid-19 virus, but also many other kinds of viruses and bacteria. Pandemic or not, a hand wash is must for good health!

Hand wash is a better alternative than a soap bar, as, if many people use the soap bar they are just transferring the germs on it and on to the next user, but hand wash comes in a bottle typically, which only requires to press the top nozzle for the solution to come out.

Although any hand wash would do the job, but the quality and the effectiveness does change with the change in brand. Different brands have their own range of hand wash with their own touch.

If you are looking to buy a hand wash or are willing to change the one you currently use and want to make a wise decision regarding it, then worry not, as we have got you covered. Here we will discuss all the brands that one can choose from and keep themselves safe!

  • Dettol Hand Wash

One of the most trusted brands in India, Dettol, has been the country's favourite since forever. In fact they were one of the first ones to come up with hand wash. They have been producing products for health protection for 80 years. The original hand wash comes in their classic green bottle, other than this, there are 6 other variants, which are targeted on different aspects like skincare or pH balance, along with cleansing. Their hand washes are antibacterial and claim to provide 100% germ protection and come in multiple fragrances.

  • Lifebuoy Hand Wash:

Lifebuoy is every kid's favourite! These are especially made to suit childrens sensitive skin, but are equally effective for adults. There are five variants available with different fragrances such as lemon, cool fresh and nature. Lifebuoy hand wash uses an Active Silver Formula and they claim to give 99.99% germ protection. Due to its popularity among the kids, having this at home can encourage them to get into the habit of washing hands.

  • Savlon Hand Wash:

Savlon is another one of India's popular brands which make safe products for health protection. Savlon Hand Wash contains nano silver particles that kill germs effectively but do not harm the skin in any way. There are three variants available, namely, deep clean hand wash, moisture shield hand wash and herbal sensitive hand wash. These are highly affordable and do the job perfectly!

  • Santoor Hand Wash

Santoor is extremely popular among the ladies and children, thanks to their phenomenal marketing that has made it a household name. Santoor hand wash has the USP that it is gentle on skin and has a beautiful fragrance, which it surely does! Of course, it is as good at protecting against germs too. So, if you are looking for a hand wash that serves every job, then this is the one!

  • Godrej Hand Wash

Godrej is an immensely famous brand in India that has diversified and sells products in various categories. One of their beloved products is their hand washes. Godrej Hand Wash, which goes by the name Godrej Protekt. They have three options available, master blaster, master chef and mr. magic. Mr. Magic hand wash will surely become your child's favourite. It is designed to allure kids and get them into the habit of hand washing, that too at a very affordable price! The packaging and the quality of the other products is wonderful as well.

  • Patanjali Hand Wash:

India's dearest Ayurveda brand Patanjali, has got you covered in this category as well. With the number of times we are being compelled to wash our hands, it is no doubt that it will affect our skin in some way. To avoid this, a lot of people might prefer ayurvedic hand wash. Patanjali hand wash is mostly made using organic ingredients and is also available at a very low price compared to other hand washed. This hand wash also moisturizes the hands. So, if you are looking for a hand wash that is soft on your skin, go for it.

  • Fiama Hand Wash:

Fiama products are manufactured by ITC, which is a well reputed brand. Their range of hand wash and the brand itself is popular among the younger people. Fiama hand washes have one of the most attractive bottles and mesmerizing fragrances. Their fragrances are aimed to uplift mood. The hand wash is gel based which keeps the hands soft. These are available in three variants- Happy, Relax and Fresh! These will surely refreshen you while killing the germs.

  • Himalaya Hand Wash:

Himalaya is another one of India's trusted herbal brands. They use ingredients like tulsi, lemon and aloe vera, which naturally have anti bacterial, detoxifying and purifying effects. Himalaya hand wash is gentle on skin and kills the germs, leaving you hands safe and protected.

  • Palmolive Hand Wash:

Palmolive hand washes come in two ranges Foaming Hand Wash and Naturals. The foaming hand washes cleanse the hands while not harming the skin and leaving it smooth. There are two variants in it, Raspberry and Wash Lime and Mint. The Naturals range uses natural ingredients like milk, orchid and sea minerals. If you have a strong sense of smell and like to experiment with fragrances, then Palmolive will keep you busy with its options.

  • Fem Hand Wash:

Fem is widely popular among Indian women owing to their successful bleaching products. Fem hand wash, called soft handz is enriched with the powers of saffron and coconut milk and smells refreshing. It comes with a natural skin conditioner and claims to kill 99.99% of germs. It comes in three fragrances, lemon and glycerin, saffron and blossom and peach and olive oil. These are also available at a highly reasonable price.

  • Dove Hand Wash:

Dove is a brand known worldwide for their products which are gentle on skin and also for their all inclusive marketing. Dove hand wash cleanse the skin effectively, but their cream lather leaves the skin soft and silky. Their hand washes pay a special attention to moisturizing along with cleansing. Which is a huge relief in the times when washing hands has become more frequent than ever!

  • Medimix Hand Wash:

Medimix is another ayurvedic brand that has been in India since ages and has carved a safe space for itself. Medimix hand wash uses pure ingredients like turmeric, tulsi and aloe vera. Since this is majorly chemical free, these will be very gentle on skin, and cleanse the hands too. Available in 3 organic variants, these will indeed be a great option for people who prefer herbal products.

  • Pears Hand Wash:

Pears is an exceptionally popular brand among mothers and kids together. Pears hand wash has a very unique packaging. It is 100% soap free, thus it is no doubt gentle to the skin. It is all pH balanced. It is hypoallergenic, which means it is unlikely that it will cause allergy of any kind. It is also non comedogenic, which implies that it does not clog the pores on the skin. So, if you have a highly sensitive skin and want to go for something very safe, it is a match!

  • Vestige Hand Wash:

Vestige hand wash, named ASSURE, will surely assure you of protecting your hands by removing germs and giving a gentle wash. It comes with aloe vera and neem extracts, which prevent the skin from dehydrating. The fragrance is refreshing as well. It also comes at a very affordable price, making it a holistic deal.


These were all the major brands that you can choose from and get protection from germs. Most hand washes come with moisturizing agents, so do not make an adjustment there. Whichever brand you choose, just know that washing hands is essential and should be performed religiously to safeguard yourself and your loved ones!