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Ralli ULV-4 1100W 4L Electric Sprayer
4.4 (10 Reviews)
By: Ralli
₹26,00035% OFF
  • Light Weight & Portable

  • No Mess after Spraying

Really RAPL-R180 16L Thermal Fogger Machine, MTAK-EN-FO-2163
4.1 (10 Reviews)
By: Really
₹31,50031% OFF
  • Spraying a Mist into the Air that Falls Onto Exposed

  • Electrostatic Charging can be Added to Droplets to Assist Their

Greenleaf Super-2000 Gold 2L Yellow Fogging Machine
4.7 (10 Reviews)
By: Greenleaf
₹18,00056% OFF
  • Stable Performance, Work Smoothly & High Efficiency

  • Good Atomization Effect, Wide Spreading Range, Long Duration of Pesticide

Kisankraft KK-TF-8605 Mini Fogging Machine
4.4 (10 Reviews)
By: Kisankraft
₹14,00029% OFF
  • Self Start Gas Assisted by Electronic Lighter

  • Number of Tools: 1

Moglix Insights

Top 3 price range of Fogging Machines

50% of users prefer Fogging Machines in price range of ₹7000-₹8000

20% of users prefer Fogging Machines in price range of ₹21000-₹22000

10% of users prefer Fogging Machines in price range of ₹25000-₹26000

Moglix Insights

Top 3 brands of Fogging Machines

50% of users prefer Fogging Machines of Agricare brand

20% of users prefer Fogging Machines of Greenleaf brand

10% of users prefer Fogging Machines of Kisan Agri India brand

Kisan Agri India KK-STF-560 2.5L Big Fogging Machine
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Kisan Agri India
₹58,05655% OFF
  • Thermal Fogger is a Device that Creates a Fog, Typically

  • Used for Hotels, Residential Property, Garbage Dump, Container & Warehouse,

Aspee Duo Thermal Fogging Machine, FOG/002
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Aspee
₹30,25035% OFF
  • Dual use as Effective Steam Spraying & Fog

  • Maintenance Free & Coil can be Cleaned with Built in

Greenleaf NPF-BPK-120 12V 2 in 1 Thermal Fogging Machine
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Greenleaf
₹25,60023% OFF
  • High Efficiency, Pesticide Saving, Good Diffusibility, Light Weight & Easy

  • Thermal Fogging Machine & Shoulder Or Vehicle Mount Design

Really RAPL-FM-80W 2L 48cc Thermal Fogger Machine, MTAK-EN-FO-2595
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Really
₹37,50018% OFF
  • Spraying a Mist into the Air that Falls Onto Exposed

  • Used for Sanitizing, Disinfecting or Restricting the Growth of Insects,

Kisankraft KK-STF-480 16L Stainless Steel Thermal Fogger Machine
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Kisankraft
₹33,80017% OFF
  • High Working Efficiency, High Killing Rate & Large Spraying Range

  • Strong Penetration & High Safety Factor Fogging Machine

Neptune ULV-8000 1000W Portable Electric Cold Fogging Sprayer
4.5 (4 Reviews)
By: Neptune
₹30,00031% OFF
  • Rugged Design, Handles Corrosive Liquids & Heavy Impacts

  • Precise Outputs, Maximizing Use of Chemicals & Low Profile Tank

Kisan Agri India 2L Mini Fogging Machine
By: Kisan Agri India
₹19,68250% OFF
  • Smoke Casting in Film & Television Shooting, Fire Drilling Fields,

  • Simple Instant Ignition Mode & Durable in Use

Agricare Greenman Golden 120 Petrol Fogging Machine
By: Agricare
₹45,31225% OFF
  • Light Weight & Easy Operation

  • Less Maintenance & Long Term Storage

Kisankraft Mini Thermal Fogging Sprayer, KK-TF-8605
By: Kisankraft
₹14,00012% OFF
  • Fuel: Butane Gas

  • Consumption 500ml/3hrs of butane gas

Agricare Super 2000 Gold 2L Mini Fogging Machine, AAS2000G
  • Portable Machine with Ultra-micro Fog Emission

  • One-touch Lock System for Chemical Tank to Prevent Leakage

Yuvcon Star 100 Mini Fogging Machine for Mosquito & Pest Control, YUV2002
  • Ergonomic Design & Good Weight of Balance to Reduce Fatigue

Skybound 220V Stainless Steel Fogger Machine with Timer
  • Fogger Machine for Fumigation & Sanitization

  • Rotated Horizontally to Gain Better Direction

Rawat Impex 2L Fog Smoking Machine
By: Rawat Impex
₹12,99927% OFF
  • Squeeze the Trigger Slowly & Steadily Every 3 to 4

  • Each Pump will Release a Cloud of Fog

Vinspire 48CC Thermal Fogging Machine, VAPL-FG-120K
By: Vinspire
₹39,00043% OFF
  • Lithium Dedicated & Self Suction Carburator

Aspee Avvenger AVG/001 1100W ULV Sprayer Pump
By: Aspee
₹27,00024% OFF
  • Customer Care Number: 1127671414 & Email Id:

Vinspire 1.2L Thermal Fogging Machine, VAPL-TH-130
By: Vinspire
₹90,00052% OFF
  • Thermal Aerosol fog, Push Button & Automatic, Double Air cooling

Vinspire 500ml Mini Fogger, VAPL-MF200
By: Vinspire
₹19,00050% OFF
  • Sterilization Electronic Sprayer with Reliable Capability & Convenient Use

Green Kraft 2000W 20L ULV Fogging Machine, ULV-2000
By: Green Kraft
Available on Request
Hi-Genie HG-CF-001 220V Black & Blue Fogging Machine
By: Hi-genie
Available on Request
Greenleaf 2L Mini Fogging Machine for Pest Control
By: Greenleaf
Available on Request
Ingco 500W HVLP Floor Based Sprayer, SPG5001
4.2 (6 Reviews)
By: Ingco
Available on Request
  • High Quality

  • Perfect Handling

Green Kraft GOLD2000 Mini Fogger
By: Green Kraft
Available on Request
  • Aerosole Fuel

Ralli RF-02 Auto 6L 18.5kW Thermal Fogger Sprayer
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Ralli
Available on Request
  • Sturdy Rugged Construction

  • Maximum Area Coverage with Less Usage of Chemicals

Neptune 4L 800W Blue Electric Cold & ULV Fogging Machine, NEP-19
  • Handles Both Oil & Water Based Chemical Solutions

  • ULV Fogger Stand for Ultra Low Volume Foggers

Bonhoeffer 2L Thermal Fogging Machine, BON-P-TF2L
By: Bonhoeffer
Available on Request
Greenleaf 15L Thermal Fogging Machine for Hotels, Residential, Garbage Dumb, Container & Warehouse
Leo ULV-8000 1000W Portable Electric Cold Fogging Sprayer
3.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Leo
Available on Request
  • Precise Outputs, Maximizing Use of Chemicals & Low Profile Tank

  • Rugged Design, Handles Corrosive Liquids & Heavy Impacts

Ralli RF-01 MINI 2L Thermal Fogger Sprayer
By: Ralli
Available on Request
  • Light Weight & Easy to Use

  • Maximum Area Coverage with Less Usage of Chemicals

Neptune NEP-2000 2kW 20L Portable Electric Knapsack ULV Cold Fogging Sprayer
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Neptune
Available on Request
  • Powerful High Speed, Fast Diffusion, Strong Penetration, Save Labor

  • Strong & Durable

Generic 900W Fogging Machine For Sanitization
By: Generic
Available on Request
  • Wired & Wireless Remote Control

  • Warm up Time: 5 min

Diversey Taski Typhoon 800W ULV Cold Fogger, 5901246
By: Diversey
Available on Request
  • Ultra Low Volume Fogging Technology & Powerful Electric Motor

  • Tank: HDPE with Side Filling & UV Light Resistant

Kisankraft Thermal Fogging Sprayer, KK-TF-8625S
By: Kisankraft
Available on Request
  • Perfomance of Combustion Chamber: 18.5 kW

  • Air cooled engine

Neptune 6 Litre 800W Blue Electric Cold/ULV Fogging Machine, 82-A
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Neptune
Available on Request
  • ULV Fogger Stand for Ultra Low Volume Foggers

  • Small, Compact & Convenient Spraying

Fogger 2L Mini Fogging Machine, TF-8605
By: Fogger
Available on Request
  • Self Start Gas Assisted by Electronic Lighter

  • Delta Fog & Bayer Kingfog ULV (Chemical Used)

Fogger T-02-S2000 Yellow LOC Handy Fogging Machine
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Fogger
Available on Request
  • Covers Small Area Effectively

  • Patented Fused Tank & Water Based Coil Cleaning System

Green Kraft 25.5HP 6L Thermal Fogger, TS35A
By: Green Kraft
Available on Request

Related Fogging Machines Articles

Check Out the Best Fogging Machines at Affordable Prices 

The fogger machine seems to be a device that creates a thick mist that resembles fog or smoke. It contains a fuel container loaded with a chemical that produces fog or smoke. The device can be refrigerated or run on thermal power. The chemical gas it emits has no odor and is not toxic to people.


A fogging machine often referred to as a fogger, is a multi-purpose piece of equipment used to sprinkle chemical solutions. These devices are an efficient means of treating big tracts of land, agricultural fields, gardens, and other residential settings. These are employed for insect management, mold growth control, and odor control. Fog smoke generator devices are now commonly employed for sanitization reasons.


Various Types of Fogging Machines in the Market

Thermal fogging machines: As the name implies, it utilizes heat to evaporate the fogging solution inside them. Thermal foggers contain a storage tank that may store between 1.2 and 10 liters of fluid. A pump is utilized in the thermal fogger device to convey the liquid from the jar via the heating component placed on the front of the fogger.


Cold fogger machines: The thermal fogger is the polar counterpart of the cold fogger. They are also known as ULV foggers since they do not utilize heat to vaporize the fogging solution but rather employ the process of cold sprinkling, which in most instances, uses air pressure to sprinkle the solution out in fine particles. They use pressure to create fog in two aspects: either the liquid is forced via a high-pressure tip or slowly passed around a vortex containing high-speed wind. The pressure causes the liquid to split into tiny droplets, spraying outward as a low-volume fog.


Factors to be Considered Before Purchasing Fogging Machines

Easily usable: When choosing a thermal fogging machine, the type of handle is an important factor in considering ease of use. In general, a fog machine with padded, ergonomic handles is preferred to avoid sore hands and blisters. Always prefer a tool that is lightweight as it will be useful in the long run and lessen the risk of breakdown.


Purpose- Another critical element to consider when purchasing foggers is their intended application. Certain fogging devices are designed to spread specific sorts of materials. There are many foggers explicitly designed to distribute chemicals & other disinfectants. Several of these devices, in contrast, are only utilized for specific pesticide compositions.


Maintenance- Before purchasing these devices, it is critical to examine their upkeep. Select foggers that are simple to keep so that they may be used for longer. Various internet retailers offer an extensive range of foggers at reasonable prices. Before purchasing these devices, it is critical to study their features and specs.


Reputable organizations- To purchase dependable and cost-effective items, it is critical to do so from reputable merchants and producers. Nowadays, several reputable manufacturers offer a diverse selection of foggers with varying characteristics and specs to meet a variety of needs.


Brands Offering Fogging Machines

KisanKraftThe Kisankraft fogging machine is intended to be used at any time and in any area to destroy germs of hazardous insects. It features a strong tank with a residual tank portion at the bottom that prevents excess leftovers from being sucked into the coil. It features a metal housing for the gas canister connection and a hollow cone nozzle with an anti-corrosive coil.


AspeeAspee Fogging Machines are flexible and powerful equipment that may be utilized for a wide range of applications. When it comes to quality, Aspee Fogging machines are unrivaled. They are quite reasonably priced, and their fuel consumption is really low.


Green KraftGreen Kraft's Fogging Machines may be utilised inside or outdoors in a number of settings in farming or the food processing business where sanitation is critical. Green Kraft's Fogging Machines are especially crucial in situations like the dairy sector, the pig industry, and poultry hatcheries, where any workplace pollution would be expensive in terms of time and money. These fogging machines are especially important for sanitizing high-risk food processing locations.


Why Choose Moglix to Buy Fogging Machines

Since the advantages of fogging machines can't be overstated, it is essential to purchasing this equipment from reputable companies and brands such as Green Kraft, Agrimate, Neptune, and others to ensure their reliability. Moglix has a large selection of top-brand fogging machines at low costs. We are among the fastest-growing Business - to - business markets, providing a wide range of industrial, corporate, and medical products. Moglix provides its consumers with flexible payment choices, expedited delivery, wholesale purchasing, and free shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fogging Machines

What is a ULV fogger machine?

A blower, a formulation-holding tank, and a pump are all part of a Ultra Low Volume fogging machine. Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, sterilisers, and disinfectants, among other chemicals, are applied via ULV Fogging. The size of the droplet is crucial, as each application requires a specific size.

Is disinfectant fogging safe?

Chemicals in aerosolized disinfectants can irritate the skin, eyes, and respiratory system. Only the person applying the fogger, who is wearing suitable PPE, should be in the room.