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Buy Highly Efficient Fog Lights at Economical Rates 

Fog lights are intended to improve visibility when poor weather makes it difficult to see the road ahead. Given that they are situated lower on the front of the automobile than the headlights, front fog lights can see through the mist, fog, rain, and even dust. In order to warn other drivers of your presence through fog and mist, rear fog lights use extremely brilliant bulbs. When visibility is compromised, such as when it snows or there is a lot of fog or mist obscuring the road ahead, fog lights come in handy. They can be useful when the highway is heavily sprayed. We feature good quality LED fog lights from highly reputed brands such as JBRIDERZ, Autogold, AllExtreme, Autolane and many more.


Features to Consider Before Buying Durable Fog Lights for Bike

Colour- The ideal colour for fog lights is frequently the subject of heated discussions. The vast majority of producers continue to use "selected yellow," which in theory has the longer wavelengths necessary to pierce deeper into a wall of fog. This is the reason why many fog light products, particularly those using halogen and led bulbs, have a yellowish tint.


Mounting Spot - The majority of fog light fixtures are mounted low on a car, far lower than regular headlights. This makes it simpler to shine a direct light on the road without shining light directly into the fog. Even better, a lower angle complements the headlights, preventing needless overlap between your regular lights and lights explicitly designed for fog.


Right Alignment - Before using your own fog lights, you must get them properly directed if you installed them yourself. In addition to the design and placement of the lights, the illumination angle will affect how much of the light output illuminates the road as opposed to the fog in front of it. A low angle will only illuminate the area just in front of the bumper; you can't have them pointed straight ahead since too much light would escape.


Brand - The brand is an important consideration because it might affect the quality of the things you obtain. When you buy from a well-known and established firm, you can be confident that you will receive high-quality and expedient customer service whenever the need arises.


Budget - There will always be a best in class option within your price range, but you must do your research and choose one made by a reputable firm, with dependable parts and an extended warranty duration.


Top Brands Selling High Quality LED Fog Lights

JBRIDERZ Fog Lights - All products created under the renowned brand JBRIDERZ are constructed with premium components and adhere to all rules and requirements set by the relevant industry. They are respected as a result, and a big user base favours their fog lights for bikes. LED fog lights from JBRIDERZ are the best choice for secure nighttime mobility. They are simple to use and available in a variety of sizes and forms.


Autogold Fog Lights - One of the top manufacturers of LED fog lights is Autogold. They are dependable and appropriate for all bikes and cars. It is a great option for those looking for high-quality, affordable fog lights. Autogold fog lights for bikes are created using premium components and cutting-edge production techniques to ensure that they meet the standards of this incredibly strict industry.


AllExtreme Fog Lights -Excellent performance, gorgeous designs, and effective fog bike lights are all provided by AllExtreme. Their designs are straightforward, secure, and user-friendly. Their resources are from the most reputable and authorised sources. Because of its strength and effectiveness, AllExtreme fog lights for cars are appropriate for usage in extreme darkness.


Autolane Fog Lights - High-end, top-notch fog lights for cars are available from Autolane. They are built of high-quality materials and offer enough riding protection. The fog lights from Autolane are strong, long-lasting, and reasonably priced. They are portable and light.


Philips Fog Lights - A reputable supplier of LED fog lights is Philips. Each Philips fog light is made using premium components and modern manufacturing processes. The supplies are bought from the most reputable and authorised vendors following a thorough market analysis. They sell fog lights for cars and bikes that are reasonably priced, durable, and attractive.


We also offer fog lights from other renowned brands such as Amar, Auto Hub, Hella, A4S, Andride and Lumax. 


Choose Efficient Fog Lights for Cars at Moglix

If you're looking for tough, effective fog lights, you've come to the right spot. A leading e-commerce brand in the nation, Moglix, offers fog lights for cars and bikes from premium manufacturers. This online portal provides a satisfying overall experience, whether it is premium goods, remarkable savings, or a simple online shopping process. You can screen through the products effortlessly and comfortably thanks to Moglix's user-friendly software. Thanks to the easy navigation, customers can compare the costs and characteristics of several manufacturers before deciding on one. Additionally, Moglix offers unique discounts on large purchase orders at discounted rates. Here you may find branded LED fog lights at the lowest costs. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Fog Lights

When should I use fog lights?

According to the Highway Code, fog lights should only be utilised when visibility is less than 100 metres (328 feet), or about the length of a football field, in the fog (rule 226). When driving, failing to use your fog lights when necessary, could endanger your safety and the safety of those around you.

Are fog lights good for night driving?

Everyday visibility problems are made worse by low light or at night. Because of this, most cars also have a fog light system in addition to the standard headlights. Fog lights, which are more effective at cutting through the fog than headlights are actually quite useful when travelling in hazardous situations.

Fog Lights - Price Range

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Autogold Fog Lights₹595₹2858
JBRIDERZ Fog Lights₹149₹1099
Love4ride Fog Lights₹214₹862
Andride Fog Lights₹399₹1033
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