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Seema Forged Brass High Pressure Gas Welding Torch with 6 Nozzles, SWT-4
  • Quality Assured Material

  • Isi Certified

Seema Forged Brass Nozzle Mixing Gas Cutting Torch, SCT-2
  • Die Forged Brass Body Makes Cutting Torch Safe & Leak

  • Suitable for Cutting of Metals

Seema Forged Brass Flowmeter for Argon & Carbon Dioxide Gas, S.FM
  • Die Forged Brass Body Makes Flow Meter Safe & Leak

  • Suitable for All Industrial Purposes Like Welding, Cutting, Heating &

Karam Helmet Mountable Welding Shield, ES 71
4.5 (6 Reviews)
By: Karam
₹62810% OFF
  • Equipped with A Flip Front Window That the User can

  • Has Adapter Clamps for Helmet Mounting & Adjustment Knobs for

Krost Mini 200 Professional Welding Technology Welding Inverter Machine. (Welding Holder)
  • The Krost Mini 200 is the Most Compact Welder in...

  • Light Weight

Fireweld P-80 Plasma Cutting Torch with Button Switch Red Handle Roller Guide & Spanner
  • 100% Brand New & High Quality Durable & Reliable to

  • Gives Welders an Comfortable Feeling During the Welding Job

Elephant Popular 25 Sqmm Copper Welding Cable, POP-25-10, Length: 10 m
  • Isi Marked

  • Fire Retardant

Arcon 5kg 2mm Mild Steel ER-70S-G TIG Welding Rod, ARC-1042
  • Hydrocarbon Free & Oil Free

  • Hydrocarbon Free & Oil Free

Arcon 5kg 2.5mm Stainless Steel 201 TIG Welding Rod, ARC-1105
  • Long Life & Durable

  • Hydrocarbon Free & Oil Free

Fireweld 50 Sqmm Aluminium Welding Cable, Length: 10m
  • Sunlight, Gas, Oil & Water Resistant

  • Made in India - Satisfaction Guaranteed, Suitable for Arc Welding...

Fireweld Welding Safety Face Shield/Eye Mask for ARC TIG MIG MAG Welding Machine and Plasma Cutter
  • Ultra-Wide Field of View can Observe the Surrounding Working Environment...

  • Anti-Arc Radiation, Arc Including Infrared, Ultraviolet, Visible Light, Block 99%

Arcon 5kg 3.15mm Stainless Steel 201 TIG Welding Rod, ARC-1106
  • Hydrocarbon Free & Oil Free

  • Long Life & Durable

Seema Standard Forged Brass Manual Gas Cutting Blowpipe with One Nozzle, SCT-1
  • Ergonomic Design

  • Quality Assured Material

Fireweld Welding Goggles/Safety Glasses for Men & Women
  • A Complete Seal Between your Face & the Environment

  • Compact Design & Stylish Look Allows Users to Weld in

Arcon 5kg 3.2mm Aluminium G1B TIG Welding Rod, ARC-1006
  • Hydrocarbon Free & Oil Free

  • Long Life & Durable

Arcon Head Screen Welding Helmet, ARC-3065
  • Polycarbonate Lens Ensures Greater Visibility & Longer Life

  • Used to Provide Protection to the Eyes, Ears, Face, Neck...

Fireweld GALAXY 16 Sqmm Copper Extra Flexible Welding Cable, Length: 10m
  • Sunlight, Gas, Oil & Water Resistant

  • Made of High Quality Material Which Makes Its Durable &

Fireweld 4 Pcs 10-25 mm³ Brass & Rubber Male & Female Welding Cable Joint Quick Connector Set
  • Corrosion Resistant

  • Constructed from High Quality Material

Johnson Tools Red Portable Gas Torch Gun
By: Johnson Tools
₹49927% OFF
  • Burner Tube: Made of Brass

  • Adjustable Flame Control & Ignition

Techno Tronics A-1 Black Solar Powered Auto Darkening Full Face Welding Helmet
  • Durable, Safe to Use, Auto On/Off, Protect Eyes, Face from

  • Noise Reduction: Yes

Johnson Tools 20cm Red Standard LPG Flamethrower Gun with Flat Handle, AGO-1P
  • Safe & Convenient, No Pollution & Stable Performance

Elephant Popular 35 Sqmm Copper Welding Cable, POP-35-20, Length: 20 m
  • Long Life & Durable Product

  • Quality Assured Material

Seema Forged Brass Flash Back Arrestors for Gas Pressure Regulators, S.FA-2
  • Stops Back Flow of Gas Hence Prevents Back Fire in

Gb Kore Arc Copper 16 Sqmm 10m Welding Cable
By: Gb Kore Arc
₹2,55018% OFF
  • Made of High Quality Material Which Makes Its Durable &

  • UV & Oil Resistant - Sunlight, Gas Oil & Water...

Arcon 1/32 PNM 3 Seat Gas Cutting Nozzle
By: Arcon
₹59213% OFF
iBELL E500T-GS 0.8mm Flux Cored Gasless Mild Steel Welding Wire
4.7 (7 Reviews)
By: Ibell
₹98035% OFF
  • The Wire is Specified with the Standard Aws/Sofa 5.20 E500T-Gs

  • Customer Care Number: 18001034090

Microweld 6013 ISI, IBR & BHEL Approved MS Welding Rod Box, Size: 3.15x350 mm
4.5 (2 Reviews)
By: Microweld
₹4,49931% OFF
  • Long Lasting Electrode That Delivers Excellent Results

  • High Level of Performance & Durability

Metal Arc MPH3 9lbs Magnetic Position Holder, 4100000101 (Pack of 5)
  • Heavy Duty Magnet

Omaxe 25 Sqmm Black Copper Welding Cable, Length: 10 m
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Omaxe
₹4,19325% OFF
  • ISI Marked

  • Flexible

Prima PVC Welding Helmet, PWH-03
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Prima
₹34525% OFF
  • Quality Assured Material

  • Sturdy Design

Microweld 6013 MS Welding Rod Box, Size: 4x450 mm
4.0 (10 Reviews)
By: Microweld
₹4,49920% OFF
  • High Level of Performance & Durability

  • Lightweight & Easy-To-Use Product

GSK Corporation 6Pcs Metal Mini Triangle Welding Magnet Set
By: Gsk Corporation
₹1,99954% OFF
  • Red Sprayed, Matte Surface, Non-slippery, Built For Hand-free Welding, Collision-repelling

Elephant Popular 50 Sqmm Copper Welding Cable, POP-50-20, Length: 20 m
Elephant Popular 70 Sqmm Copper Welding Cable, POP-70-20, Length: 20 m
Fireweld 30A Plastic 4-Pin Welding Machine Rocker Switch
  • Stable, Reliable & Long Service Life

  • Waterproof, Dustproof & Easy to Control the On-Off of Electric

Bosch 6m Black High Pressure Hose, F016800360
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Bosch
₹1,58017% OFF
  • Quick Connect Sds Fittings

  • Resists Twisting in Use

Arcon 5kg 1.6mm Stainless Steel 304L TIG Welding Rod, ARC-1113
  • Hydrocarbon Free & Oil Free

Fireweld Renault Gold Heavy Duty Brass CO2 Gas Pre-Heater
  • Easy Installation Between Co2 Cylinder & Regulator. Efficiently Radiates Heat

  • Solid Brass Rod Fittings for Inlet & Outlet Connections

Seema Big Forged Brass Gas Welding Torch with 2 Nozzles, SWT-1
  • Die Forged Brass Body

  • Isi Certified

Welding Accessories that would make a Welding Business Grow

Welding accessories are a necessity for anyone working in the welding industry. They can help you improve your welding process and make it easier to get the job done. Welding accessories include everything from gloves and helmets to torches and cables. Welding gloves protect your hands from the heat produced during the welding process, so they must be made from thick material that will not melt or burn. Some gloves even have ventilation holes to keep air flowing while you work.


Welding helmets are another essential accessory when working with hot metal and flames. A good welding helmet should be made from durable materials that protect against sparks or flying debris caused by grinding or cutting metal pieces together with a grinder or saw blade tool on-site during construction projects at home or work sites. They can be used to help with preparation, welding and cleaning up after welding.


Variety of Welding Accessories out In The Market

Electrodes: Electrodes are used in electroplating, a form of electrochemical corrosion. They are made from an inert metal or alloy, such as platinum or rhodium. These metals do not react with other materials, which means they won't cause any damage to the parts being worked. Electrodes are placed into a solution containing metal ions, and electricity is passed through them so that they become coated with the metal. This process is called plating, and it can be used to add a layer of metal to an object or remove one from it.


Electrode Holders: Electrode holders hold the electrodes during a treatment session. They help to ensure that the electrodes do not move during treatment, which can lead to discomfort and poor results. Electrode Holders come in various sizes and shapes to fit your needs. You can buy them in a box or one at a time. They come in plastic, metal, and wood. The plastic ones are less expensive but are not as durable as the metal ones. The wooden ones are more expensive than either, but they last longer than either. They do not conduct electricity as the plastic or metal ones do, so they are safe to use around children or pets who might be curious about what they see while you're working on an experiment with them present (or even if they aren't).


Welding Accessories Sets: Welding accessories sets are a great way to get you started in the world of welding. Whether new to the pastime or seeking to upgrade, a good set will equip you with everything you need to get started. Welding accessories are essential to the success of your project. We offer various welding accessories, including those necessary for a safe and successful welding project. Electrodes holders will ensure that you have the correct holder for your needs, whether using a stick or MIG welder.


Oxygen regulators: Oxygen regulators are used in several contexts to regulate oxygen gas flow. Oxygen Regulators can be used on scuba diving equipment, medical equipment, and more. Oxygen regulators control oxygen flow between a cylinder or another compressed gas source and a patient. These devices are often used in medical applications such as anesthesia and hyperbaric medicine. Oxygen regulators are designed to provide accurate and constant flow pressure adjustment. They are used in the medical, chemical, food, beverage, and semiconductor manufacturing industries.


Blow Pipes: Blowpipes are used to blow out smoke, dust, and other contaminants from a work area. Blowpipes are simple and can be connected to an air compressor or direct airline. Blowpipes come in various sizes and shapes, including straight-through, curved, and flexible models. Blowpipes are used to create oxygen for small propane torches, soldering irons, and other tools that require a source of oxygen. They are generally made of metal, with a rubber or silicone tube to connect the blowpipe to the torch. The blowpipe should be upright when not used, either in a stand or on its side.


Factors To Consider Before Selecting Welding Accessories

Welding accessories are the tools that you need to start a welding project. The accessories are required for making the wire, rods, and other materials used in welding. You should know the factors to consider before selecting welding accessories. Here are some of them:


The type of metal you are working with: The kind of metal you will be working with is an essential factor to consider when selecting welding accessories. Each metal requires a specific type of accessory; some metals are more difficult to work with than others. For instance, aluminium requires a different kind of torch than steel does. It is also vital to remember that certain materials are more difficult to cut and shape than others, so if you need to cut or shape metal, you should evaluate the difficulty before choosing equipment.


Skill level of the welder: The skill level of the welder is an essential factor to consider before selecting welding accessories. You should choose beginning accessories. They will help you learn how to use them properly and avoid any injuries resulting from misusing them. When choosing welding gear, you should also consider the scale of the job you are working. If you plan on using a lot of filler rods, then it would be best to purchase a supplement that holds a lot of rods at once so that you do not have to refill it often. It will save time and prevent accidents while filling the accessory while working on your project.


Safety and comfort: Safety and comfort are the two most important factors when selecting welding accessories. The safety of your equipment is paramount because it affects not only you but also those around you. A malfunctioning addition can cause harm to anyone who comes in contact with it, so it's essential to ensure that any accessory you buy is up to safety standards. When it comes to comfort, several factors should be considered. For example, how heavy is the addition? Does it fit well? Does it get too hot?


Top Brands Selling Welding Accessories on Moglix


ESAB Welding Accessories: ESAB Welding Accessories are a company that supplies the welding industry with high-quality products. They offer various accessories for different welding machines, including TIG, MIG, MMA, and SMAW. These accessories include welding helmets and masks, ground rods and clamps, gas hoses and nozzles, consumables and wire feeders. They also carry a variety of other items such as grinding discs, diamond blades and discs, and cutting discs. ESAB Welding Accessories provide its customers with both standard and custom products. They have over 40 years of experience supplying welders with quality parts at competitive prices.


Metal Arc Welding Accessories: Metal Arc Welding Accessories is a manufacturer of a wide range of welding accessories. They are committed to offering high-quality items at reasonable prices. They focus on helping welders get the job done faster and more efficiently. They have a wide range of products for all types of welding, including TIG and MIG welding. They offer accessories for stick and flux-cored arc welding and other speciality items for higher-end applications like submerged arc welding, high-frequency welding, laser beam welding, and more. Metal Arc Welding Accessories is the place to go if you seek the best metal arc welding supplies.


Ador Welding Welding Accessories: Ador Welding Welding Accessories is a subsidiary of the Ador Group, founded in 1951 and has been in business for over 60 years. Ador specialises in providing welding accessories to both professional and amateur welders. In addition to its wide selection of welding accessories, the company also offers training courses for those who wish to learn how to weld. Ador Welding manufactures all products under strict quality control standards. All items are made from high-quality materials and guaranteed against artistry or material defects. Ador Welding Welding Accessories is dedicated to offering customers the best possible service and products at affordable prices.


Arcon Welding Accessories: Arcon Welding Accessories is a family-owned business operating since 1970, offering various tools and accessories for welding equipment. It is a welding equipment and accessories distributor and has served customers throughout the United States for over 30 years. Their products are designed for all welding applications, including aluminium, stainless steel, carbon steel, and more. They pride itself on its commitment to customer satisfaction and have built its reputation on providing high-quality products at affordable prices.


Fireweld Welding Accessories: Fireweld Welding Accessories is a manufacturer of welding equipment and accessories. In addition to welding helmets and guns, they sell oxygen tanks, regulators, masks, and regulators. They also offer a variety of welding accessories such as curtains, gloves, aprons, and jackets. Their products are available online or through our network of distributors worldwide.

Shop the best Welding Accessories from Moglix!

Safety is always essential when welding, and many additional accessories are available to help you out. Check out these welding accessories and make the most of the best from Moglix! Moglix is the world's leading industrial goods supplier that supplies a wide range of welding accessories, including welding helmets, jackets, torches, welding electrodes, brazing rods and gas masks from brands like ACME, Boyar, Fuller, and BOC.