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Wolf Garten Promo Bypass Shear Card, RR-EN-Card
By: Wolf Garten
₹1,43934% OFF
  • One-Hand Locking & for Right- & Left-Handed Use

  • With Power Anvil for Easy Cutting

Wolf Garten RS-EN Anvil Garden Shear
By: Wolf Garten
₹1,0001% OFF
  • Handy & Robust Anvil

  • Convenient Thumb Lock

Ketsy 762 Gardening Pruning Shear (Pack of 3)
4.5 (15 Reviews)
By: Ketsy
₹1,40061% OFF
  • Metal Parts are Power Coated for Rust Protection

  • Super Sharp Cutting Edges for Smooth Cutting

Wolf Garten Manual Grass Shear/Trimmer, RJ-ZL
By: Wolf Garten
₹1,55416% OFF
  • Curved Blades, Precision Ground on Both Sides

  • Bright Galvanised Blades

STIHL HSA 26 Cordless Shrug Shear Set with AS2 Battery & AL1 Charger, MTAK-BA-HE-1776
  • Non-slip control handle for perfect ergonomics, rapid, tool-free blade change,...

  • The AS 2 battery works exclusively with the products in...

Deli DL20030 10 inch Chrome Vanadium Steel Aviation Snip Straight End Air Shear
  • Designed for the Ergonomically Designed Handle & It Will Not

  • Forged & High-frequency Quenched Carbon Steel Piers Bit, with Heat-treated

Deli DL2806 23 inch Carbon Steel Black Cutting Hedge Shear
  • Hedge Trimmer is the Ideal Tool for Tri mming &

  • Non-slip Soft Grip Handles Designed for Maximum Comfort

Falcon FHS-999 Steel Hedge Shear With Wooden Handle
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Falcon
₹96016% OFF
  • Simple & Effective Equipment

  • Rust Preventive Coating

Hanbon 262115 20cm Multifunction Hedge Shear
  • Results in Lower Part Costs

  • The Multishear Tool Creates Mark-Free Cutting Edges in Excellent Quality,

Vimal 54cm Hedge Shear, HS
By: Vimal
₹9005% OFF
  • Wavy Blade Design Grips While Cutting for Mistake-Free Trimming &

  • Fully Hardened Steel Blades Resist Rust and Stay Sharp, Even...

Wolf Garten HS-TL Hedge Shear
By: Wolf Garten
₹3,44025% OFF
  • Adjustable Tension Knob Enabled

  • Premium Shock Absorbing Bumpers on The Handles

Wolf Garten FH-N Automatic Bulb Planter
By: Wolf Garten
₹96617% OFF
  • Light Weight & Easy to Use

  • Places Bulbs & Container Plants, Up to About 6 Cm

Wolf Garten HS-B Hedge Shear
By: Wolf Garten
₹4,56013% OFF
  • Finely Adjustable Bearing

  • Curved, Double-Ground Blades

Fieldstar 11 inch Metal & Wood Multicolour Grass Cutter
  • Great for Trimming a Variety of Bushes & Hedges

  • High Quality Garden Shears

Wolf Garten HS-W Hedge Shear with Wooden Handle
By: Wolf Garten
₹5,17014% OFF
  • Individually Adjustable Blade Pre-Tensioner

  • Curved with Serrated Edges

Yuvcon 250mm Plastic Handle Hedge Shear with Hand Gloves, YUV1124
  • Useful for Trimming Hedges When Neat Wall of Foliage

  • Innovative Design for Extra Comfort Cutting

Wolf Garten Ri-LL Comfort Handheld Grass Shear, MTAK-MA-HA-790
  • Comfort Handle & One-Hand Safety Lock

  • Closed Lower Handle to Protect Hand

Wolf Garten Handheld Grass Shear, Ri-LL
By: Wolf Garten
₹1,80616% OFF
  • 30 % Less Effort Needed & Curved Blades, Precision Ground

  • Closed Lower Handle to Protect Hand

Yuvcon Stainless Steel Pruning Shears, YUV1121
  • Non Slip Grip

Real Stf 10 inch Heavy Duty Garden Hedge Shear with PVC Rubber Handle
  • PVC Rubber Handle Gives You a Comfortable, Non Slip Grip

  • Good, Strong, Sturdy & Rugged Built

Wolf Garten Professional Handheld Grass Shear, RI-GC
By: Wolf Garten
₹2,0068% OFF
  • Comfort Handle & One-Hand Safety Lock

  • No Cuttings Fall Into the Adjacent Bed

Pier Imports 10 inch Wooden Handle Hedge Shear, PI-98
By: Pier Imports
₹1,19760% OFF
Hanbon 264008 19cm Orange Flower Cutter Hedge Shear
Falcon FHS-2015 Premium Hedge Shear
By: Falcon
₹1,39027% OFF
  • Rust Preventive Coating

Ingco CSTLI2001 20V Heavy Duty Grass Power Shear
By: Ingco
₹16,71282% OFF
  • Customer Care Number: 9999464092

Pier Imports 30cm Heavy Duty Grass Shear, PI-32
By: Pier Imports
₹74760% OFF
  • Useful for Cutting Grass Small Edges & Extra Sharp Blades

Falcon FBT-60 175mm Bonsai Shear
By: Falcon
₹70027% OFF
  • Designed to Cut Stems & Roots of Bonsai Plants

Stanley 8 inch Hedge Shear, STHT74995-8
By: Stanley
₹1,48015% OFF
  • Customer Care Number: 18604251111 & Email Id: sbd-customercommunications@sbdinc.com

Falcon FHS-666 Wooden Handle Premium Hedge Shear
  • Innovative design for extra comfort cutting.

Stanley 8 inch Pruning Bypass Shears, 14-302-23
  • Customer Care Number: 18604251111 & Email Id: sbd-customercommunications@sbdinc.com

Wolf Garten Aluminium Design Poles Telescopic Hedge Trimmer, HS 1000 T
  • High Flexibility with Adjustable Poles That Lock Into Place Securely

  • Cutting Without Backache Caused By Bending for Lower Hedge Areas

Garden Tools Light Duty Hedge Shear With Wooden Handle, HS- 102
  • Wooden Handle

Falcon FHS-2017 18 inch Premium Hedge Shear
By: Falcon
₹1,12027% OFF
  • 8 inch Blades

  • Useful for Trimming Hedges when Neat Wall of Foliage is

Falcon 533mm Hedge Shear for Trimming, FHS-999
  • Rust Preventive Coating & Lightweight for Effortless Cutting

Pier Imports 7 inch Stainless Steel Pruning Shear, PI-35
  • Ergonomic Handle for Comfort & Reduced Hand Fatigue

Falcon 175mm Grass Shear Cutter, FGS-2000
By: Falcon
₹79527% OFF
  • Convenient Open/Close Thumb Operated Safety Lock

  • Maintaining Excellent Hardness through perfect measures the Cutter Ensures Long

Falcon 10 Inch Multicolour Premium Hedge Shear, FHS-777
  • Soft grip handle

  • Easy to use

Golfking ART-104 8 inch Brass Envil Hedge Shear Wooden Handle
Jar Garden Tools Heavy Duty Hedge Shear with Steel Handle, JGT-102

Buy the Best Hedge Shear Online at Moglix

A hedge shear is one of the most important tools for landscapers. A hedge shear, also known as shrub trimmer or bush trimmer, is a gardening tool used for trimming, cutting, pruning hedges, or solitary shrubs. So, if you are looking for a perfect garden hedge shear, buy it online at miglix.com. We have a wide variety of collections from popular brands. These tools provide the symmetry, balance, and beauty to most of the bushes, grasses, and even small trees. Most of the traditional trimmers are used to prune shrubs smaller than five feet. But if you want to cut or prune taller shrubs, go for an extended reach shear. On our website, you can find lightweight shears that are also in your budget.

Choose a Perfect Hedge Pruning Shear for your Job

At the time of buying garden hedge shears, consider the facts that how much you will use them, where you will use them, who will be using them, and many more. Based on these factors, you can find the perfect one for yourself.

These hedge cutting scissors are essential gardening tools for modern gardeners. These are great to manicure the landscape around your home. We have several sizes of garden hedge shears. Basic shears consist of two blades and a set of handles that makes it possible to open and close the blades. These tools are perfect for beginners but for professionals, larger, double-sided blades are more useful and suitable.

Best Brands of Hedge Pruning Shears Available at Moglix

Falcon is an organized company that was established in the year 1988. It is a leading manufacturer and exporter of agricultural and horticultural goods. They manufacture the best hedge shears in the market.

Ketsy is a very popular brand when it comes to buying gardening tools. Their hedge cutting scissors are the perfect pick for professionals.

Sharpex: Customers who are looking for reliable and durable products can go for Sharpex. They manufacture every product under the surveillance of the professionals.

Tata Agrico is one of the most reputed brands for gardening tools. Their tools are one of the most reliable products in the market.

Why Buy Hedge Cutting Scissors Online from Moglix

Moglix is a B2B procurement of industrial supplies, in particular, MRO, Safety, Electricals, Lighting, Cleaning & Housekeeping, Office Stationery & Supplies, Power Tools, and many more industry essentials. So, if you are searching for the best products in the market visit our website moglix.com and get the best deals here.