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Ingco HPWR14008 1400W 130 bar High Pressure Washer
4.8 (6 Reviews)
By: Ingco
₹18,99972% OFF
  • High Pressure Washer

  • Carbon Brush Motor

Bosch Universal Aquatak 125 1500W Green High Car & Bike Pressure Washer, MX-06008A7AF0
4.7 (3 Reviews)
By: Bosch
₹17,49939% OFF
  • High-Pressure Detergent Accessory for Faster Application of Detergent

  • New 3-In-1 Nozzle with Pencil Jet, Giving 10% Improvement in

Turkish 1800W Heavy Duty Electric Car Pressure Washer, PW-RS2
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Turkish
₹9,85242% OFF
  • 1800WMax Powerful Copper Motor & with Max Flow Rate 7L/Min...

  • High Performance Copper Motor with Metal Gears & Pump &

V-Guard Hyper Wash 1590 1500W 140bar Car High Pressure Washer
  • Durable Quality

  • Ease of Storing

Neptune 120W Portable Double Water Pump High Pressure Washer Kit for Car Washing, Pets Showering, Window Cleaning & Watering, PBS-13 Plus
  • Multi-Purpose, Easy to Install, Save Time, Energy, Water Inlet Use

  • Safety, Mini & Portable: DC 12 V Power Supply, No

KPT KPW1400N 1800W 140Bar Blue Car Pressure Washer
  • Ease of Storing

  • Durable Quality

Elephant CC-280 1.3kW 60bar High Pressure Washer
By: Elephant
₹18,00031% OFF
  • This is an Accessory for Black+Decker Multi-Evo Drill

  • Package Contents: Black+Decker Multi-Evo Multi-Tool Inflator Attachment

Mecano Smart-1500 1500W Black & Orange Car Pressure Washer
  • Spray with Adjustable Nozzle

  • Universal Motor

Elephant V2S 2.2kW 180bar High Pressure Washer
By: Elephant
₹9,50026% OFF
  • Durable Quality

  • Ease of Storing

Fieldstar SL-DP16 12V High Pressure Vehiclash Car Washer Kit
  • Easy to Use

  • Water Pipe Easily Connected with the Water Gun

Mecano Smart1900 1900W Plastic Black & Grey High Pressure Washer for Cars, Bikes & Home Cleaning Purpose
  • Multipurpose Essential, Auto Stop Function, Induction Motor & Spray Gun

iBELL WIND30 1550W Black & Orange High Pressure Washer for Cars, Bikes & Home Cleaning Purpose
  • Quick-Connect Fittings help You Save Time while Changing Nozzles, Integrated

  • Helps You do a Quick & Efficient Cleaning Job

iBELL Wind-79 Pro 1900W Black & Orange Pressure Washer
  • Long Life Aluminium Pump

  • Spray with Adjustable Nozzle

Ingco HPWR12008 1200W High Pressure Washer with Aluminium Wire Motor & Auto Stop System
  • 1 Set Unique Design Spray Gun

  • Auto Stop System

Akari APT-CW-03 2300W Portable High Pressure Electric Car Washer
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Akari
₹11,00037% OFF
  • Most Versatile & Innovative Electric Pressure Washer

  • For Any Outdoor Cleaning

iBELL IBLDR 1550W 3 in 1 Electric Pressure Washer with Blower
  • Total Stop System (TSS), Self-Suction Function, Big Capacity Dust Cup

  • Combined Functions on Switch & Easy to Control

iBELL Wind-55 1600W Black & Orange Car Pressure Washer
  • Spray with Adjustable Nozzle

  • Long Life Aluminium Pump

Akari APT-CW-03-FG23 2300W Portable High Pressure Washer with Foam Gun
  • The Power Source is Corded Electric

  • The Product Are Detailed to Perfection

iBELL Wind-66 1400W Black & Orange Car Pressure Washer
  • Hose Length & Power Cord : 5 m Wheeled Chassis

  • Comfortable Sturdy Wheels & Quick Connect Fitting

Mecano Hydrojet 1600W Black & Grey Car Pressure Washer
  • Spray with Adjustable Nozzle

  • Wheeled Chassis for Easy Movement

Fieldstar Boston SL-DP-16 Black High Pressure Car Wash Kit, 9890
  • Easy to Use

  • Designed & Convenient to Grip Ergonomic Water Gun

iBELL NANOJET 1500W Orange High Pressure Washer for Cars, Bikes & Home Cleaning Purpose
  • Helps You do a Quick & Efficient Cleaning Job

  • Designed for a Wide Variety of Cleaning Jobs, Easy-Fold Handle

Usha Jet Wash 080 High Pressure Washer
By: Usha
₹8,7104% OFF
  • Easy Clean

  • Max. Pressure: 110 Bar

Btali Proline BT 2500 HPW 4000W 250bar High Pressure Washer
  • Auto Stop

  • Easy Movable Trolley

iBELL Wind-300 3000W Black & Orange Car Pressure Washer
  • Spray with Adjustable Nozzle

  • Long Life Aluminium Pump

Karcher K2 Horizontal 110 bar High Pressure Washer
By: Karcher
₹11,10029% OFF
  • Quick to Connect to the Spray Gun

  • Integrated Accessory Storage

Turkish by Metro TM-RS2 1800W 100bar Heavy Duty Electric High Pressure Washer Machine
  • Better Performance

  • Autostop, Self-intake Function, Pressure Gauge, Variably Adjustable Fan Spray Lance,

Vantro X5 2300W High Pressure Washer with Induction Motor & 150 Bar
  • Over Heat Protection, Copper Induction Motor, Powerful PCB, Advanced Engineering

  • Dual Purpose Suction, Total Stop System Technology & Noise-Less Operation

Dongcheng 1600W 16L Car Pressure Washer, DQW5.5/7
By: Dongcheng
₹10,00019% OFF
  • Low-Noise Operation & Autostop Technology Switches

  • Venturi System, Self-Intake Function, Pressure Gauge, Variably Adjustable Fan Spray

Makute 2000W 135 Bar Blue High Pressure Car Washer, HPW004
  • Easy to Install

  • Venturi System, Autostop, Self-Intake Function, Pressure Gauge, Variably Adjustable Fan

Karcher K2 Power VPS KAP 100 bar High Pressure Washer
By: Karcher
₹20,10017% OFF
  • 0.45 m long Extension Lance & Ideal for Use in

  • Ideal for Cleaning Close-by & Hard-to-reach Areas

Mecano Smart 1800 1800W 140 Bar Black & Grey High Pressure Washer for Cars, Bikes & Home Cleaning Purpose
  • Auto Stop Function for Prolonged Motor Life

  • Wheeled Chassis for Easy Movement

iBELL Microjet 1700W Black & Orange Car Pressure Washer
  • Spray with Adjustable Nozzle

  • Shock Insulated Plastic Body & Small in Size

Neptune PW-1000FX 1.3kW Portable Car Washer
By: Neptune
₹15,00050% OFF
  • High Pressure Nozzle Features a 0 Degree Pencil Jet...

  • Compact & Portable - the Offered Neptune High Pressure Washer...

Kortex 1800W 130bar Red High Pressure Car Washer Pump Set, KORTEX R5D
  • Card Machine Protector, Adjustable Pressure Gun & Advance Total Stop

  • Amazing Build Quality, Easy to Operate, Carry & Install

Mecano Smart1600 1600W Plastic Black & Grey High Pressure Washer
  • Easily Switch to a Variety of Cleaning Tasks & Remove

  • Sturdy Wheels for Easy Moving & High-Pressure Hose

Kortex 2800W 180bar Yellow High Pressure Car Washer Set with Copper Winding, KORTEX Y10
  • Washer Cleaner Comes with 100% Copper Induction Motor & IPX5

  • Portable & Compact Design, Card Machine Protector & Pressure Adjustment

Mecano Smart3100 3100W High Pressure Washer
By: Mecano
₹42,00026% OFF
  • You Can also Clean Other Surfaces Like Roofs & Terraces

  • Designed for a Wide Variety of Cleaning Jobs

TEXUM TX-50B 1800W Blue Portable High Pressure Car Washer Machine Set
  • Auto Power Cut Off, Low Noise Operation & Heavy-Duty Induction

  • Portable & Compact Design

Buy Advanced, High Tech, and Easy to Use Car Washers for Your Car

A car washer is something you need in your daily life. It helps you keep your car clean at your own comfort and time along with this it saves time and money as well. It is a must-have in every household. You can also clean other vehicles at your home with a car washer, such as a bike, scooter, etc. The pressure of the water cleans the car in a proper way and it also lets you clean the underbody of the car which is way too hard to do without a car washer.


With these car washers at Moglix, you can clean your car whenever you want, just like a professional. No need to go to the garage and pay a lot of money for just one time. At Moglix, we sell high-end, economical, and energy-efficient car wash machines from renowned brands such as Banson, Neptune, and many others.


Types of High-Pressure Car Washers

Movable Car Washer: A movable car washer lets you wash your car easily and at the same time it allows you to displace it from one place to another effortlessly.


Compact Car washer: A compact car washer is smaller in size but it never lets you compromise with the result it gives. It can clean your car smoothly without much effort and along with this, it saves electricity as well because of less power consumption.


Double Pump Set Car Washer: These car washers with double pump sets are capable of doing various different tasks such as watering flowers, washing the Bathroom, cleaning windows, washing the floor, showering your pet and cleaning air conditioners, etc.


Auto Stop Car Washer: This type of car washer has a feature of auto stop that lets you save electricity and also maintains the life of the motor at the same time.


Points to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing a Car Washer

Pressure: Pressure is an important factor to consider when it comes to purchasing a car wash machine. It decides at which level of pressure the water will come out from the nozzle.


Power Output: The power output is also an essential factor as the performance of the car wash machine depends on the power output of the car washer. Different car washers are there in the market with different power outputs.


Warranty: Warranty is a must before buying any electric appliance and so is for car wash machines. A warranty makes sure that if the product does not perform well or has any problem in functioning then the product is replaced or repaired free of cost. However, a warranty period is offered with different durations with different brands and models.


Brand: The better the brand is, the better machine performs. So, a good brand should always be considered while purchasing a car washer. There are various brands available in the market to choose from.


Flow Rate: Different car wash machines are offered with different flow rates. Car washers need powerful pressures to clean the car and other vehicles.


Renowned Brands Selling Top Quality Car Washers

Bosch High Pressure Car Washers: The Bosch group is one of the known and popular brands when it comes to electronics. The car washers from Bosch are one of the best-selling car washing machines available throughout the country and globally as well. There are various models available from Bosch such as 1500 watts, 1300 watts, 2600 watts, and many other variants.


Ingco Car Washing Machines: The car washers from Ingco are made with good quality material and are durable as well. There are various models available from Ingco when it comes to car washers, such as 130 bar, 90 bar, 180 bar, and many other models.


Neptune Car Washers: Neptune is a brand that has been established since the year 1995. It offers good quality car washing machines with durability. There are various models available in the market from the Neptune brand such as 120 watts, 100 watts, and many other output options.


iBELL Car Washers: The products from the brand iBELL are one of the most preferred electronics in the market. iBELL has a good name in the electronic appliances market and the car washers from this brand are a hit on Moglix. This brand also provides high-quality customer service. There are various options when it comes to car washers such as the 1400 watts model, 1600 watts model, etc.


Banson Car Washers: Banson is a great company to consider on Moglix for buying car washers. They offer good quality car washers with durability. They offer various models with different capabilities such as Yogamax, Shonit, Taarush, etc. They also offer equipment like foam bottles, pipe connectors, etc.


We offer various other renowned brands as well in the category of high-pressure car washers, such as Penta, Vantro, etc.


Buy High-Quality and Durable Car Washers Here at Moglix

At Moglix, your search for car washers will come to an end as we have all types of car washing machines in one place for everyone. These machines are equipped with heavy motors that provide great output and clean your car with minimum effort. These car washers are available in different brands with different power outputs. You can save a lot of money by using car washers at home.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Car Washers

Why do pressure washer pumps fail?

Clogging is the most common reason for pressure washer pumps to fail. Cleaning the blocked nozzle with a pin and flushing out the dirt will solve it. If this does not work and you hear the pump running but no fluid coming out, you most likely have blocked windshield washer nozzles.

Is pressure washing cars good or bad?

Yes, a pressure washer is an excellent tool for deep cleaning, but excessive usage can cause more harm than good. When you use a pressure washer, you risk damaging or nicking the paint, which can lead to rust.