Top multimeter brands in India

Top multimeter brands in India

A Multimeter is an absolutely essential tool to have if you're dealing with electrical and power equipment where one must measure the supply of power on a consistent basis. The multimeter readings indicate the status of your project, whether the supply of power is adequate and the project is going as planned or vice-versa. Indian manufacturers sell multimeters in numerous forms through numerous brands and sometimes choosing one can be confusing.

A good multimeter must consist of some qualities that we will discuss. Whilst choosing a good multimeter, you must look at whether it is a digital or analogue multimeter, both have different purposes, analog multimeters are more sensitive to change and have a pointer for increased accuracy. Digital multimeters have an LCD interface that most people prefer. Another important thing to check is the range of the multimeter, that is, the multimeter must recognise the quantity that you are measuring automatically and give accurate readings. A frequency measurement option and a temperature measurement option would also be some features that could come in handy from time to time.

Top Multimeter brands in India:

Mextech Multimeter

A mextech multimeter is a great choice for buyers as these multimeters are durable, compact and made out of sturdy premium materials. The LCD has a bright and vibrant display which makes readings and range accuracy clear and easy to use. The mextech multimeter is made out of ABS quality plastic that makes it shockproof and durable for uses even in harsh conditions.

The multimeter is built for smooth and flawless performance and delivers excellent usability. With easy to use controls and a brilliant display, the mextech multimeters is for users who value performance and value for money. Mextech offers amazing build quality, high-efficiency performance, lightweight designs and starts at merely 1,000 rupees, making it a great buy.

HTC multimeter

A HTC multimeter is another excellent choice for users looking for smaller build multimeters that are pocket friendly but pack all of the adequate features. Htc multimeter is known for delivering highly-accurate results and its range and frequency is considered to be more accurate than most multimeters on the market.

With an amazing build, the durable plastic materials make it a product that feels premium and compact to hold and this makes it a rather perfect buy for home-owners looking to measure the supply of power in their homes/offices or buildings.

The performance of the HTC multimeter is also known to be exceptional as the display is extremely bright and makes the readings easy to interpret, making it a great display for even beginners. The easy usability matched with the great performance and the compact build makes it an excellent buy for home-owners and people looking to buy pocket-friendly multimeters.

Mastech Multimeters

Mastech Multimeters are an incredibly popular choice when looking at the market to buy multimeters. Mastech multimeters are great electronic devices that are designed stylishly and bring out the aesthetics of the product. The vibrant LCD display makes reading data fast and easy.

The multimeter can be used to measure voltage, current, resistance, etc and has a highly reliable and stable handle. The product offers an interesting feature, the Mastech multimeter has backlighting that allows users to read data even in the dark that could make it a crucial appliance to use during electrical surges or power outages.

The product comes in vibrant colours and is made out of a sturdy plastic material that gives it a premium and durable feel. Being one of the most popular digital multimeters, Mastech Multimeters start at merely 1,000 rupees and are a great buy.

Meco Multimeters

Meco multimeters are more advanced multimeters than the ones we've discussed till now. Meco multimeters are made out of polypropylene that gives it an incredibly sturdy and premium in-hand feeling, it also ensures that the multimeter is durable and stable to hold and measure readings. The display is a digital LCD that has a rather bright and contrasting look to it making reading data incredibly rapid.

The Meco multimeter specialises in Current measurement, voltage measurement, resistance measurement, capacitance measurement and temperature measurement. These are the key primary features that distinguish it from most basic multimeters.

The count reading is also 4000, which is almost double most basic multimeters. With an amazing build quality, accurate readings and such versatile features, this Meco multimeter makes it to the top of the list as a great multimeter to buy!

Metravi Multimeters

Made out of Polypropylene, Metravi multimeters are made out of premium and sturdy materials giving them a rather premium and durable look and feel. The display is LCD and is bright enough for rapid readings and fast results, the number of counts for this Metravi Multimeters is 6,000 which is present in the Metrosafe-10 variant. Coming in different colours and styles, there are a lot of variations and options that Metravi multimeters come in the market.

Some brilliant features that are present in Metravi multimeters are the auto backlighting feature, Auto power-off feature and the low battery indication, these features make the usability of the product rather

very convenient for first-time users and even regular users who use it on a daily basis.

The multimeter is also capable of diode and continuity testing, transistor testing, temperature testing from -40 degrees to 1,000 degrees Celsius, making this a unique and great choice for buyers.

Motwane Multimeter

The Motwane multimeter is an economy range general purpose average digital multimeter that comes with auto-ranging with a large LCD display that is incredibly vibrant and makes reading data easy and rapid, automatic polarity and low battery indication are two other features that make this product such a great buy.

It has AC voltage up to 750V and DC voltage up to 1000V with the input impedance of 6M in manual mode and AC/DC current measurement up to 10A with microamperes range present, resistance measurement up to 32M and capacitance measurement up to 32 with continuity and diode measurement functions.

This ensures the viability of the product making it an efficient and accurate product that has several uses, both in the personal and professional capacity. It has CE CAT II 600V certified for safety. Weighing just 400 grams, this product is compact and designed well for durability and great usability making this a brilliant choice for people looking to buy a great multimeter.

Aneng Multimeters

Aneng multimeters offer an extremely feature packet range of multimeters, offering an LCD display with a max display of 9999 counts, it is extremely accurate, resulting in rapid and fast results. Backlighting, Relative measurement, Data hold, polarity indication and low voltage indication are some other awesome features that are portrayed in this Aneng multimeter that allows it to be the best in its category at extremely competitive prices.

Also offering 500V protection in resistance, capacitance and frequency ranges, this Aneng multimeter really has all the features that can be expected from the multimeter. Made out of sturdy plastic and standard sizing, this is fit for all sizes and can be used in personal and professional capacities. Making this a brilliant buy for its category of multimeters.

Sanwa Multimeters

Sanwa multimeters are one of the most widely used multimeters as general measurement tools in schools, labs, factories and other social fields. The Sanwa Multimeter is a high capacity portable multimeter designed for the measurement of low-voltage circuits, which is why it is used so widely for practices and educational purposes.

The Sanwa multimeter is perfect for small communications equipment, home electrical appliances, the voltage of lump line and measurement of various battery types. Made out of premium materials, this multimeter has a compact general feeling to it.

Auto power off and low battery indication are also there for convenience purposes making this an incredibly popular choice, it also features a solid and protective body cover that can be used as a tilt stand and chip holder behind the body cover.