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FYH UCP209 45mm Flange Bearing Unit
By: Fyh
₹2,26419% OFF
SKF Ball Bearing Square Flange Unit, UCF 207
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Skf
₹2,19615% OFF
NTN 38x130x51mm Cast Iron Flange Bearing, UCF208-108D1
NTN 55x100x35mm 4-Bolt Square Flanged Unit, CM-UKF211D1

Moglix Insights

Top 2 price range of Flange Bearings

67% of users prefer Flange Bearings in price range of ₹700-₹800

33% of users prefer Flange Bearings in price range of ₹14000-₹15000

BBH 40mm Flange Ball Bearing Unit, UCF 208
NTN 70mm Cast Housing Set Screw Type Square Flanged Unit, UCF314D1
NTN 35x117x44mm Cast Iron Flange Bearing, UCF207-106D1
NTN 95x34.1mm Square Flange Bearing Unit, UCF205HT2D1
NTN 100x270x108mm 2-Bolt Rhombus Flanged Unit, CM-UCFL320D1
BBH 90mm Flange Ball Bearing Unit, UC 217
By: Bbh
₹7,73461% OFF
NTN 51x185x58mm Cast Iron Flange Bearing, UCFC211-200D1
BBH 20mm Flange Ball Bearing Unit, UCF 204
NTN 30x125x38mm Cast Iron Flange Bearing, UCFC206D1
NTN 105x225x112mm 4-Bolt Square Flanged Unit, CM-UCF321D1
NTN 20x90x67mm Pressed Steel 2-Bolt Flange Unit, ASPFL204
NTN 57x195x69mm Cast Iron Flange Bearing, UCFC212-204D1
NTN 65x205x65mm Cast Iron Flange Bearing, UCFC213D1
NTN 102x268x127mm Cast Iron Flange Bearing, UCFX20-400D1
NTN 55x250x202mm Cast Iron 2-Bolt Rhombus Flanged Unit, UKFL212D1
NTN 50x180x48mm Cast Iron 4-Bolt Square Flanged Unit, UKFCX11D1
NTN 12x81x24mm Pressed Steel 3-Bolt Flange Unit, ASPF201
NTN 50x110x61mm 2-Bolt Rhombus Flanged Unit, CM-UCFL310D1
NTN 25x68x36mm Cast Iron Flange Bearing, UCFH205D1
NTN 20x47x31mm 4-Bolt Square Flanged Unit, C-UCF204D1
BBH 30mm Flange Ball Bearing Unit, UC 205F
BBH 17mm Flange Ball Bearing Unit, UC 202
BBH 50mm Flange Ball Bearing Unit, UC 209
By: Bbh
₹1,09648% OFF
NTN 45x155x52mm Cast Iron Flange Bearing, UCFCX09D1
NTN 45x85x49.2mm 4-Bolt Round Flanged Unit, C-UCFC209D1
NTN 55x120x66mm 2-Bolt Rhombus Flanged Unit, C-UCFL311D1
NTN 38x175x51mm Cast Iron Flange Bearing, UCFL208-108D1
NTN 30x148x40mm Cast Iron Flange Bearing, UCFL206-103D1
NTN 50x90x32mm 4-Bolt Square Flanged Unit, CM-UKF210D1
NTN 76x290x100mm Cast Iron Flange Bearing, UCFS315D1
NTN 76x197x89mm Cast Iron Flange Bearing, UCFX15-300D1
NTN 80x235x122mm Cast Iron 4-Bolt Square Flanged Unit, UKF218D1
NTN 56x185x58mm Cast Iron Flange Bearing, UCFC211-203D1
NTN 90x265x96mm Cast Iron Flange Bearing, UCFC218D1
NTN 35x175x144mm Cast Iron 2-Bolt Rhombus Flanged Unit, UKFL208D1
NTN 80x140x82.6mm 2-Bolt Rhombus Flanged Unit, CM-UCFL216D1

Buy Flange Bearings Online!

Flange bearings are used for offering support to a shaft which runs perpendicular to bearing's mounted surface. Aware of the importance of these tools, Moglix has come up with a new range of flange bearings. The tools that are available as a part of this category are suitable for light duty. They are made from steel housing material.These flange bearings have been manufactured with meticulous precision under the supervision of experts to meet the existing standards in the industry.

At Moglix, we try to ensure that clients can acquire all types of industrial tools they are looking for, without having to anywhere. The product price has been kept within a reasonable range to suit the budget of our customers. We also deal in all types of hand & power tools, welding tools, personal protection equipment, cleaning tools, measurement & testing tools, cutting & precision tools, paints & oils, industrial oils & lubricants, electrical equipment, lightings & luminaries etc. To acquire the best deals on flange bearings, opt from the latest collection available at Moglix.