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Aimex brand is a very popular brand that offers the most professional tools; the list includes different types of power tools, air compressors, pneumatic tools, welding machines, generators, gasoline tools, and more.

The company has been serving its customers for many years and still, they are growing in this industry. They offer a full range of tool products that are available at favorable prices.

These products are of high performance that is manufactured by one of the leading companies in China and then these are distributed all over India.

These tools corporations are tied up with pioneered manufacturers in China too and produce these tools on a large scale.

Aimex is now distributing various products in India and is trying to build up long term cooperation and create a mutually beneficial relationship.

Features and Advantages of Aimex Tools

These power tools such as angle grinders, polishers, electric screwdrivers, cordless screwdrivers, electric drills, impact drills, marble cutters, demolition hammers, electric chain saws, heat guns, electric planers, rotary hammers, cut off saws, miter saws, and more.

These products are of stable, high quality, and genuine products. All the products are manufactured with great quality raw materials and are tested for high quality and high performance by skilled and experienced professionals. These tools offer a long and uninterrupted operational life and are very cost-effective.

Popular Products of Aimex Available at Moglix

Power Tools: In this category, you can find more than 15 products that include 82mm 720W Electric Wood Planer Machines, DT-PH65 1650W 16kg Demolition Hammers, DT-11E 1500W 11kg Demolition Hammers, DT-400SA 110mm 900W Marble & Wood Cutters with Blades, DT-601 850W Electric Air Blowers, and more. These tools are genuine and of high quality.

Gardening & Landscaping Tools: Here, in this category, you can find different types of tools such as 16 Inch Powerful Blue Electric Chain Saw, DT-700, 22 Inch Air Cooled Petrol Chain Saw, DT-GCS6200, and more. Get these premium quality products at the best prices from this brand.

Why Buy Aimex Tools Online from Moglix?

If you are searching for different types of power or hand tools, you can go for the brand named Aimex. This is a very trustworthy and reliable brand that offers a wide range of tools. To buy such products, you can browse through Moglix offers different types of industrial and business supplies. You can buy these durable and quality products at the best prices here.