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Sameer 22 inch 58cc Chainsaw, SC-58
4.6 (10 Reviews)
By: Sameer
₹9,00036% OFF
  • Powerful 58CC Engine Neptune Powerful 58cc Chainsaw Combines High Performance...

  • Side Mounted Chain Tensioner Allows for Easier Access to Chain

Capital Tools 22 inch Gasoline Chain Saw, ID-062
4.8 (20 Reviews)
By: Capital Tools
₹8,53321% OFF
  • Automatic Refueling with Protective Cover & Ergonomic Handle Which is

  • These Saw Chains are an Improved Version of the

Stihl MS 180 1.5kW Gasoline Chainsaw with 18 inch Guide Bar & Saw Chain, 11302000512
4.3 (9 Reviews)
By: Stihl
₹19,82415% OFF
  • Anti Vibration System

  • Easystart Technology

Stihl MS 170 1.3kW Gasoline Chainsaw with 16 inch Guide Bar & Saw Chain, 11302000334
4.4 (16 Reviews)
By: Stihl
₹20,00030% OFF
  • Side-Mounted Chain Tensioning makes it Easy to Tension the Chain

  • Compact, Lightweight with Just the Right Amount of Power

Moglix Insights

Top 4 categories of Cutting & Pruning Tools

83% of users prefer Chain Saws

6% of users prefer Chainsaw Spare Parts

5% of users prefer Pruning Secateur

2% of users prefer Hedge Trimmers

Moglix Insights

Top 4 brands of Cutting & Pruning Tools

35% of users prefer Cutting & Pruning Tools of Sameer brand

26% of users prefer Cutting & Pruning Tools of Capital Tools brand

17% of users prefer Cutting & Pruning Tools of Stihl brand

7% of users prefer Cutting & Pruning Tools of Falcon brand

Capital Tools 24 inch 2.7 kW Chainsaw, ID-064
4.5 (9 Reviews)
By: Capital Tools
₹8,53312% OFF
  • Simple Chain Tensioning

  • Ergonomic Design & Good Weight of Balance to Reduce Fatigue

Metro 2800W Plastic Dark Green Heavy Duty Electric Chainsaw
4.5 (12 Reviews)
By: Metro
₹5,45535% OFF
  • This Electric Chainsaw is Easy-to-Use & Perfect for Your Small

  • Easy to Use & Perfect for Your Small Limb Trimming

Sameer 22 inch 62cc Chain Saw, SC-62
4.5 (10 Reviews)
By: Sameer
₹10,50036% OFF
  • The Chain Interval with The Counter-Attack Shrapnel, Guide Oil Hole

  • Powered By 22 inch Self Propelled Briggs & Stratton

Progen 3800W 24 inch Electric Chain Saw, 9024-HG
4.4 (8 Reviews)
By: Progen
₹15,20028% OFF
Capital Tools 3200W 22 inch Electric Chainsaw, ID-022
4.3 (9 Reviews)
By: Capital Tools
₹6,56013% OFF
  • Strong

  • Resistance to Corrosion

UMG 3600W 22 inch Electric Chain Saw, UMG-22
4.7 (3 Reviews)
By: Umg
₹21,99969% OFF
  • Ergonomic Handle for Comfortable Handling

  • Automatic Oiler Keeps the Chain Lubricated for Smooth Operation

BSC Power NCH H590 22 inch 58CC 2 Stroke Petrol Engine Operated Chain Saw, MTAK-EL-CH-5280
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Bsc
₹13,90030% OFF
  • A Powerful Motor & Sturdy Guide Bar Helps in Smooth...

  • Comes with a Magnesium Body Starter & Titanium Guidara, High...

Agriplus AG27 2.7kw 58cc Petrol Chain Saw
4.0 (6 Reviews)
By: Agriplus
₹9,80038% OFF
  • Anti Vibration Function

  • Anti Filteration

Stihl MS180 18 inch 1.4kW Petrol Chain Saw, SM372NR
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Stihl
₹19,8244% OFF
  • Easy Start System

  • Perfect for Cutting Through Thick Branches

Capital Tools ID-024 3200W 24 inch Electric Chainsaw
3.8 (6 Reviews)
By: Capital Tools
₹8,68433% OFF
  • Cord Powered

  • Strong & Effective Tool

Agriplus 22 inch 62CC Petrol Chain Saw
4.2 (10 Reviews)
By: Agriplus
₹9,30021% OFF
  • Reasonable-Design Combined Switch, More Convenient to Operate

  • Light Weight, High Tensity & Comfortable

Capital Tools ID058 2.7kW 58CC Chainsaw
4.3 (10 Reviews)
By: Capital Tools
₹9,80037% OFF
  • Efficient Chain Lubrication

  • Quick & Easy Start

Oregon CS-1200 1400W 16 inch 91PJ Electric Chain Saw
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Oregon
₹13,00017% OFF
  • Powerful & Powers Sharp

  • Chain Tensioning: Tool-less Chain Tensioning System

Husqvarna 125 2HP Chain Saw
4.5 (6 Reviews)
By: Husqvarna
₹20,00031% OFF
  • Nicely for Basic Limb Work & Trimming, Clearing Bush, &...

  • Everyday Homeowner Yard Tasks, This Chainsaw Does the Job Well,

Dongcheng DML405 1300W Electric Chain Saw
By: Dongcheng
₹9,60327% OFF
Stihl MS 180 1.5kW Gasoline Chainsaw with 16 inch Guide Bar & Saw Chain, 11302000441
4.3 (12 Reviews)
By: Stihl
₹19,11019% OFF
  • Indicates Products that are Built in the United States from

  • Anti-Vibration System, Compensating Carburetor & Ematic Lubrication System

Neptune 3.5HP 2500W Chain Saw with 22 inch Saw Blade, CS-58
4.6 (10 Reviews)
By: Neptune
₹15,00021% OFF
  • Automatic Gear Driven Oiler

  • Chain Section Number: 76 Section

Yking 6282-P 22 inch Gasoline Chain Saw
4.4 (8 Reviews)
By: Yking
₹11,77925% OFF
  • Best Suited for Cutting Log/Wood

  • Low Oil Consumption

Yking 24 Inch 2700W Petrol Chain Saw, 6224-P
4.4 (20 Reviews)
By: Yking
₹13,60526% OFF
  • It is a portable machine which does not produce heavy

  • Chain saw is an ideal choice for cutting and pruning

Neptune CS-62 62CC 3.5 HP Petrol Chainsaw with 22 inch Cutter Bar
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Neptune
₹20,00059% OFF
  • Side-Mounted Chain Tensioner Allows for Easier Access to Chain Tensioning

  • Automatic Gear Driven Oiler Provides Consistent Lubrication to the Bar

iBELL 16 inch 1800W Electric Chain Saw, IBL EC 16-18
4.3 (10 Reviews)
By: Ibell
₹5,80022% OFF
  • Automatic Oiler System

  • Chain Brake Alert

Xtra Power 1.7kW 65cc Red & Black Petrol Operated Chain Saw, XPT 468
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Xtra Power
₹15,00043% OFF
  • Long Life Service

  • Efficient & Powerful Motor

Pro Tools 24 Inch Petrol Chain Saw, 6624-P
4.5 (9 Reviews)
By: Pro Tools
₹16,47222% OFF
  • Two Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled Engine

  • Easy to Start with A Push of a Button

Progen 22 Inch Electric Chain Saw, 9022-HG
4.5 (22 Reviews)
By: Progen
₹11,08323% OFF
  • Maximum Cutting Length: 550 mm

  • Idling speed: 2800 rpm

Yking 22 Inch Gasoline Chain Saw, 5836P
4.7 (6 Reviews)
By: Yking
₹8,48624% OFF
  • Suitable for Heavy-Duty Use

  • High Efficiency

Yking 22 Inch Petrol Chain Saw, 5657-P2
4.7 (14 Reviews)
By: Yking
₹9,27527% OFF
  • Low vibration dampening.

  • Minimal effort via Smart Start feature and combined choke/stop control.

Greenleaf CS-22 22 Inch Petrol Operated Chainsaw
4.2 (13 Reviews)
By: Greenleaf
₹15,00055% OFF
  • Easy Starter Convenient & Labor Saving Start

  • Efficient for Heavy Duty Task & Equipped with Primer Bulb

Makita 16 Inch Petrol Chain Saw, EA3502S40B
4.5 (15 Reviews)
By: Makita
₹41,90042% OFF
  • Compact and lightweight body for better handling

  • Touch & Stop Switch automatically returns switch to start position,

Greenleaf Cylinder Kit for 58cc Chain Saw, CSW-58-001
4.3 (15 Reviews)
By: Greenleaf
₹1,25030% OFF
  • Most Reliable, High Speed Performance, Low Maintenance

  • Suitable for 58Cc Chain Saw

Sharp 3.3HP 2 Stroke Chain Saw with 18 inch Bar Chain, SCS 58CC
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Sharp
₹11,99934% OFF
  • Superior Engine Durability

  • Easy Starting

Mactan 2.3kW 58CC 2 Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled Metal Body Chain Saw, MT-CS5800
4.6 (20 Reviews)
By: Mactan
₹13,50011% OFF
  • Provides Consistent Lubrication to the Bar Anytime the Chain is

  • Minimizes Operator Fatigue & Makes the Gas Chainsaw Balanced, &

Yking 18 Inch 2200W Electric Chain Saw, 2018B
4.4 (16 Reviews)
By: Yking
₹6,95623% OFF
  • Certification: ISO 9001

  • Light in Weight & Ergonomic Design

Nosimon 18 inch 58CC 2 Stroke Chain Saw, RK5800
By: Nosimon
₹12,00046% OFF
Extra 2% OFF with coupon
  • It is a Must for any Serious Gardener, Farmers &

  • Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Handling

Wolf Garten Saw-Pro-370 220cm Multi-Star Power Cut Pro Pruning Saw with Telescopic Handle Combo
4.8 (9 Reviews)
By: Wolf Garten
₹7,58533% OFF
  • Clear Cutting Surface to Reduce Bacterial Infestation, Max Control &

  • Ergonomically Shaped Handle & Reusable Knife Cover

Generic 18 Inch Chain for Chain Saw
4.5 (14 Reviews)
By: Generic
₹90022% OFF
  • It suitable for all Chain Saws

  • Ideal for professional users in demanding conditions

Visko 503 Super Pruning Secateur (Roll cut)
4.5 (20 Reviews)
By: Visko
₹55024% OFF
  • With Leaf spring system and Safety lock mechanism.

  • A built-in safety lock to let you operate safely and

The Best Garden Pruning Tools for Aspiring and Professional Gardeners

Don’t give up on growing your veggies and fruits just because you lack the necessary instruments or knowledge. We can help you get started with your passion for gardening. For your convenience, we've assembled the fundamental gardening tools you'll need to get started, along with valuable hints and optional add-ons that can make gardening more convenient.


If your garden is particularly complicated, you would want a diverse range of instruments to complete the task. On the contrary, a few simple hand tools would be sufficient for the job if you only have a few potted plants. However, if you've planted a large garden with rows of plants that you expect to harvest by fall, you'll need more durable tools to complete the task.


What Are the Various Types of Garden Pruning Tools?

Shears for pruning (or pruners, clippers, or secateurs) - For pruning shrubs, flowers, vines, and nominal growth on trees, hedge trimmers, pruning secateurs, and hedge shears are the most commonly used tree pruning tools. Branches and twigs can be trimmed up to 34 inches thick with hand-held pruning shears. Pruning shears tools are available in the anvil, bypass, and ratchet varieties. Bypass shear is the most commonly used amongst these and functions similarly to that of a pair of scissors. Stems benefit significantly from its use. At the same time, an anvil pruner is unique because of its straight blade-splitting action. Dry branches and limbs benefit from their use.


Loppers - Pruning fruit, nuts, vine trees, and vines are more accessible with loopers, which can handle branches up to 2-12 inches in diameter. While the overall design of the lopper is similar to hand shears, the blades of this tool are thicker, and the handle is longer. Anvil, bypass, and ratchet versions of loppers are also available.


Pole Pruning Shears - An essential tree pruning tool is a pole pruner (tree pruner). Any tree can usually be pruned with a pole pruner if the branch diameter is less than 1.25 inches. Most pole pruners can reach a height of 8 feet or more, removing the need for a ladder in many situations. It's also worth noting that electric pole pruners are available.

Bill Hooks - These are special gardening tools for cutting or splitting green wood. In terms of size and sharpness, they fall between a knife and an axe.


Factors to Consider When Purchasing Garden Pruning Tools

Garden Pruning Tools are perfect for setting up your garden as desired. These tools are essential as they make your work easy and smooth. Let's look at some of the most critical features when purchasing a garden pruning tool for yourself.


Prioritize quality over its price: Considering the gardening tools and equipment cost is generally a good place to start. There are specific tools and equipment available within a lower price range. But it is worth noting that they are more likely to be uncomfortable to use and easy to break. Therefore, do not compromise the quality for a low price. Choose durable equipment.


Easy to clean and maintain: The easy-to-clean and support tools should also be considered. Remember that proper cleaning and maintenance of this gardening equipment and tools can prolong their life spans. Making them rust-free, sharp, and well-shape is imperative.


Consider the tools with interchangeable heads: Garden equipment and agencies often have fixed handles made from different materials. But some of them are available with separate tool head components and handles. They are commonly known as interchangeable garden tools. They are versatile tools in the garden. Gardeners can interchange their heads as desired. Their head components include a garden rake, brush, trowel, or fork.


What Are the Different Brands of Garden Pruning Tools?

Falcon Garden Tools is a professionally organized company established in 1988 and a leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Agricultural, Horticultural, Gardening, and Forestry equipment and tools. We use superior materials and the latest techno to provide the best quality products logo. Falcon Garden Tools has a vast client base worldwide and a strong dealer network in India. Falcon’s success is due to its high reputation gained by continuous efforts resulting in Falcon today being tagged as reliable supplier, dedicated, meticulous to qualitative product range with on-time deliveries as committed globally too.


Wolf Garten: More than 85% of the population of Germany knows the WOLF-Garten brand today. WOLF-Garten is a synonym for the fascination and fun of gardening in many countries in Europe. This positive brand significance results from a commitment to implementing a clear corporate principle: making work in the garden easier through innovations, opening up new markets in the garden sector, and establishing a precise brand positioning.


Makita: Makita is the leading manufacturer of tree-pruning tools. Makita has established directly operated business bases in about 50 countries worldwide, upgraded our sales network in over 170 countries, and has after-sales service capabilities to become one of the leading companies in our industry. In addition, Makita produces power tools in plants in China, U.S.A., U.K., Germany, Brazil, Romania, and Thailand. About 90% of our group’s manufacturing work in production volume is carried out overseas.


Stihl: A strong cutter that is not exhausting With ease, the new STIHL ASA 85 cordless pruning shears can cut through branches that have a diameter of up to 45 mm. Time and energy may be saved by adapting the individually adjustable blade opening to fit different-sized branches.


Greenleaf: Leading provider of industrial cutting tools, Greenleaf Corporation specialises in producing high-performance ceramic and tungsten carbide grade inserts as well as cutting-edge tool holding solutions. For the challenging projects that our clients bring to us and those we observe across the industrial sector as a whole, we work hard to be problem solvers.


Why Buy Garden Pruning Tools from Moglix?

Moglix provides the best garden pruning tools, which are also within the nominal price range. The best part about Moglix is that it allows users to browse planting pruning tools online, smooth delivery of orders, and the best after-sales service. Every gardener knows that hand pruners, also known as secateurs, are essential for gardens and are used daily. Suppose you're considering buying your first pair of shoes or looking for a team with superior function and design. In that case, it's vital to view all the factors before buying, which is why Moglix presents you with the most up-to-date information on all its products. With Moglix, make your gardening experience the best one!


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