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Remember that ugly yellow-emitting stock halogen headlamps that every automobile used to have earlier? A beautiful bright white light has replaced those lights and they are known as HID light bulbs. These bulbs come from high-intensity discharge bulbs. With the advancement in technologies, the world is gifted with longer lasting and much better lights. Light bulbs HID are hitting the market really fast as they are more efficient than halogen bulbs. They are enclosed tubes which are filled with gases, an electrode at each end, and an electric current.

Types of Light Bulbs HID

Single Beam: Single beam HID light bulbs either emit high beam or low beam. So, if you need one bulb for high beams and one for low beams, it means your vehicle has a single beam HID light bulb.

Dual Beam: Dual beam HID light bulbs converts the low beam into xenon light. The high beam remains as standard halogen. So, if a single bulb is used for both low and high beams, then you need a dual beam HID light bulb.

Advantages of HID Light Bulbs

  • A larger spectrum of visibility while driving
  • A longer lasting life than halogen bulbs
  • Saves money
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy on the electrical system and the battery
  • More attractive and cleaner
  • Offer a classy look

Get Supreme Quality Light Bulbs HID

Explore our wide range of reliable and environment-friendly HID light bulbs, HID conversion kits and HID lamps from highly reputed brands like Osram. They are suitable for the automobile industry as well as for homes. Moglix offers attractive discounts and deals for the utmost satisfaction of the customers. So, if you are also jealous of those bright white lights on the road, then its time to replace your outdated ones. These latest technology-equipped high-quality light bulbs are durable and run from 16-18 hours a day.

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