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iBELL 10mm 280W Red Electric Screwdriver with 6 Months Warranty, IBL SD10-86
4.0 (4 Reviews)
By: Ibell
₹2,80044% OFF
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
  • Light Weight & Compact Design

  • Robust Clamp Shell Gear & Motor Housing With Power Ribs

KPT 10mm 280W Electric Screwdriver, KSD10
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Kpt
₹2,51526% OFF
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
  • Powerful 350W Motor

  • Variable And Reversing Function

iBELL 10mm 280W Red Electric Screwdriver with 6 Months Warranty, IBL SD12-75
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Ibell
₹2,20033% OFF
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
  • On/Off Switch with Lock On Function

  • Class II Protection

Tomahawk T2246 300W Electric Screwdriver Drill with 3 Reversible Bit
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Tomahawk
₹2,70053% OFF
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
  • Versatile Usage & Dual Function Reverse Forward Torque Adjustment Option

  • Engineered Design

Tomahawk T2246 300W Electric Screwdriver Drill
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Tomahawk
₹2,54847% OFF
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
  • Lightweight with Strong Grip Handle

  • Versatile Usage & Dual Function Reverse Forward Torque Adjustment Option

Yato 0-1600rpm 500W Drywall Screwdriver,YT-82070
4.5 (2 Reviews)
By: Yato
₹7,64643% OFF
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
  • The Metal Gear Cover Ensures Greater Durability of the Device,

  • It has an Elastic Cord in a Rubber Cover, a

Zebra Z-S10MM 350W 10mm 750rpm Red & Black Screwdriver
4.7 (3 Reviews)
By: Zebra
₹1,99937% OFF
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
  • �It Can be Used for Minor Crafting Work to Major

  • Compact & Rigid Which Helps Tightening of Screws Into Places

Gaocheng GC-SD10C 0-1100rpm 400W Screw Driver
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Gaocheng
₹2,64144% OFF
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
Gaocheng GC-SD10L 10mm 400W Screw Driver
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Gaocheng
₹2,98441% OFF
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
Aryantra 400W 1100rpm Electric Screwdriver by Kisan Kraft, SD-10G
5.0 (3 Reviews)
By: Aryantra
₹2,40030% OFF
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
Leofast 730W 10C Screw Driver Gun, LFT-1204
By: Leofast
₹2,99958% OFF
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
  • Air Vent, Soft Grip & Switch Lock Button

  • Torque Gear Box & Reverse Forward Switch

King 10mm Electric Screw Driver, KP-301, 300 W
4.0 (2 Reviews)
By: King
₹3,35030% OFF
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
DCA APL6 710W Screw Driver for Drywall & Framing
By: Dca
₹5,79932% OFF
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
  • Aluminium Gear Box

  • Adjustable Screw-In Depth

Krost 400W Electric Screwdriver Cum Drill Machine with Reverse Forward & Torque Adjustment, 8J-YUL3-WYHI
By: Krost
₹1,99927% OFF
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
  • Torque Adjustment Option for Proper Screw Tightening & Drilling

Trumax Screw Driver, Mx1013, 280 W
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Trumax
₹2,73743% OFF
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
Embaro 280W 10mm Red Electric Screwdriver, EM-DL-SD10B
Trumax 350W Blue Heavy Duty Electric Screwdriver Drill, MX1014
By: Trumax
₹1,85013% OFF
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
Trumax 300W Blue Electric Screwdriver Drill, MX1012
By: Trumax
₹1,80015% OFF
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
GC POWER 350W 10mm Electric Screwdriver, GC-10B
By: Gc Power
₹1,72035% OFF
Leofast 670W 10B Screw Driver Gun, LFT-1203
By: Leofast
₹2,79958% OFF
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
Metabo Electric Screw Driver, SE 2800, 400 W
By: Metabo
₹17,5006% OFF
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
Akari 300W 10mm Chuck Size Screw Driver Machine, APT-SD-10B
By: Akari
₹1,94835% OFF
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
GC POWER 400W 10mm Electric Screwdriver, GC-SD10C
By: Gc Power
₹1,96035% OFF
Bosch GTB 650 12Nm Professional Drywall Screwdriver
  • Attach with the Bosch Screw Auto Feeder for an Increase

  • Use with Drywall Screws Up to Dia 4mm in Two...

PowerUp 10mm 280W Electric Screwdriver
4.0 (2 Reviews)
By: Powerup
Available on Request
  • Great for Working with Wood, Brick, Metal & All Other

  • 2 Speed Transmission for Screw Driving & Drilling

Agni 10mm 350W Royal Blue Electric Screwdriver with Reverse Forward & Torque Adjustment Facility, AP007
  • Keyless Chuck & Effective Design

  • Low Noise & Anti-Dust

Ultrafast 350W 10mm Electric Screwdriver, UF-ESD10
By: Ultrafast
Available on Request
Bosch GSR 6-25 TE Screw Driver
By: Bosch
Available on Request
  • Bit holder: 1/4" internal hexagon

  • Electronic switch with locking button for continuous operation

Leofast LFT-1205 780W 10mm Electric Screw Driver
YiKing Electric Screw Driver, ESD-1100
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Yiking
Available on Request
  • Easy To Use & Repairable

  • Length: 23 cm

Cutflex YK-019 10mm 350W Electric Screwdriver
4.7 (13 Reviews)
By: Cutflex
Available on Request
  • Reverse Rotation

Dewalt 540W DW269 VSR High Torque Adjustable Screwdriver
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Dewalt
Available on Request
  • Versatile tool with torque control up to 42 Nm

  • Lightweight and compact design to reduce user fatigue and increase

FSD-010 10mm Pro Screw Driver with Integrated LED Light
4.5 (4 Reviews)
By: Foster
Available on Request
  • Low Power Consumption

  • Pro Screw Driver with Integrated Led Light

HOKI 802 18-36V Metal Electric Screwdriver with Power Supply & 2 Bits
  • Heavy Duty, Professional Grade, Variable Speed & DC Powered

Yuri 350W Electric Screw Driver, YR10CD
4.8 (8 Reviews)
By: Yuri
Available on Request
Bosch 1500W Screwdriver, GSR 6-25 TE
By: Bosch
Available on Request
  • Customer Care Number: 18004258665 / 8067521111 & Email Id: bpt@in.bosch.com

Dewalt Depth Sensitive Screwdriver, DW263K-QS
By: Dewalt
Available on Request
  • Fascia, Cladding & Roofing Applications

  • Lightweight & Compact Design to Reduce User Fatigue & Increase

MAF India 350W Electric Screwdriver, MSD-10A
By: Maf India
Available on Request
  • Light weight, excellent, ergonomic design

  • Forward and Reverse function, Hi speed for quick and easy

DCA APL8 8mm 300W Green Screw Driver
By: Dca
Available on Request
  • Armature & Stator Made of 100% Pure Copper

  • A Solid Body with the Best Torque Used to Tighten

Dewalt 26Nm Versa Clutch Screwdriver, DW268-B1
By: Dewalt
Available on Request
  • Unique Versa Clutch Torque Control System Allows a Torque Level...

  • Soft Grip Surface On Handle and Switch To Reduce Vibration

Buy Reliable and Cost-Effective Electric Screwdrivers

The usage of an electric screwdriver is becoming increasingly popular among sequential construction system administrators and operators due to its improved accuracy, efficiency, and manageability while lowering cost and risk. Additionally, it reduces the likelihood of suffering damage. Therefore, you must always keep a power screw driver in your toolbox. A power screwdriver is needed to tighten or loosen screws. They draw their power from the electrical source they are connected to. 


At Moglix, we sell high-end, robust, highly effective industrial electric screw drivers from renowned brands such as Bosch, Dewalt, Cumi, Black & Decker, Milwaukee, Stark, Stanley, etc.


Types of Cordless Screwdrivers to Choose From

Electric Screwdriver - These cordless tools are primarily designed as basic screwdrivers (the word "electric" is typically reserved for a plug-in tool).

It does the work for you and has more power. A power screwdriver machine is a wonderful choice for large tasks requiring rapid screw driving of numerous screws.


Cordless Drill Drivers - These cordless drills with a built-in clutch and variable speed trigger are extra features. When driving screws, the drill's variable speed feature, which enables operation at lower speeds, is frequently helpful. The clutch helps prevent stripping or breaking screws by allowing the operator to control the drill driver's maximum torque.


Cordless Impact Drivers - Cordless impact drivers are excellent at driving screws. They work best for heavy-duty screw driving since they lack a clutch and can easily split even a huge screw in half. Impact drivers employ the same hex-bit quick-change mechanism as cordless screwdrivers power drill.


Factors to Consider While Buying an Electric Screwdriver Set


Power - Volts are used to measure an electric screwdriver's power output. The average voltage of lighter types ranges from 3 to 7 volts. These lower-voltage screwdrivers work well for light- to medium-duty activities like hanging wall decorations, building furniture, and other straightforward chores involving low- to medium-density materials. Heavy-duty electric screwdrivers drill are recommended when working with high-density materials like some metals or hardwoods. If you anticipate using your electric/battery screwdriver power drill machine for a lot of work that would be too demanding for a lighter model, think about a heavy-duty alternative with voltages that range from 8 to 15 volts.


Torque - The force an screwdriver drill can apply to a screw in either direction is measured in torque. More force is required to turn the screw when the torque is larger. Choose a higher torque choice if you are worried about frequently working with high-density material.


Speed - RPM, or rounds per minute, is a unit of measurement for screwdriver speed. Remember that while a higher speed will cause the screwdriver to rotate more quickly if you cannot control the tool, the screwdriver's bit may slip and strip the screw. It would be best if you consider any increase in an electric screwdriver's power, speed, or torque. For various applications, the best electric screwdrivers include variable speed controls.


Battery - Your need for battery life should consider the accessibility of electrical power for recharging, the typical amount of time spent using the device, and the power, torque, and speed specifications of the battery screwdriver machine, as more energy output will cause a battery to discharge more quickly.


Size - It's crucial to keep in mind the best screwdriver's size because it eventually reflects the tool's strength. A larger tool will have a more potent motor but bear in mind that it will also be heavier. Although certain heavy-duty exceptions can weigh up to five pounds, electric screw drivers typically range in weight from one to three pounds.


Reputed Brands that Sell Versatile Cordless Screwdrivers

Black & Decker  - Black & Decker is one of the well-known Indian companies that has been offering industrial screwdrivers for many years. It has a reputation for being an expert in creating and marketing high-end electric/battery screwdrivers. Their sturdy screwdrivers have a variable speed trigger that makes them useful for numerous tasks around the house or in the workplace. 


Myra  - Myra manufactures powerful and versatile industrial power screw drivers drill that are perfect for various tasks. Their tools have high durability, performance efficiency, compact design, lightweight, ease of use and portability, and safe operation. They are renowned for their extensive product selection, allowing customers to choose from a wide range.


Yuri  - Yuri provides outstanding performance, excellent designs and efficient power screwdriver sets. Their designs are human-friendly, safe, and easy to use. Following thorough market research, their materials are procured from the most reputable and authorised suppliers. Powerful and effective, Yuri electric cordless screw drivers are ideal for your workplace or home. 


iBELL - The quality guarantee offered by iBell is faultless, and they never let their clients down. iBell offers cordless screwdrivers in all price ranges to suit your needs and budget. They adhere to all safety precautions and provide work of the highest calibre. The electric screw drivers have a six-month warranty and are built of premium materials. They are portable and simple to use.


Bosch - Bosch's universal tools are solid and adaptable, offering clever answers for various tasks. The Bosch screwdrivers are designed for quick drilling and strong screwing. You can use them for various operations that require drilling or screwing in wood, metal, or plastic. Because of their ergonomic design and lightweight construction, these cordless screwdrivers are particularly well suited for laborious tasks.


Purchase High-Quality Cordless Screwdrivers at Wholesale Prices

These instruments can be used in many different industries, such as manufacturing, electrical, automotive, and construction, and we at Moglix offer a wide range to choose from. We have exciting offers and discounts and provide quality products. All the products, before shipping, go through a quality check so that only the best product reaches the consumer. Our products are user-friendly, low on maintenance and durable, making sure you enjoy working with them. We work towards providing our customers with reasonable electric screw driver machines that are of high quality.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Screwdrivers

Is there a difference between a drill and an electric screwdriver?

The chuck and the bit are two significant differences between a drill and an electric screwdriver. For numerous purposes, most notably drilling holes, a drill has a chuck that opens and closes around a bit. In place of a chuck, electric screwdrivers contain a socket that only accepts driver bits.

When should you use an electric screwdriver?

An electric screwdriver is the perfect instrument for intricate work in light assembly tasks like making medical devices or electronic components. It has a controllable size and offers better productivity and torque control.