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3M Tegaderm HP Transparent Dressing Pad, 8589IN (Pack of 25)
  • Easy to Apply Conforms to Body Contours & Flexes with

  • Provide a Barrier to Bacteria & Viruses Sterile Film Dressing

3M 1 inch Durapore Surgical Tape Roll, 1538-1 (Pack of 12)
  • Durable, No-Stretch Silk-Like Cloth Tape for Securing Tubing & Devices

  • Adheres Well to Dry Skin

3M Tegaderm HP Transparent Dressing Pad, 8586IN (Pack of 25)
  • Convenient for Clinicians Available in a Wide Range of Sizes

  • Easy to Apply Conforms to Body Contours & Flexes with

3M 12x14 Inch Yellow Car Care Cloth (Pack of 3)
  • Remove Residues Including Waxes, Polishes, Glazes & Fingerprints

3M 1611 Clear Safety Goggles Lens (Pack of 2)
  • 99.9% UV Protection

  • Impact-Resistant Duralite Polycarbonate Construction

3M 21 inch Performance Plus Framed Wiper Blade, IA260102107
  • Increase Life, Eliminate Noise & Maximise Wiping

3M Particulate Respirator Mask 8210, N95 (Pack of 50)
  • FDA Cleared (No)

  • Nose Foam, Welded Headband

3M H-402R 4 PT Ratchet Unvented Yellow Safety Helmets (Pack of 10)
  • It helps provide basic barrier protection against light liquid splashes

  • ROHS certified irritant resistant sweat band and chin strap

3M P1 9004V Particulate Respirator White Mask (Pack of 20)
  • Stapled Headband

  • Exhalation Valve

3M Small Car Care Kit
By: 3m
₹3,61362% OFF
3M Microfiber Cloth For Car
By: 3m
₹38349% OFF
3M Littmann Classic III 69cm Ceil Blue Double Sided Stethoscope, 5630
3M MM1624W Tegaderm 6x7cm Transparent Dressing Film (Pack of 100)
3M Bair Hugger Temperature Management Unit 67506
By: 3m
₹210,00047% OFF
3M Interior Cleaner for Car
By: 3m
₹1,48857% OFF
3M 9680 Single Use Blade Assembly for 9681 Clipper, 50 Pieces
3M 500ml Dashboard Cleaner for Car
By: 3m
₹1,39460% OFF
3M 30000 Bair Hugger Full Body Warming Blanket (Pack of 10)
3M Cleaning Chain Lubricant for Car
By: 3m
₹51060% OFF
3M 1L Ultra Rapid Multi-Enzyme Cleaner EC 70500
3M 100ml Avagard PVP 7.5% W/V Surgical Scrub
3M 100ml Avagard Hand Rub
By: 3m
₹21853% OFF
3M 500ml Cleaning Shiner for Car (Pack of 2)
3M Surgical Aras Gown, Size L
By: 3m
₹50028% OFF
3M 100ml Cleaning Wax for Car
By: 3m
₹20930% OFF
3M Tegaderm Securement Dressing 1660R (Pack of 25)
3M Tegaderm Securement Dressing 1657R (Pack of 25)
3M 100ml Avagard CHG Hand Rub with Pump
1584B 4inch X 5 YD LS Coban Blue 18 Rolls Self Adherent Wrap
3M Cleaning Marine Paste for Car (Pack of 2)
3M 11850 Virtua IN Clear Hardcoat Lens Safety Goggles (Pack of 20)
3M Liquid 500ml Orange Cleaning Car Shampoo & Cloth for Car
3M 220g Car Care Cream Wax
By: 3m
₹1,39023% OFF
3M 250ml Small Black Tyre Cleaner for Car
3M Cleaning Microfiber Cloth for Car
By: 3m
₹31148% OFF
3M 500ml Liquid 4x28x11.5cm Medium Orange cleaning Shampoo for Car
3M 1L Cleaning Shampoo for Car
By: 3m
₹76126% OFF
3M Comply Steam Chemical Integrator 1243B, 10 Packet
3M 200ml Liquid 4.2x17.5x6.3cm Medium Cleaning Wax for Car
3M Biological Indicators for Ethylene Oxide Sterilization 1264, 4 Box