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SKF 6203-2Z Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 17x40x12 mm
  • Need Little Maintenance

  • Integral Sealing Prolongs Bearing Service Life

NBC 51200 Thrust Ball Bearing, 10x26x11 mm
  • Designed to Accommodate Axial Loads Only & Must Not be

  • Ideal for the Smooth Working of Heavy Types of Machinery

NBC 6202ZZ Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 15x35x11 mm
  • Excellent & High Quality

  • Simple in Design, Non-Separable, Suitable for High Speeds & Are

NBC 51104 Thrust Ball Bearing, 20x35x10 mm
  • Support Radial & Axial Loads

  • Uses Balls to Maintain the Separation Between the Bearing Races

NBC 6311 Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 55x120x29 mm
  • Reduce Rotational Friction

  • Uses Balls to Maintain the Separation Between the Bearing Races

NBC TMB6203A/42 Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 17x42x12 mm
  • Support Radial & Axial Loads

  • Reduce Rotational Friction

NBC 6202 Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 15x35x11 mm
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Nbc
₹8712% OFF
  • Deep Groove Type

  • Normal Radial Internal Clearance

SKF Deep Groove Ball Bearings, 63006-2RS1/C4SOOHT
NBC LS8 Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 19.05x47.63x14.29 mm
NBC 6007ZZ Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 35x62x14 mm
  • Uses Balls to Maintain the Separation Between the Bearing Races

  • Reduce Rotational Friction

SKF Deep Groove Ball Bearings, 6002-2RS1
SKF 61906/D8S0VB578 Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 30x47x9 mm
SKF 62204-2RS1 Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 20x47x18 mm
NBC LS14 Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 44.45x95.22x20.64 mm
SKF 6201-2RS1/C3 Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 12x32x10 mm
NBC 6208 Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 40x80x18 mm
  • Uses Balls to Maintain the Separation Between the Bearing Races

  • Reduce Rotational Friction

SKF 6008 Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 40x68x15 mm
SKF 61904-2RS1 Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 20x37x9 mm
NBC 1205 Self Aligning Ball Bearing, 25x52x15 mm
SKF Deep Groove Ball Bearings, BB1-4705 B (6305 E)
NBC 51105 Thrust Ball Bearing, 25x42x11 mm
NBC 627ZZ Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 7x22x7 mm
NBC 51109 Thrust Ball Bearing, 45x65x14 mm
FAG 3218-C3 Angular Contact Ball Bearing, 90x160x52.4 mm
SKF 6304-2RS1 Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 20x52x15 mm
SKF 625-2Z/C3 Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 5x16x5 mm
NBC 608ZZ Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 8x22x7 mm
  • Radial Internal Clearance

  • Both Side Metal Seal

SKF 6207-2Z Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 35x72x17 mm
NBC 51215 Thrust Ball Bearing, 75x110x27 mm
By: Nbc
₹1,95622% OFF
  • Support Radial & Axial Loads

  • Uses Balls to Maintain the Separation Between the Bearing Races

SKF 6202 Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 15x35x11 mm
NBC 6212 Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 60x110x22 mm
NBC 6304 Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 20x52x15 mm
FAG 6205-C-2HRS Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 25x52x15 mm
SKF Deep Groove Ball Bearings, 6204
By: Skf
₹2464% OFF
NBC MS14-1/2 Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 47.63x114.3x26.99 mm
SKF 608-2Z/C3 Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 8x22x7 mm
SKF 6204-2Z/C3 Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 20x47x14 mm
  • Premium Quality Product

  • Smooth Working�

SKF 3206 A-2RS1TN9/MT33 Angular Contact Ball Bearing, 30x62x23.8 mm
SKF 6304-Z/C3 Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 20x52x15 mm

Get Your Hands on the Most Secure and Effective Bearings

A bearing is a mechanical component that aids in the smooth movement of a rotating assembly. As a result, the bearing allows one element to rotate with respect to another. Bearings are precision elements that allow equipment to move at different speeds while efficiently transferring large loads. They must be capable of operating at high speeds with minimal noise and vibration while maintaining high precision and durability. Bearings are used in a variety of industries. This type of bearing can be found in various industries, including automobiles, aircraft, construction equipment, and machine tools. At Moglix, we sell high-end, economical steel ball bearings from renowned brands such as FAG, SKF, NBC, Tata, C&U, Adarsh and more.


Various Types of Good Quality Ball Bearings to Choose From

Deep-Groove Ball Bearings: Deep-Groove Ball Bearings are the bearings that are utilised the most frequently. They are employed in a variety of applications because of their straightforward design, ease of maintenance, and resistance to operating conditions. They also deflect axial forces in both directions in addition to radial forces. They are suitable for high speeds in part due to their low torque.


Angular Contact Ball Bearings: A contact angle defines angular contact ball bearings. This indicates that forces are transferred from one raceway to another at a specific angle. As a result, angular-contact ball bearings are appropriate for mixed loads in which substantial axial forces, as well as radial forces, must be transmitted.


Self-Aligning Ball Bearings: Self-Aligning Ball Bearings have a cage-guided double row of balls and a double row inner ring raceway, but they also have a continuous spherical outer ring raceway that allows the inner ring / ball complement to swivel within the outer ring. This is what allows for some self-alignment in the application. This type of bearing is recommended when shaft and housing alignment (misalignment) is an issue and the shaft may deflect. Self-aligning ball bearings best absorb radial forces.


Steel bearings: The bulk of skateboard bearings are made of steel. Steel bearings come in a variety of quality levels for the steel, sealing, and inner ball bearings. As a general rule, skateboard bearings with a higher price tag will typically be of higher calibre. You will notice a difference if you suddenly stop using your skateboard; the inexpensive bearings, which are more prone to corrosion and dirt, may cause your skateboard wheels to screech or stiffen.


Ceramic Bearings: Ceramic bearings have more ceramic balls, but all of the other parts are still made of steel. On the other hand, Ceramic bearings have much higher quality steel and sealing. Essentially, the decreased friction and smooth ride that ceramic bearings provide are due partly to the ceramic balls inside and the higher quality steel on the outside. Ceramic bearings are more expensive due to this material combination. In other words, ceramic bearings perform better due in part to the ceramic and in part to the higher quality steel. Ceramic bearing balls have a super hard exterior but a ceramic powder interior. They have the advantage of being lightweight.


Features to Consider Before Buying a Safe Ball Bearings

Size: The majority of skating bearings are sized for 8mm axles, also known as standard 608 bearings. While other sizes, such Micro (688), are only infrequently encountered, 7mm (627) bearings are relatively uncommon. The only real limitation on bearings is the size that your axles and wheels are intended to use, so we advise buying them.


Materials: Bearings work best when friction is low, so materials play an important role in performance. Many bearings are constructed of steel alloys that are both strong and affordable. Look for bronze, titanium, and, especially, ceramic components or coatings, as these will increase the resilience, durability, and performance of a bearing. Ceramic bearings are widely regarded as providing the best value for money.


Rating: Many manufacturers prefer bearings with an ABEC rating of 1 to 9. Because the method was designed for industrial applications rather than skating, higher ABEC scores indicate a more perfectly constructed bearing. As a result, some companies avoid using ABEC ratings on skate bearings in favour of "skate rated" labelling, which indicates that the bearing has been tested and approved for skating.


Ball Count: Skate bearings have seven balls that provide an excellent combination of acceleration, top speed, roll, and longevity. Larger balls generate less friction and roll for longer, making them ideal for skating at high speeds for extended periods of time. Eight ball bearings with smaller balls tolerate side loads better, making them ideal for high-speed or violent turning (think park skating).


Serviceable vs. Sealed: Removable shields or plastic retainers on serviceable bearings allow you to clean and re-lubricate your bearings. Most high-end bearings can be serviced, allowing you to maintain optimal roll while also extending bearing life. Sealed bearings have non-removable shields that help keep harmful debris out, but they can't be cleaned and must be replaced if they're not working properly. Sealed bearings are ideal for skaters who don't want to deal with bearing maintenance but don't want to sacrifice the performance of serviceable bearings.


Brands That Sell High-Quality Motor Bearings at Reasonable Prices

FAG Ball BearingsFAG motor bearings are made of good quality and are reasonably price. Their designs are straightforward, safe, and user-friendly. They are also ideal for the smooth operation of heavy machinery. FAG steel ball bearings improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the operation. Their designs are suitable for all types of machinery. 


SKF Ball BearingsSKF ball bearings are high-quality bearings manufactured by SKF. Their dimensions are ideal for the smooth operation of heavy machinery. SKF ball bearings are adequate for this demanding field. Their ball bearing's primary material is good quality stainless steel. SKF polyamide cage ball bearings are made with high-quality materials and advanced techniques to meet the standards in this extremely difficult field.


NBC Ball BearingsMaterials used to manufacture NBC angular contact ball bearings are sourced from the most reputable and official vendors, who are chosen after extensive market research. For high-speed applications, the NBC ball bearings are ideal. NBC ball bearings are made of high-quality materials and are built for precision and durability. These NBC bearings have a standard basic dynamic load and a standard static load.


Apart from these brands, we also offer bearings from other reputable brands like Masta, Tata, NTN, Adarsh, C&U and many more.


Moglix Provides Reliable and Economical Bearings

Moglix understands the primary concerns that buyers have when looking for a motor bearing. We have for you the most recent line of ball bearings, which can be used for a variety of tasks, to meet our customers' expectations. Quality inspections are performed on the goods before they are shipped out for distribution. As a result, the customer can expect their bearings to arrive in perfect working order. If you are looking for durable and high quality bearings from one of the world's best manufacturers, we have affordable options for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ball Bearings

What is inside a ball bearing?

Steel, ceramic, and plastic are the most frequent materials used to make ball bearings. While each ball bearing is made up of four major components—an outer race, an inner race, a cage, and balls—each has its own set of distinct properties.

How can I determine if a bearing is failing?

Vibration is a sure sign that your bearing has failed. If the bearing's racetrack surface is abraded, the rolling elements (the balls or rollers) will bounce around on the raceway surface during operation, creating excessive levels of vibration.