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ESAB Dura Argon Double Stage Regulator, 4330196510
  • Valve made of fire retardant polymer

  • Forged-cap spring

Gb Kore Arc Single Stage Argon Gas Pressure Regulator
4.2 (14 Reviews)
By: Gb Kore Arc
₹2,50043% OFF
  • Oxygen Safety Relief Valve is Set for Safe Operation

  • No Soldered Joints, for Easy Maintenance

ESAB Argon Flowmeter Regulator Single Stage Regulator, 4330173000
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Esab
₹5,2597% OFF
  • Important Safety Pressure Gauges Designed for 300 Bar Services Pressure,

  • Precise Regulation & Measurement of Gas Flow

Ador Welding King 25lpm Two Stage Argon Gas Regulator with Flow Gauge, S10.64.510.0059
  • Double Protection Through Separate Safety Valves & Second Stage Plenum...

  • Forged Brass Bonnet in First Stage & Die Cast Special

Moglix Insights

Top 3 price range of Argon Regulators

80% of users prefer Argon Regulators in price range of ₹1000-₹2000

10% of users prefer Argon Regulators in price range of ₹4000-₹5000

10% of users prefer Argon Regulators in price range of ₹7000-₹8000

Moglix Insights

Top 3 brands of Argon Regulators

80% of users prefer Argon Regulators of Fireweld brand

10% of users prefer Argon Regulators of ESAB brand

10% of users prefer Argon Regulators of Messer brand

Fireweld CRAFT Brass Argon Gas Pressure Regulator Flow Meter, AR650
  • It Does Not Use a Flowmeter Diaphragm, So it is

  • Argon Regulator is Designed for Professional Tig / Mig Welding

Ador Welding King 25lpm Single Stage Argon Gas Regulator with Flow Gauge, S10.64.510.0064
3.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Ador Welding
₹5,60313% OFF
  • Self-Adjusting Safety Valve

  • Side Inlet for Horizontal Cylinder Valve

Messer MS77051807 Gas Type: Argon Tornado Heavy Duty Pressure Regulator With Outlet Pressure Gauge
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Messer
₹5,2426% OFF
Messer MS77052018 Gas Type: Argon Tornado Heavy Duty Pressure Regulator With Outlet Flow Gauge
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Messer
₹5,3338% OFF

33% of users buy Argon Regulators in 25 lpm Flow Rate

Messer MS77053103 Tornado 300 Regulator Gas Type: Argon 250M3/ Hr 20 Bar Outlet
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Messer
₹24,3287% OFF
Messer Tornado Double Stage Regulator Gas Type Argon MS77052498
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Messer
₹9,3694% OFF
Seema 36.67lpm Forged Brass Single Stage New Model Argon Gas Pressure Regulator, S.S.DG.AR-4 (ISI Certified)
3.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Seema
₹3,39129% OFF
Messer MS77053952 Gas Type: Argon Tornado Lilliput Regulator
ESAB IAR 52B (2 Gauge) Argon Single Stage Regulator, 4330196320
  • Customer Care Number: 011-41427090 / 011-41427097

Seema 45lpm Forged Brass Two Stage Argon Gas Pressure Regulator, S.DS.AR-4 (ISI Certified)
5.0 (3 Reviews)
By: Seema
₹4,83129% OFF
Arcon A-2AR Double Gauge Argon Pressure Regulator, ARC-2005
5.0 (3 Reviews)
By: Arcon
₹4,50020% OFF
Seema 36.67lpm Forged Brass Single Stage Heavy Duty Argon Gas Pressure Regulator, S.S.DG.HD.AR-4 (ISI Certified)
Seema 45lpm Forged Brass Two Stage Durable Argon Gas Pressure Regulator, S.DS.DAR-4
Yildiz Pro 230-21 lpm Argon Pressure Regulator with Flow Gauge, 5340
Fireweld Multi Color Argon Gas Pressure Regulator Flow Meter for TIG Welder Machine
4.3 (15 Reviews)
By: Fireweld
Available on Request
  • High Quality & Calibrated Pressure Gauges Provide Accurate & Accurate

  • Neoprene & Rubber Bonded Diaphragm Cloth for Longer Life

Yildiz Euro 230-21 lpm Argon Pressure Regulator with Flow Gauge, 5240
Yildiz Star 230-21 lpm Argon & Mixed Gas Pressure Regulator with Flow Gauge, 5441
Messer MS77052128 Gas: Argon Tornado Cylinder Regulator Flow Meter RFM/B C
3.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Messer
Available on Request
Gasco 150bar Brass Single Stage Double Gauge Argon Gas Regulator, GAR-2E
4.4 (15 Reviews)
By: Gasco
Available on Request
  • Safe, Secure & No Gas Leakage

  • Constant Gas Flow

Gb Kore Arc 0-25lpm CGA-580 Argon Gas Regulator/Flowmeter
By: Gb Kore Arc
Available on Request
Yildiz Euro 230-30 lpm Argon Gas Pressure Regulator with Flow Meter, 5240F30
Yildiz Star 230-30 lpm Argon & Mixed Gas Pressure Regulator with Flow Meter, 5440F30
Fireweld Argon gas pressure regulator Flowm for TIG Welder Machine
Yildiz Euro 230-10 bar Argon Pressure Regulator, 5241
By: Yildiz
Available on Request
Ashco Argon Single Stage Heavy Duty Gas Welding Regulator
Fireweld 0-25lpm CGA-580 Copper Argon Gas Regulator Flow Meter
  • More Reliable & Indicated by a Ball Which Moves Up

Yildiz Eco 230-21 lpm Argon Pressure Regulator with Flow Gauge, 5740
Yildiz Heavy 230-21 lpm Argon Pressure Regulator with Flow Gauge, 5140

Argon Regulators - Precise Flow Control for Welding Applications

Argon regulators are devices installed on argon gas cylinders to control argon flow to welding torches reliably. These are commonly used in specialized welding processes like TIG and MIG welding. They reduce cylinder pressure to safer, consistent levels and allow adjusting flow rate via regulator knobs and gauges.

Proper argon flow is crucial for shielding welds from contamination. Argon regulators enable setting the optimal flow for the welding process and materials. This prevents defects so professionals can achieve strong welds efficiently.


Argon Regulator Types and Their Uses

There are a few main argon regulator designs used in welding:

Single-Stage Regulators

  • Economical basic regulators for light to medium-duty welding.
  • A single knob controls both pressure and flow rate.
  • Popular for DIY and hobby welding.


Two-Stage Regulators

  • Allow independent pressure and flow adjustment via two knobs.
  • Preferred for critical professional welding applications that require very precise gas control.


Pipeline Regulators

  • Designed for high-volume argon usage directly from large cylinder bundles.
  • Provide consistent high-capacity flow ideal for production environments.


Mini Regulators

  • Compact and lightweight regulators designed for portability with small cylinders.
  • Makes argon welding practical anywhere.


Integrated TIG Torches

  • Special TIG torches with a built-in regulator in the torch handle for adjustable gas flow control in one unit.
  • It also offers welding convenience.

Key Considerations for Choosing an Argon Regulator

  • Flow Rate Capacity: Match the maximum flow rate to your torch tip sizes and welding amperage levels.
  • Pressure Gauges: Dual pressure gauges allow monitoring of both cylinder and working pressure for optimal control.
  • Number of Stages: Single or two-stage regulators for basic or precise professional welding flow control.
  • Durability: Rugged brass and stainless steel construction withstands workshop conditions.
  • Torch Connections: CGA 580 is standard. Verify regulator has perfect torch compatibility.
  • Portability: Mini regulators and integrated torch regulators provide portability for fieldwork.


Reliable Argon Regulator Brands

ESAB Argon Regulators

  • ESAB is a leading welding equipment manufacturer known for innovative, premium regulators trusted for critical applications.
  • They offer two-stage, single-stage, miniature, and other regulator designs to suit any professional welding need.
  • Their argon flow meters and organ regulators come up to 10 years of guarantee. 


Fireweld Argon Regulators

  • Fireweld specializes in high-quality regulators engineered for performance and durability, even under continuous use.
  • Their two-stage and single-stage regulators provide accurate flow control that skilled welders rely on. Ther


Yildiz Argon Regulators

  • Yildiz regulators are built to last through years of heavy industrial use.
  • Their argon, CO2, and multi-gas regulators have precision machined parts that provide consistent, smooth gas flow for high-quality welds.

Why Choose Moglix for Your Argon Regulator

A suitable argon regulator optimizes your welding results. Precision two-stage regulators allow better flow adjustments for experienced welders. Top brands like ESAB and Fireweld offer the features and reliability professional welding demands.

As a major supplier of welding equipment, Moglix provides access to a wide selection of argon gas regulators and tig welding regulators from the best brands. So, invest in an argon regulator you can trust for accuracy and repeatable high-quality welds.


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