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ESAB Dura Oxygen 0-10 Double Stage Regulator, 4330180300
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Esab
₹7,6185% OFF
  • Longer life

  • Fire-retardant valve material

Messer MS77051868 Gas: Oxygen Tornado Pressure Regulator R/B O 200/10
Arcon A-20X Double Gauge Oxygen Pressure Regulator Gas Cutting Set, ARC-2003
  • High Quality & Calibrated Pressure Gauges Give Precise & Accurate

  • Metal Filter at Inlet Connection Restricts the Passage of Dust

ESAB IOX 63B Oxygen Double Stage Regulator, 4330187200
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Esab
₹5,83815% OFF
  • Much bigger plenum chamber ensures steady flow of gas

  • Inlet filter

ESAB IOX 14 (High Flow) Oxygen Single Stage Regulator, 4330192000
  • Customer Care Number: 011-41427090 / 011-41427097

ESAB IOX 13C (1 Gauge) Oxygen Single Stage Regulator, 4330196400
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Esab
₹3,8921% OFF
  • Customer Care Number: 011-41427090 / 011-41427097

Arcon A-Tox Two Stage Oxygen Regulator, ARC-2021
  • ISI Approved

  • Made from Forged Brass

Messer Gas Oxygen O2 Regulators Tornado
  • Durable & Safety: Forged brass body and housing cap Fire-retardant

  • Safety pressure gauge acc. to DIN EN ISO 5171

Ador Welding King 1000lpm Two Stage Oxygen Regulator with Two Gauges, S10.64.510.0058
  • Double Protection Through Separate Safety Valves & Second Stage Plenum...

  • Triple Filter & Distinctive Colour for Bonnet, Pressure Gauge &

Ador Welding King 1000lpm Single Stage Oxygen Regulator with Two Gauges, S10.64.510.0056
  • Self-Adjusting Safety Valve

  • Unique Profile Rubber Diaphragm

ESAB IOX 13B (2 Gauge) Oxygen Single Stage Regulator, 4330196300
4.5 (2 Reviews)
By: Esab
₹4,30613% OFF
  • Customer Care Number: 011-41427090 / 011-41427097

Fireweld Single Stage Double Gauge Oxygen Gas Pressure Regulator
Messer MS71705344 Constant 2000 Cylinder Pressure Regulator Oxygen Pressure 200/ 50 bar
Krost Industrial Weld Craft Industrial Oxygen Regulator
Messer MS77053037 Tornado 300 Regulator Gas Type: Oxygen 250M3/ Hr 20 Bar Outlet
HMP 1000lpm Brass Double Stage Double Gauge Oxygen Regulator, 49-OX
Arcon A-1OX Single Gauge Oxygen Pressure Regulator, ARC-2001
Messer Pressure Regulator Gas Type Oxygen MS77021059
HMP 1400lpm Single Stage Double Gauge High Flow Oxygen Regulator, HOX-12
HMP 900lpm Brass Single Stage Double Gauge Oxygen Regulator, 100-D-OX
HMP 750lpm Brass Single Stage Single Gauge Oxygen Regulator, 100-S-OX
Sharpcut SHA-2006 High Pressure Oxygen Regulator
By: Sharpcut
Available on Request
  • The Working Pressure Can be see by Pressure Adjusting Key

  • Forged Brass Body Rod

Ashco Oxygen Single Stage Heavy Duty Gas Welding Regulator
Prince Single Stage & Gauge Low Pressure Oxygen Regulator
  • Automation Grade: Semi-Automatic

Kiran Double Stage Oxygen Pressure Regulator
WELDTECH Cylinder Key Oxygen (Pack of 5)
By: Weldtech
Available on Request
  • An all in One Key For Cylinder Bolt and Regulator

Kiran Single Stage Oxygen Pressure Regulator

Adjust the Pressure of Oxygen with Affordable Oxygen Regulators Online

Oxygen regulator is the safest means to reduce or maintain the constant gas flows to a workable level for operating equipment and instruments. Regulators are mainly of two types- single stage and double stage. Based on your requirement you can buy any of these and both single and double stage regulators have many variants to meet the requirement in an industry or at your workplace. You can adjust the output of O2 regulators from 0 to 25 liters per minute, depending on your requirement. Industrial oxygen regulators can reach a higher oxygen flow of 15 liters per minute. You can opt for the best oxygen regulators online at the most reasonable rates.

Difference between Single-Stage and Dual-Stage Regulators

Let’s understand the difference between two types of regulators-

Single-stage Regulators- These regulators reduce pressure in one step to generate pressure within a specified range. Regulators will display an insignificant variation in delivery pressure as the cylinder pressure decreases when in use. Due to this, these regulators are most suitable in which a constant outlet pressure is not vital.

Dual-stage Regulators- They perform the same function as single-stage regulators; however, delivery pressure remains constant as the cylinder pressure decreases. The reduction of pressure is achieved in two steps; hence heightened accuracy pressure control is maintained. These regulators are recommended for applications that require a constant outlet pressure for the life of an oxygen cylinder.

Buy Best Brands of Oxygen Regulators Online At Reasonable Price

Shop online at moglix.com and get access to the best in class oxygen regulators. We bring the best assortment of brands at a very affordable range of prices. Some top brands of oxygen regulators are -

Ador Welding- This is an industrial manufacturing company headquartered in Mumbai. They manufacture the best quality oxygen regulators, and we are offering the Ador Welding oxygen regulators at the best price.

Weldtech- They are full line welding and industrial oxygen regulator distributors. We have the best assortment of their products.

ESAB- They are the largest manufacturer of standard welding equipment, consumables, and oxygen regulators. Get their products at the best price from Moglix.

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Moglix offers the best range of oxygen regulators. From ultra-high purity and high-pressure flow, lower pressures, and special purpose, our regulators are designed to meet your most demanding application needs. The products we are offering are manufactured of the best quality materials so; you can stay assured to have the best product at your doorsteps.

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