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Gas Regulators

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Choose Top-Notch Gas Regulators at Affordable Prices


gas regulator is a device that regulates gas pressure in a pipeline. It must inject the same quantity of gas into the pipelines that the load device extracts. In addition, it must keep the system pressure within safe parameters to avoid pipe bursts. It's essential to have a safe operating pressure for the appliance to operate appropriately and effectively, which is why different regulators are employed at various points along the gas pipeline.


Single-stage and two-stage regulators are the two most common forms of gas pressure controls. The pressure in a cylinder is lowered to the desired level for delivery or outlet use in a single stage using a pressure regulator. Two-stage pressure regulators provide two stages of pressure reduction to get the cylinder pressure down to an acceptable level. Since the effectiveness of each gas regulator is affected by its unique mechanical properties, selecting the right one for a given task requires careful consideration.


Different Types of Gas Regulators


Single-Stage Cylinder Regulator: They should not be put in a fixed plumbing system that includes RVs, modular housing, motor homes, or food service vehicles. Single-stage gas regulators are suitable for use with smaller outdoor cooking appliances like gas grills and BBQs.


Two Stage Regulators: They are more dependable than single-stage regulators because they require less servicing. They also have a first and second-stage LPG gas regulator, which controls the pressure twice and allows for a safer pressure drop. Twin-stage gas regulators are safer than single-stage ones. However, they must be installed vertically and never straight into an LPG cylinder.


Oxygen Regulators: The oxygen regulator is one of the most reliable gas regulators for controlling the flow of oxygen to a safe level for operating equipment and measuring devices. Single-stage and two stage oxygen regulators are the two most common types used for welding. The 540 CGA connection is standard on oxygen regulators. For a CGA-540 connection to work, both the male and female ends must have clockwise-rotating threads.


Nitrogen Regulator: Nitrogen regulators are some of the essential parts of many businesses. Every business that uses nitrogen cylinders needs to have them. These regulators keep the flow rate from a pressurised tank in check. It will slow down the flow of gas and get rid of any possible dangers. These nitrogen regulators are used in welding, labs, medicine, inflating rubber, and mining.


Carbon Di Oxide Regulator: Most of a co2 regulator is identical to an argon mig gas regulator. The Cylinder Fitting is the only Significant Difference. Another welding gas regulator has a female fitting on the cylinder and a male thread to fit into it. The CO2 regulator has a female fitting since Co2 cylinders have a male thread.


Acetylene Regulators: The welding gas regulator for Acetylene has a unique internal configuration since Acetylene cylinders are low-pressure devices. The average acetylene regulator has a 1.5 bar maximum delivery pressure.


Factors to Consider When Purchasing Gas Regulators


Features: It is usually enough to identify and specify the fluid & gas temperature range when dealing with common gases and liquids. A solution's strength, percentage composition, viscosity, and specific gravity are all things to think about while purchasing a gas regulator.


Pressure: Single-stage LPG gas regulators are frequently used for gases from low-pressure sources or in situations where a rise in delivery pressure or flow has little impact on the quality of the job. Otherwise, a dual-stage regulator is better if the operating pressure is challenging to alter often or is a crucial characteristic.


Flow: This information must be given explicitly so the valve can be appropriately sized to achieve the desired flow rate. In many cases, a smaller valve than the line it is placed in may be utilised to satisfy the need. Still, a bigger unit may be preferable when the flow capacity for a particular inlet/outlet pressure combination is approaching.


Connections: Confirming the kind of joint (threaded, flanged, clamp, etc.) and the applicable standard (BSP, NPT, PN16, PN40, ANSI 150RF, ANSI 300RF, ASME BPE, etc.) and the size (inches or metric DN) is essential while purchasing gas stove regulator fits without trouble if the input and outlet connections do not match. It was previously indicated that there are various standard connection ranges for gas regulators designed to be used with high-pressure cylinders.


Materials: Aluminium, brass, and 316 stainless steel are the most common materials for regulators. However, others may be offered. Compatible medium and working/ambient temperature ranges may influence elastomer selection.


Top Brands Selling Gas Regulators 


Yildiz Gas Regulator: Yildiz is one of the best gas regulator manufacturer brands in India and meets the demands of the public for domestic and industrial needs. Under rigorous supervision, they make the best gas regulators using an international quality control system for semi-manufactured and finished goods. They provide single-stage, twin-stage gas regulators, gas cutting torches, and gas stove, regulators. 


Seema  Gas Regulator: The Seema gas regulators make it easier for you to complete a wide range of difficult gas tasks. They provide gas regulators like single-phase or dual-phase oxygen, hydrogen, and argon regulators. They are pioneers in the gas business in creating portable regulators and cutting-edge, solution-based solutions that fulfil technical demands while also being completely safe and healthy. The Seema products are for industrial, fabrication, maritime, aviation, and motorsports use.


National  Gas Regulator: National offers cost-effective gas regulators with top-tier capabilities. They provide single-phase and dual-phase gas regulators. Their single-phase gas regulators have enduring excellence, high-level features, and flexibility characterising the apparatus. National LPG gas regulators have a brass finish for safety measurement. 


Gasco Gas Regulator: Gasco is a leader in producing LPG gas regulators. Their trademarks are quality, appearance, stability, durability, and availability. Gasco offers stainless steel and neoprene diaphragm in their gas regulators. 


Purchase Gas Regulators Online at Moglix


Gas regulators come in various shapes and sizes, depending on their primary purpose or the fluid they regulate. Moglix is a notable B2B e-commerce site that offers residential, mechanical, and industrial-grade items of exceptional quality and by consumer preferences. Major companies like National, Fireweld, Acron, and others provide meticulously crafted gas regulators available on the Moglix site, ready to be shipped to your door!

Frequently Asked Questions about Gas Regulators

Which gas regulator is used in home?

R-4408 is an alternative residential pressure regulator for natural gas. These pressure regulators may lower the working pressure from 0.5 to 5 bars to 21 mbar. Overpressure, underpressure, and a creep relief valve are all included into the R-4408 residential pressure regulator.

Where should a gas regulator be installed?

The regulator safety relief valve (vent opening) should be placed at least 5 feet away from any potential fire source, the opening into any appliance with a sealed combustion chamber, and the air intake for any mechanical ventilation system. Regulators are mechanical components that might deteriorate over time.

Gas Regulators - Price Range

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National Gas Regulators₹348₹598
Seema Gas Regulators₹949₹6962
Arcon Gas Regulators₹561₹1629
Yildiz Gas Regulators₹754₹65156
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