Top Brands of Welding Machines available in India

Top Brands of Welding Machines available in India

A welding machine is a machine that helps to join or detach the parts of metals by melting them using heat. A welding machine is a valuable tool for people in professional streams like- aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, railroads, shipping, construction, and infrastructure industries. It generates heat that helps melt the metal to give it a different shape as required for the nature of the task. Also, welding machines are of different brands. One has to choose a brand that fulfills its objectives and meets the user's requirements.

Therefore, choosing a brand becomes an important task. Read on to know more about some of the popular brands of welding machines and their features:

ESAB Welding Machine:

ESAB is a global leader in the manufacturing of welding and cutting equipment, as well as consumables. Their cutting-edge, globally recognized equipment and solutions are designed with customer input and manufactured with the skills and tradition of a global manufacturing leader.

In the following key sectors, the ESAB name is linked with world-class expertise:

  • Welding and cutting equipment that is operated manually
  • Consumables for welding
  • Automated welding
  • Automated cutting systems

ESAB is structured to provide efficient, high-productivity solutions that match customer needs and exceed their expectations, regardless of market category.

ESAB has a wide range of tools and solutions for practically any welding and cutting process and application. We work with industries that benefit the entire world, such as:

  • Automotive
  • General fabrication and civil construction
  • Pipelines
  • Pipe mills
  • Power generation
  • Process industry
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Shipbuilding and offshore
  • Transport and mobile machinery

Colfax Corporation is the owner of the ESAB group. ESAB services a global market more than a century after its founding. Europe, Asia/Pacific, North America, South America, and India make up the organization. ESAB is represented via subsidiaries or agencies in practically every country. There are 80 countries where sales and support are available, as well as 26 manufacturing locations spread over four continents.

Highlighting features of ESAB welding machine

  • It is designed for MMA electrodes up to 4.0mm size- MSGP, or LH.
  • It is stainless steel and cellulosic.
  • It provides safe welding machines for the protection of people using it.
  • It has a voltage tolerance range of 196V-264V.
  • This brand has an Adjustable Arc force for Superior Arc control.

TOSHON Welding Machine:

Toshon Welding is India's leading manufacturer of welding machines and electrodes. With over two decades of experience, they have carved themselves a position in this market with their high-quality products and dedicated service. Steel plants, cement plants, railways, fabrication, power plants, dams, and many other industries use their goods today.

TOSHON WELDING, INC. was started in 2001 as a family business that has been involved in the research, manufacturing, and sale of welding machines and welding attachments since the beginning.

Toshon Welding company's development and construction department goes to great lengths to meet and exceed the needs of individual customers and the entire market in India and beyond. During the creation and building of new machines, reliability, welding quality, the best possible equipment, and ease of control are all prioritized.

Their goal is to satisfy their customers, whether it's a final consumer or a business or service partner in India or anywhere else in the world. They strive for the best quality and reliability in the machines they make, as well as quick and high-quality machine delivery, service, and sales support and counseling.

Toshon Welding's sales department has been creating a large business and distribution network in India since the company's inception. Due to international partners, the business and distribution network is gradually increasing.

Highlighting features of TOSHON welding machine

  • Toshon welding machines have a current rating of 100A.
  • It has MIG 500, Heavy pipe, and flat plus aluminum MIG welding stainless steel.
  • 100% duty cycle capacity.
  • It has compact size and lightweight machines.
  • They are stable and reliable, and multi-functional.
  • Automatic voltage reduction coupled with an anti-stick function.
  • It is of high quality and power-saving design.

iBELL Welding Machine:

When it comes to welding machines, iBELL is a well-known brand. The welding machine from iBELL is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The equipment is suitable for welding, maintaining, and repairing mild steel, stainless steel, and other metals, thanks to its superior IGBT inverter and VRD technology.

The machine is easy to transport due to its ergonomic and compact design. Due to its features and excellent capabilities, it is a suitable welder for both professional and personal use. The welding machine from iBELL has an anti-stick feature that protects the unit from overloading and allows for quick electrode withdrawal without damaging it in the event of sticky metal.

It aims at meeting the advanced technological needs of the customers, and it produces products or machines that are economically viable and environmentally friendly. It develops highly advanced machines and superior quality products which are also pocket friendly.

Over the years, iBELL has developed a strong customer base with its superior quality products and timely services. They produce a wide range of products such as machines, garden tools, power tools, paint tools, consumables. The brand has its research and development team, which aims at innovating something new and making the existing product better.

Highlighting features of iBELL welding machine:

  • It has a wide voltage input of 160V-250V with IGBT protection.
  • It provides overheat protection and power saving.
  • It is a compact size, highly portable, light-weighted machine.
  • It generates minimum noise while starting.
  • It is made for a long time effective use.
  • It has a versatile design, and it is convenient and safe.
  • It comes with LED indicating light for ON/OFF.

SHAKTI Welding Machine:

Shakti Weld is a company that produces and imports inverter welding machines. The organization has a strong, comprehensive, high-efficiency, and well-educated personnel, which includes well-experienced engineers and technicians.

The major aims of the company are as follows:

  • Cut down on the time and money you spend.
  • Make sure your experience meets our expectations.
  • Promote and maintain safe welding while extending machine life.

This brand has gained an excellent reputation for the following reasons:

  • Consistent and excellent quality.
  • Outstanding customer service.
  • The price is quite competitive.

Highlighting features of SHAKTI welding machine:

  • It has a current rating of 220 A.
  • It has an anti-stick function.
  • This brand provides IGBT machines.
  • It has arc force technology.
  • It gives a hot start and is safe to use.
  • It is easy to use and well designed.


In the market for welding equipment, there are a variety of brands to choose from. A customer has to determine which brand of welding machine to buy based on their needs, goals, and budget. The choice of a brand is based on a number of variables that must be considered before deciding on or finalizing a welding machine brand. Find your perfect match at Moglix, with amazing deals and offers.

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