Sanitizing Hands: Effective Way To Keep Germs Away And Stay Protected from Covid-19

Sanitizing Hands: Effective Way To Keep Germs Away And Stay Protected from Covid-19

Ever since we were young we have heard our mothers shouting wash your hands! every time we come back home. The reason behind this yelling is quite simple. Our mother wants us to stay clean and protected from any sort of germs or harmful agents.

Hand washes are liquid formulations that are meant to disinfect our hands from certain types of bacterias and microorganisms. Hand wash falls under the category of hand hygiene and is used extensively throughout the globe.

Hand washes are manufactured in a way that reduces the potency of germs or bacteria present on our hands. Using hand wash was considered a normal routine habit up till now. But now in the current era of the covid 19 pandemics, it has become a necessity to practice hand hygiene every now and then.

Apparently, hand washes are exquisitely designed to kill bacteria. They also help in removing dust, grease, oil, and many other impurities from our hands. To think of it we are dependent on hand washes for cleansing purposes more than anything else.

Had it not been for hand washing, how do you think you could have washed your hands after visiting the toilet? Or after cleaning your bike? Or maybe after playing with a muddy ball? It is because of hand washes that we have clean and hygienic hands.

So what are the important factors that need to be considered while purchasing a hand wash? Lets dig deep into those factors! But before that lets take a look at the uses of hand wash.

Hand Wash and Its Uses:

  • The number one reason to wash your hands is sanitizing hands. Humans will always have the habit of touching their eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, head, or even ears for no specific reason. What do you think will happen if you keep touching your face with dirty hands? You will either get skin issues or other infections! To avoid this mess it is better to keep washing your hands with sanitizer hand wash.
  • To prevent contamination of food and other supplies. In order to prevent your food from getting contaminated, you may be doing stuff like keeping it in an airtight container or cooking it nice and hot. But if you touch it with soiled and filthy hands! Eeeww, right! To avoid this we are taught to wash our hands before and after meals.
  • If you are at your office or school or any other public place, chances are you might shake hands with some people and touch their belongings as well. How are you confident that they might not be having germs on their hands or on those belongings? Therefore, it is important and mandatory to wash hands after coming back from a public place.
  • To impart the importance of hand hygiene we must be willing to do it in the first place. Toddlers have the tendency to follow the elderly. So, we must teach them the importance of handwashing. Using hand wash regularly reduces the risk of medical conditions like diarrhea and cold significantly.

Things to consider before buying hand wash

  • Skin tolerance:

    Some hand washes can be harsh to the skin because of certain ingredients in their formulation. In such cases, the skin layer may develop lesions or cause a burning sensation. To avoid this you must know the hand wash that suits you and work accordingly.

  • Effectiveness:

    The hand wash that you will be using must be efficient. It must have antibacterial and anti germicidal properties in order to shield us against harmful bacterias.

  • Budget issues:

    Hand wash price is also an important thing that needs to be considered while buying a hand wash. There is no need to get fragrant hand washes with lavish designed bottles or colors, etc. you could get a plain hand wash bottle as well. But, it must fit in your budget. Hand wash price can usually be seen on the packaging of the bottle and it is easy to look for.

  • Color and smell:

    Although, aesthetics arent of significant importance. But, if you want to trick your toddler into washing hands then you might get one with a refreshing smell or vibrant color.

  • Conveniently available:

    While purchasing a hand wash make sure it is easily available at stores near you.

  • Expiry dates:

    This factor is the most ignored yet most important one. How often do we check the mfg date or expiry date? Expiry date must be considered beforehand.


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Hand Wash: FAQs

Q. Which is the best hand wash?

A. A hand wash that cleans and protects your hands should be considered the best one. Also, a hand wash with moisturizing properties is better as well. A hand wash should be mild on hands but harsh on germs. Therefore, a hand wash must have these qualities.

Q. What is the price of the hand wash?

A. The price of hand wash varies from brand to brand. You can get small bottles starting from 50 INR to large bottles worth 280 INR as well. The choice depends on you.

Q. Which soap kills most bacteria?

A. A soap with maximum antibacterial properties will kill the most bacteria. Soaps with neem extract and other antibacterial agents are good for use. They show the most bactericidal effects.

Q. What soap do doctors use?

A. Being in a profession where they need to come in contact with living body tissue. Doctors need to keep their hands clean most of the time. The soaps that doctors use have antiseptic and antibacterial properties.