Top Mi Laptops and their unique specifications

Top Mi Laptops and their unique specifications

After rocking the smartphone world and entering the television market now Xiaomi has entered the laptop space, since the Chinese giant is known to offer good performance for great value for money we can expect the same from Xiaomi's new range of laptops. Xiaomi is offering a range of notebooks like the Mi Notebook 14, notebook air, Xiaomi Redmi G, etc under the Mi and Redmi brand tags.

Top MI Laptops and their unique specifications:

Mi Notebook 14

The latest Mi 14 model from the Mi laptop series of notebooks is something that you will get when great design meets great engineering. The notebook has been crafted with such elegance and workmanship that you cannot stop praising it.

The Mi notebook weighs just around 1.5 kg and comes with an all-metal body that weighs only 17.9mm thin which gives the notebook an overall sturdy and slim look.

Furthermore, it comes with a 14-inch Full anti-glare display and the screen of the notebook has been designed to provide ultimate experience for movie watchers and gaming enthusiasts. Since the laptop comes up with an anti glare it makes work from home and e-learning sessions pleasing and less strenuous to the eyesight.

Whether it's attending online lectures, working through pages of spreadsheets, or watching your favorite HD movies the i3-10110U Cometlake processor can handle all that and much more without slowing down a bit.

With the built-in Intel Ultra HD Graphics 620, you can immerse yourself in your favorite games and get the performance you always deserved. As this notebook comes with a 256GB SATA 3 SSD you will be able to store all your projects, videos, photos in one place.

As the laptop comes with a 46 Wh battery it will be able to retain its charge for up to 10 hours under normal usage and one of the unique features of the laptops is that with the help of the Mi band users will be able to unlock their laptop.

MI Notebook 14 Horizon

A perfect combination of performance and elegance. That's what Mi Notebook 14 Horizon stands for. The bezels of the laptop have been designed to maximize the users viewing experience to maximum. With the Mi Notebook 14 Horizon weighs just 1.35 kg so that you never have to compromise portability for performance.

The Notebook 14 Horizon is basically a productivity powerhouse, supported with the 10th Gen Intel i7 processor, which is 16% better than the previous generations. Higher clock speed and multi-core performance multitasking, photo-editing, playing HD games becomes a breeze with these systems.

You don't have to play the waiting game with the new Notebook 14 Horizon as it comes with an NVIDIA Geforce MX350 that can handle anything you throw at it. With a 512 GB NVMe SSD under the hood, Mi Notebook offers 5 times faster transfer speeds, bootups and will give you an overall smoother experience compared to the previous generation of SATA SSD.

This laptop also comes with the new scissor-switch keyboard which has been designed for smoother typing experience. With a 65w charger and 46hour battery, you will be able to get from 0 to 50% charge in under just a few minutes.

Mi Gaming Laptop

Redmi has shocked the gaming world with the launch of their new Mi gaming laptop, The Redmi G. This is the first gaming laptop by Xiaomi under the Redmi brand.

The Redmi Gs comes with a mecha design with 3D laser engraving on the lid that speaks out loud about the gaming hardware waiting for you under the hood. The Mi gaming laptops come with narrow bezels on all 3 sides with a 144hz refresh rate that makes playing games as smooth as it can get.

The Xiaomi Redmi G comes with a full size backlit keyboard, so whether its jotting down points for as part of your online lectures or playing your favorite games, a smooth and comfortable experience is guaranteed. Intel Core, i7 7700HQ processor, multi-core processors and higher clock speeds are a few attributes to add.

The laptop comes up with a 55Whour battery which will last up to 6hours with normal usage and web surfing and 4 hours if you are streaming videos online. And finally, like any gaming laptop the Redmi G also comes with a powerful graphic card, NVIDIA GTX 1650 to give the users the best gaming experience. Since the laptop comes up with 16GB DDR4 RAM that allows you to run any of your favorite games without any hiccups.

Mi Notebook Air

Sleek and stylish, the Mi Notebook Air has an ultra-light, ultra-thin full metal-encased body. A highly sophisticated motherboard with a powerful processor makes these systems more powerful. The laptop comes in 2 variants 12.5 inch and 13.3 inch making them easy to carry around.

The quote HD that makes a difference becomes evident after you see the screen clarity of this Mi notebook. With a resolution up to 1920x1080p the screen clarity will look 1.8x clearer than any desktop monitor. And with the display being also fully laminated effects of glare are reduced making it an ideal notebook for both indoor and outdoor usage.

The notebook carries a 6th Gen Intel Core i5 processor that can easily handle anything from playing games to editing videos with relative ease. With the 6th generation, Intel Core i5 processor inside the laptops power consumption has been significantly reduced.

With these notebooks you will never face any battery issues, the notebook comes out with a higher energy density battery of up to 578Wh/l which can give you a run time of around 9.5hours under normal usages. And with the 1C fast charging technology, you can charge it up to 50% in under 30 min max which makes it the ideal notebook to carry around in when you are on the road.

Whether you are listening to your favorite tunes or watching your favorite flick sound quality really matters. The notebook is a real treat for lovers of good sound as it comes with both Dolby audio premium and AKG acoustic speakers.

A laptop that comes with such great features cant be lagging when it comes to the gaming department, the Mi notebook air comes with an NVIDIA Geforce 940MX that has been made to process graphics and 3d games better.